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Neighbours Episode 2100 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2100 (Wayne's Departure)
Australian airdate: 04/03/94
UK airdate: 01/12/94
UK Gold: 17/11/00
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Special Guest Appearance By: Michael Whitney
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
No. 28
Cody tells Doug and Pam that Mr. Roland liked her idea of the First Aid classes for the students. She has been asked to organise them and requests her mother's help. Nurse Willis acquiesces, but it's clear something is bothering her, as she mops her face and neck with a wet flannel. After Cody has retreated to her room, Doug and Pam agree that they are proud of their daughter. Doug says it's typical of Cody to take something positive out of adversity. Pam says helping out is the least she can do.
Ramsay House
The sling-wearing Helen comments that Cheryl, applying nail polish, is 'dolled-up' for a night in front of the TV. Cheryl admits she's going out with an old friend, who is in town for a brief visit. It transpires that Lou doesn't know about this and, given the nature of the man, he'd be jealous.
Indoor Cricket Nets
Michael Whitney is putting Michael, Brett and a coterie of unknown pupils through their paces under the watchful eye of Mr. Duncan. After a few handy tips -the rudiments of fielding seemingly the order of the day -it's time for a hit. Up steps Brett, severely under duress. Michael gives him a pep talk all the way to the crease. It's to no avail. First ball, middle stump knocked back!
No. 28
Pam is having a rough time of it: her superior at the hospital isn't keen to give her props and she's mislaid her First Aid books. There's clearly more to it, though. What's up with Pam? Whatever the problem, Doug is on the receiving end.
Brett is being taught how to bowl an inswinger. The lesson must be good, as he bowls the famous cricketer at the first time of asking! Is Brett the new Glenn McGrath?
Wayne, Brett and Michael are standing by a car. Rick is there, as is Cheryl. Rather predictably, given the earlier scene, Chez knows "Whit". They used to be big mates, with Cheryl running his favourite pub, at which he used to have a few "lemon squashes" after cricket. This impresses everybody. Brett is even more stars-truck now; the cricket fanatic regales the crowd with statistics. Then fetches his bat, cap and autograph-book to be signed.
It's night-time. Pam is still tetchy, snapping at Doug as he asks if she's coming to bed, almost inaudible as he is, with a tooth-brush in his mouth. She appears to be suffering from hot flushes as she lies on the sofa with a fan whirring away. An 'early night' is refused in no uncertain terms. Instead Pam goes outside to do a spot of gardening, to catch some breeze, despite the fact that it's pitch-black and late.
In the morning, Doug is spritely, his wife certainly isn't. Cody tells her mother to stop playing with the food. 'It's daylight, hon, Isn't this when all vampires crawl back into their coffins?' Doug's words nearly result in a jar of jam being launched in his direction as he leaves for work. Cody observes that her mother doesn't look 'too crash hot', and says she should call for a doctor. Pam says a doctor can't help, she's just old. Ah, that's it! Cody isn't on the right wavelength, asking if Pam is still going to take the First Aid class in the afternoon.
Old Ramsay House
Cheryl is day-dreaming, whilst Michael and Brett discuss how much the gear is now worth. The topic of conversation then turns to "Mr. D". His virtues are extolled, for doing something 'so cool'. They wish he wasn't leaving. Cheryl suggests the boys should do something to show Wayne how much they appreciate him. This gives the kids food for thought.
Robinson House
When you need advice...yeah, that's right, Pam has come over to talk to Helen. She is somewhat cagey at first -until she picks up one of Hannah's drawings, which Helen had been clearing from the table.' Kids, eh, it's a good job we can't go on producing them forever.' Pam says she will have a drink. Helen is having her sling removed tomorrow. Pam went to see Dr. Dawson recently, too -about the possibility of HRT. Helen says they didn't have that sort of thing when she was going through 'the change'. Debbie and Michael come out of the bedrooms...
Debbie: What's good for women?
Michael: Men.
Debbie: Yeah, right.
Pam asks if the kids are coming to her First Aid class. Michael says he isn't because he already knows the basics from his time in the detention centre. Deb says she should go to support Cody -and a refresher is a good idea when you've got a brain as small as Michael's. They dash off playfully.
Erinsborough High's Classroom
Pam is taking a class through the rudiments of First Aid. A smattering of familiar faces is on display among the random students. Louise Barker, is able to answer a question, after initially joking about the dummy being dead. Cody looks on wistfully as her mother gives a demo. Brett volunteers to have a try. Louise and Michael joke about a kiss from Brett killing the dummy. Cody looks on solemnly.
Robinson House
Wayne tells Helen about his plans: he might go back-packing abroad until his money runs out. He'll have time to think about his relationship with Lauren [She isn't interested Wayne!]. He is certain about one thing: he's failed as a teacher.
Erinsborough High's Classroom
Pam has left the room. Michael is clowing about with the dummy, playing up to the class.
Rick: It's real [sic.] funny isn't it, guys. That's right, have a good laugh. I don't think any of you would find it funny if you came across somebody lying in the road and you didn't know what to do. Just think about it. That could be somebody in your family lying there, or a a friend. We are talking about life and death situations. It might be a good idea for you all to pay attention.
Pam stands in the doorway and applauds Rick's words. Cody looks proud of him too.
Robinson House
Wayne intends to say goodbye to Helen and walks into a surprise party. Doug, Cheryl, Michael, Brett, Debbie and Pam are present. Michael and Brett thank Wayne for all his help with the cricket; Debbie calls him the best teacher ever. Wayne unwraps a trophy: 'To Mr. Duncan, for outstanding efforts in the classroom.'
They drink a toast. Pam has a quick word with her daughter's ex-boyfriend; just as she's started to find him bearable, he's leaving. Doug tells Michael that he's about to start renovating the old house, and asks if Michael wants to help out.
No. 28
Pam is back in a melancholic mood, but her husband is full of the joys of spring as he gathers his tools, ready for work at the house. He thinks the possibilities are endless. Just as Pam is contemplating telling Doug what is wrong, Michael comes in. The moment is lost. Builder and apprentice set off for work.
Doug's new old house
Doug raves about the potential of the house; it's one of the oldest in the area. One of the previous owners was eccentric and installed solar and wind power long before it was fashionable. Michael is shown around the house. It is big and bare, but there is a lovely old fireplace. Michael, a keen architecture and graphic design student, relishes the chance to get practical experience on a project like this.
Ramsay House
Cody has come to see Rick. She's been pretty hard on him lately: it wasn't until the First Aid class that she realised how 'spun out' he has been about everything. Rick says it was his fault. Cody disagrees; he can't blame himself. She's been doing enough of that, and it's pointless. The friends smile and hug.
Doug's House
Doug and Michael are examining some measurements. It's ever likely Michael's been having problems -there's a wall that shouldn't exist. Doug starts tapping at the wall, wondering what is in the secret room.
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