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Neighbours Episode 2097 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2097
Australian airdate: 01/03/94
UK airdate: 28/11/94
UK Gold: 14/11/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Vince Roland: Bob Brown
Alan Briggs: Eric Donnison
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
Wayne and Annalise are eating breakfast; Mark loafs in, wearing his Pyjamas. Wayne wonders if Mark and Annalise have been fighting, because he detects tension. He shuffles off in search of the kitchen (a thankless task, as there is no kitchen at No.30 in these episodes). Mark and Annalise are frightfully civil to each other. They agree that Mark is over-tired at the moment. Hmmm...the no-sex storyline hardly romps on...
Doug and Pam are discussing Cody. The nurse and the site manager both wistfully lament having not taught their daughter First Aid. When Cody comes out of her room, her parents are very supportive; they tell her to keep reminding herself that it was not her fault. Doug says that you do what you can in an emergency; most people would have panicked, but at least Cody offered some assistance. Cody's chief lament is that she didn't help Mark [Briggs] -when his need was the greatest- because she was angry with him for provoking the race in the first place, drinking and not wearing a seat-belt. She is also haunted by the gurgling sounds he was making. As she's still traumatised, Doug and Pam suggest she take the day off school. She's determined to go, however. 'I'll be all right, honest.'
The old Ramsay House
Louis, appearing to be wearing little but a fetching red dressing-gown, is finishing a phone-call to Danni. She's much better and can come home. Lou turns down Lauren's offer of a coffee. He's got a busy day ahead of him at the car-yard. Lauren takes the hint and says she'll look after Danni. This brings thanks from her dad, especially in light of the fact that Lauren and Danni have hardly been the best of mates. As Lou exits to get dressed, Laureen asks Rick how he is feeling. He's got to report to the police station, not the ideal start to the day. There's a knock at the door; Rick, thinking it will be Cody, answers.
It's somebody far more interesting than Cody, Alan Briggs! He takes Rick by the scruff of the neck.
Mr. Briggs: Suppose you're happy my son's dead. A good day's work, d'y' think...
Lauren: Dad, quick.
Mr. Briggs: Well, what have you go to say for yourself? Don't just stand there!
Rick: I'm really sorry...
Mr. Briggs: It wouldn't have happened, but for you and your car racing. Isn't that a fact?!
Lou [emerging from the bedrooms]: What the hell is going on?
Rick: This is Mr. Briggs.
Mr. Briggs: This little jerk needs to be taught a lesson. He killed my son!
Lou manages to calm the situation, consoles Mr. Briggs, and sits him down for a cup of coffee.
Mark appears to be fiddling about with hair, inspecting it with the utmost suspicion. Annalise gives him a kiss on the cheek, on her way out to work. Wayne's on his way out to the shops; he asks Mark what's wrong first. Mark waffles vaguely about his life falling apart, and such like. A bemused Wayne has no joy in uncovering the problem despite attempted support. Once he's left, Mark plays with his hair in front of the mirror. 'Damn things are multiplying.'
Erm, "The Hungry Bite"
Annalise waffles on about her disastrous sex-life, whilst an uncomfortable Lauren tells her that it's probably nothing to worry about.
Old Ramsay House
Lou and Alan are having a heart-to-heart. Alan explain how his divorce from his wife adversely affected young Mark. The lad loved cars, so dad helped son buy a car and they "hotted it up" together. Now Mrs. Briggs is blaming Mr. for 'the whole box and dice'. Lou says that's not fair. By the same token it's not fair to blame Rick either. Alan ruefully agrees Mark was no angel, any trouble and he was up to his neck in it. He can't help but think that if he had been more of a disciplinarian...Lou interjects. That might not have worked either. Alan has to come to terms with his son's death, a process which will take a long time.
Ramsay Street
Rick is sitting on a car bonnet as Cody walks down the street. He tells her what has just happened, bleating that it wasn't his fault. He wasn't the one throwing challenges around and he wasn't the one drink-driving. Cody reminds him that he was speeding. Rick makes more excuses, concerning his pulling out of the race. He just wishes it had never happened. It's difficult to argue with Cody's stark assessment: it's too late now.
Ramsay House
Danni, looking rather trendy for somebody just released from hospital, and about to lounge about all day, walks gingerly inside, supported by Lou. Lou says that with Julie away in Brazil he needs to be at the car-yard, but Lauren will look after her, and if she wants anything all she must do is call. Lauren is exceedingly nice to Danni, asking if she wants to watch TV (she'll fetch the guide), or have something to eat. Danni is off-hand, claiming not to be hungry because of the medication. She just wants to be left alone to rest.
Erinsborough High's Classroom
Michael tells Cody that he thought about calling last night, but he wouldn't have known what to say. Cody asks him if he's ever been in a car accident and queries if he would have known what to do. [Michael might not have been, but his mother died as a consequence of a car-crash, with his father critically injured!] Michael tells her that he knows the basics of First Aid from a course he did at the detention centre, but, as he consoles her, he avers that she did well given the circumstances (everybody is saying so). Indeed, Micahel's words of reassurance are very similar to Doug's.
A skittish Mark bangs open the door, calling out for Wayne. He isn't home, but Annalise is. She gives the chef a fright as he poses in the mirror, clasping a suspicious looking package. When Annalise wonders about the contents of said package, she's told that it contains headache tablets. Mark gets very defensive when Annalise tries to take the "tablets" and offers to get some water. She's just about palmed off by mutterings about medication being bad for the kidneys.
The Old Ramsay House
Wayne is visiting the patient. She doesn't want to talk about the accident and she doesn't want ravioli for lunch from Lauren. She just wants to be left alone and heads for her room, declining Lauren's offer of help -her leg isn't broken, she's just had a couple of stitches. Once Danni has left, Lauren and Wayne discuss the situation. Wayne says he saw "the kids" what must have been just before the accident. He told them to go back to class, but they obviously ignored him. This confirms the long-haired teacher's earlier suspicions: he's not cut out for the job!
Headmaster's Office
Rick and Cody are in for questioning. How have the school captain and vice captain become involved in such a horrific incident? The seriousness of what has happened is elucidated. Given that Rick accepts responsibility and blame, he is asked to hand in his resignation, but Cody is spared (despite her insistence that if Rick goes she should too).
Ramsay House
Wayne and Lauren sit down for lunch. Wayne's made a decision. Although he's got no idea what he is going to do, teaching isn't for him, so he's resigning -this time for good. Touché. Lauren gave her old boss in Queensland a ring earlier and her old job working in a stables is vacant. She's not sure whether she is going to take it up. The house is over-crowded; Cheryl is trying her best to be nice, but Danni still hates her guts. The one reason for her not wanting to go is her dad. Wayne wants her to stay because he hasn't got many friends in 'this neck-of-the-woods', but tells her not to let that stand in her way.
Mark is on the phone to Stephen. After asking about Phoebe and "the little one", he cuts to the chase. He asks about their father going grey 'practically over-night.' That seems to be the way Stevo remembers it as well. As Mark says that he's starting to get the early signs, Annalise comes into shot behind the kitchen door. She's about to hear half a conversation! 'It just hit him, bang, all over. There's nothing you can do. Nothing anyone can do.' Anna looks perplexed.
Ramsay House
Danni hobbles over to the work surface, laden with bread, butter and cheese. Lauren offers to help, saying that Danni should be careful not to bang her leg and disturb the stitches. Ms Stark, affronted, tells her to "butt out". Twice. Lauren loses her temper -well as much, and as convincingly, as Lauren can- denouncing Danni as an 'irresponsible brat', before storming off.
Annalise quizzes Mark about his phone call. He brushes it off as family gossip. Annalise is worried about his headaches, but he says he's feeling fine after his day off. Indeed, in a turn up for the books, he's feeling frisky and tries to kiss Annalise. She's having none of it and goes back to work.
Outside Erinsborough High
A couple of pupils are probing Rick about the accident. Sprod wants to know if there was blood, whether Briggs made any noises, and so on. Michael steps in, forcefully reminds them this isn't a horror movie -these 'sickos should remember that somebody is dead.' Rick is shaken when they leave, saying that none of this would have happened if he hadn't been speeding.
"The Hungry Bite"
Annalise pours out her fears about Mark's health to Pam. After the phone call, she thinks he's suffering from some serious, hereditary ailment, rather than tiredness and stress.
Ramsay House
Danni is watching TV as Lou comes home. Lauren gently breaks the news to him about the job in Queensland. He says that if it's because of the domestic situation she mustn't move -things are looking up. Danni looks guilty in the background. Lauren says that it's a simple case of finance: she hasn't got a a job and she needs one. Lauren goes to pack.
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