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Neighbours Episode 2098 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2098 (Laurenís Departure)
Australian airdate: 02/03/94
UK airdate: 29/11/94
UK Gold: 15/11/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Neville: Dom Stringa
Police Officer: Michael Seymour
Pizza Delivery Person: Matt Thomas
Worker: Peter Alchin
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
Ramsay Street
Helen (sporting a sling and a Panama hat) and Hannah spot a pizza delivery boy heading for No.32. Helen asks Hannah if she has seen anybody hanging around her old house. Hannah hasn't, but wonders is they can have the pizza. They sidle over and tell the delivery boy that he must have got the wrong address. He sighs, saying that it is probably another prank call.
"The Hungry Bite"
An unknown man is moaning to Cheryl about how he has lost his job after 13 years. It transpires that he worked in Lassiter's laundry. After a brief conversation, in which Cheryl can't help but respond to the man's grumbles by defending the decision to sack him, he twigs that she is 'that Stark woman'.
'You've got a nerve sitting here lady. I hope you choke on your flamin' doughnuts.'
Phil enters the shop and gets the tail-end of the abuse. Phil gives Cheryl a Phil-look and comments that she hasn't been into the office this afternoon. She says she's had things to do this afternoon, besides she's hardly swerved the flak. Phil concludes that being a hotel manager isn't as easy as Cheryl thought!
The Ramsay Pool
Lou and Mark are raking leaves from the pool. Mark says that Annalise fears the chlorine will turn her hair green. Obviously angling his questions, Mark supposes that it doesn't matter when you've got grey hair like Lou's. (This conjures memories of Lou dying his hair impress Annalise.) The car salesman takes offence at this, lip down, back braced. Mark ploughs on regardless, wondering when his neighbour went grey. Contrary to the case of Dave Gottlieb, Lou claims that it's not the sort of thing that happens overnight, but rather it creeps up on you. Mark reveals that he's just found his first grey hair: it's not too bad for him, but Annalise won't want to go out with an old man. Lou's rather relishing the chat now. He says she might like it: the likes of Paul Newman and Sean Connery do all right with the ladies. With a wink the old rogue says he's done well for himself, too.
Ramsay Street
Helen is watering the front garden of No.26, with Hannah is on the phone to Miranda. A police car pulls up at No.32. Helen tells the constable that the house is unoccupied and that nobody is home. She's sure about this because she used to own it. It would appear somebody is guilty of prank calling. Helen is adamant that it can't be Hannah -she's far too sensible, besides she's been under supervision all afternoon. The constable, however, suggests that it's usually children Hannah's age -and she is in the perfect position to watch the results of her mischief.
Ramsay House
Cheryl helps Danni onto the sofa. Lou is trying to persuade Lauren not to relocate to Queensland. She's made up her mind, though. It's not just the job, the needs a change of scenery. She's been floundering around for months. As Lauren retires to her room, Lou moves over to talk to Cheryl. Cheryl says that if she knew Lauren felt so strongly her and 'her brood' moving in, she would never have done so. Lou says it isn't that -there was the business with Brad, hurting her back, losing her job, the cult. Maybe a fresh start is what she needs -'you can't stand in their way'. Danni looks guilty in the background.
Annalise returns home. I'm speechless. Annalise is speechless. Mark is grinning cheesily. Mark has dyed his hair grey.
Mark: Ta da. Well, what do you think?
Annalise says precisely nothing.
Danni asks Lou what Lauren's job will be like in Queensland. Lou says it isn't a great career move, but she wants to be around horses. Cheryl comes out of the bathroom brandishing a drill. She's putting a shelf up. Lou tells her to hand over the drill; his partner, however, says she is more than capabale. Lou agress, but reminds her that he agreed to do the job. Lauren comes out, lugging her suitcases.
With drill sounds ringing in our ears, Danni tells Lauren that Lou wants her to stay, apologises for being stroppy earlier, and hopes she isn't leaving because of her. Lauren tells Danni not to flatter herself! As for earlier, she was just trying to help. Danni says she doesn't want any fuss...she doesn't deserve it. This is the cue for Danni to pour her heart out. She thinks it's her fault that Briggsy is dead -she dared them to race. Lauren consoles her former adversary.
Mark has got grey hair. He goes through his whole spiel about it making him look more distinguished, with Annalise filled in on the whole greyness saga. She's at least relieved to get to the bottom of what has been going on, and obviously pleased that her boyfriend isn't suffering from a terminal illness. Otherwise she's generally bewildered. Nevertheless, she doesn't want to hurt Mark's feelings by saying she doesn't like it. Wayne comes in. He laughs.
Ramsay House
Danni and Lauren settle their differences. After Lauren has insisted that Danni must not blame herself for the accident, they both apologise for the way they have behaved towards each other since the Starks moved in. Just as they are hugging Lou and Cheryl come out of the bathroom and see the embrace.
Robinson House
Helen hands Phil a beer as he comes home from what has obviously been a hard day. There are still serious problems at Lassiter's in the wake of the sackings and the alienation caused by the "Back to Basics" scheme. Whereas previously Phil had a good working relationship with his employees, they now see him as 'some sort of ogre'. Moreover, he's got to conduct interviews for new laundry staff, which will set him back with all his other work. He'd hoped to spend some time with the kids whilst Julie was away, but he's hardly clapped eyes on them. Helen tells him that Debbie and Michael are doing their homework and Hannah is playing with Holly. At least Helen hopes that is what Hannah is doing. She tells Phil there might be a problem with her. Phil slumps back on the sofa.
No. 30
Wayne is ribbing Mark about his new hairdo, going through his full repertoire of pensioner jokes, when there's a knock at the door. It's Lauren. Mark and Annalise tactically retire. Lauren tells Wayne that she's made her decision: she's leaving tomorrow. They agree to remain friends, with 'the distinct possibility' of Wayne visiting at some point. It's only a peck on the cheek as a parting gesture, though.
Robinson House
Button is being given the "prank callers go to gaol" lecture. Most interestingly, Helen tells Hannah that when Lucy was Hannah's age she waged a prank call campaign. On that occasion a whistle was blown down the phone; it nearly deafened Lucy! A most welcome reference to the famous Zoe/Lucy incident of course. Hannah is adamant that she isn't responsible. Both Helen and Phil reluctantly believe her in the end. When Hannah has gone to bed Helen wonders who could be doing this to an empty house.
Ramsay House
Lou tells Cheryl that Lauren likes her now and she's got nothing to do with his daughter leaving. They are all friends now. Cheryl reminisces about her mother being unable to cut the apron strings when she first moved out of home.
The topic of conversation moves to work. Cheryl is perturbed about the hard time she has been getting since the laundry saga. She wants to get on with the staff; she is used to being liked. Lou gives her food for thought when he says she is management now, so it's inevitable she won't be liked.
No. 30
Wayne tells Annalise that if she doesn't tell Mark what she really thinks about his new look he might dye it permanently. Annalise is relieved to discover that the grey is sprayed on!
Ramsay House
Lauren has got the last of her bags ready and it is time for the farewells.
Lou: Here we go again. Seems as though we're always saying goodbye. (Lauren: Yeah.) [They hold hands] Do you know what the worst day of my life was? [Lauren shakes her head] When I left your mum and had to say goodbye to you kids. Then I left Queensland and I felt guilty all over again. Now you're leaving me and I still feel guilty. It's like I've done something wrong.
Lauren: Dad, you haven't done anything wrong. Every time I've stuffed up my life you've been there to help me put the pieces back together.
Lou: What are dads for?
Lauren: Thanks you.
Lou: I'll always be here for you, Love.
Cheryl comes out with a hankie. Lou starts taking the cases out to the car. There's a touching moment between the two women. Cheryl promises to look after Louis.
Lassiter's Complex
There is a mini bout of mayhem. There's smoke coming out of the offices. The fire brigade are on the way.
Ramsay House
Danni is tucked in on the sofa, whilst Lou is just leaving for working. Having clearly made an emotional breakthrough, Danni asks about Lou's relationship with Lauren. When she is told that they are more like mates than father and daughter, Danni asks Lou if she can go horseriding with him when she is better.
No. 30
Annalise subtly tries to persuade Mark to return to his natural hair colour, asking what his work-mates will think. Mark is unperturbed, arguing that his more worldly look will give him more authority over workers older than him. He queries why Annalise is asking. Doesn't she like his new look? Apparently she does, but would prefer it if they 'grew old together'. Before the dye is removed, however, Annalise wouldn't mind him being somebody else for a while. Love is back on the agenda!
Lassiter's Office
Phil and Cheryl are finally allowed back into the office. A small fire started in the waste-paper basket had precipitated so much smoke. As paper alone couldn't have caused it, the fire must have been started deliberately. Cheryl wonders if Phil should get police protection as whoever is responsible clearly means business. As Philip turns around he sees the real target: there's a photograph of Cheryl pinned to the wall by a knife.
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