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Neighbours Episode 2096 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2096
Australian airdate: 28/02/94
UK airdate: 25/11/94
UK Gold: 13/11/00
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Rhonda Muir: Julie Day
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Sgt Bowen: John Bishop
Police Officer: Bernadette Lamaro
Ambulance Officer: Miranda Cartledge
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
Rick agreeing to a drag-race challenge.
Cheryl learning about wild staff parties at Lassiter's.
The drag ending in disaster with Lennie and Briggs crashing badly.
Cody and Rick rush over to see what fate has befallen their friends. A distressed Danni screams to be released from the car. Physically she's fine. She's the lucky one. As Rick scurries off to ring for an ambulance, Cody stands over a motionless Briggsy.
Lassiter's Office
Phil and Cheryl are both tired after their hands-on work experience. They reason that whilst they have had some valuable practical experience, they've alienated their employees and it's time to end the experiment. Cheryl says they should still do some follow-up. Phil's one step ahead: he called in at the staff party at the Presidential Suite last night. Not much harm was done, just the night staff having a few drinks -which they paid for- and a bit of shop talk. Phil says they won't do it again now he's given them a stern talking to. There is, however, still the problem of the laundry scam: that's theft, and more serious.
"The Hungry Bite"
Annalise is run off her feet in light of the success of the promotion. She feels that she's neglecting Mark. He says he doesn't mind: if she's late home he'll be happy with a book. Anna says he doesn't read, besides they've got the house to themselves tonight, so she'll get somebody in to look after the shop. Mark tries his best to look pleased, but his lack of enthusiasm doesn't go un-noticed. Mark's reassures his girlfriend, and they kiss. As Annalise moves behind the counter, unease stretches across Mark's face.
The paramedics are on the scene. Briggsy stopped breathing a while ago; Cody couldn't get a pulse and didn't know what to do. The female paramedic has a job for Cody: to reassure a frantic Danni, whilst she is being cut free from the car. As the sergeant questions Rick, the paramedics declare Briggsy dead. Cody is disconsolate, beseeching them to keep trying. 'I didn't know what to do,' she whimpers. Rick just looks on, hopeless and horrified.
Lassiter's Office
Rhonda, Chief Chambermaid, is called in. Phil stands in the background, as Cheryl interrogates her. Rhonda indignantly claims that she's worked there for twenty years without complaint. Cheryl lists some petty misdemeanours -such as watching TV whilst she's working- of which Rhonda is guilty. Then Cheryl comes to the crux of the matter: Grand Larceny! Rhonda takes offence at the suggestion that she is a thief. If bath-robes and towels have been stolen, she's not responsible; she can't be held accountable for the rest of the staff. She then threatens to call in the Union: management spying on staff is 'a pretty low act'. Phil says there won't be any need for that. He suggests a break, with the chat to be resumed later.
Back at the road, which is now a crime scene
The constable asks Rick when he had his last drink. A couple of days ago, when he turned 18, is the answer. This leads the constable to conclude that he can't be a very experienced driver. Rick takes a breathalyser test. We move to an upset Cody, who is being questioned by Sgt Bowen. As Rick moves over it's revealed that they were speeding.
Rick: I can't think straight.
Cody: You haven't thought straight since you got that car, Rick!
Lassiter's Office
A worker, Tracy, leaves; Cheryl thanks her for her candour and her loyalty. As the door closes Cheryl says they know what they are dealing with now: theft on a grand scale! Philip agrees that those responsible for the theft of bath-robes and towels should be sacked. The sticking point is Rhonda. As Cheryl is insistent that she must go, Phil says that she must do the dirty work. Cheryl doesn't look thrilled by the prospect!
Ramsay Street
Lou walks down his driveway; Mark arrives home in his green car. Mark bemoans his lack of sleep: 15 ours per day at the restaurant, and living with a night owl, Annalise. Lou doesn't think the last part of the equation sounds too bad! Lou gets a call on his mobile phone.
"The Hungry Bite"
Annalise is talking to Cheryl about the strains of running TCS. She feels guilty about neglecting Mark, as she's so tired. She worries that they aren't doing "it" often enough; they're like an old married couple. Cheryl tells her not to worry: it can't be wildly passionate all the time. As Cheryl leaves, the phone rings; the caller is after Cheryl. Annalise suggests trying the office shortly.
Erinsborough Hospital
Cody and Rick anxiously wait for news on Lennie and Briggs. Pam, after hugging her daughter, and briefly being told what has happened, goes off to see what she can find out. A concerned Lou arrives and visits Danni. Although she is being kept in for observation, a couple of stitches aside, physically she's fine. Emotionally, the story is different. She wants to see her mother (Lou has left messages 'everywhere' for her) and asks after Lennie and Briggsy.
Lassiter's Office
A contrite and nervous looking Rhonda asks why Mr. Martin isn't present. He's left Cheryl to fire the bullet! Rhonda has acted irresponsibly and disloyally, and she must go. Rhonda breaks down: she's got five kids to support and the last she heard of their old man he was in Darwin gaol. She tearfully claims that they'll lose the house for sure, as she has got no future job prospects. Cheryl, tissues at the ready, ends up feeling sorry for her.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lennie is going to be fine. Pam takes Cody home. As Lou talks to Rick, the constable informs Rick that in light of what he has told the police, and the statement Lennis Hooper has just given, Rick is being charged with reckless driving.
Lassiter's Office
Sporting a black tie, Phil walks into the office slowly. Cheryl wasn't able to go through with it. They are still left with a problem: the laundry theft. Cheryl is adamant that the thieves must go; Phil informs her that Elsie is a single mother, Ted's got a gammy leg...As sheepish Cheryl tells Phil she'll see him in the morning -she's got to meet Lou at home.
The one-time Ramsay House
Lou tells Cheryl what has happened to Danni. Cheryl seems shell-shocked, concerned that the accident happened during school hours. They leave for the hospital.
Mark and Annalise are watching TV. Anna goes to seduce her boyfriend, but he has fallen asleep. She goes to bed on her own. Once she's gone, Mark opens his eyes and indulges in a little smile. [She's not that bad looking, eh, Mark!]
Erinsborough Hospital
Cheryl tells Danni she thought she could trust her of late, yet she is "hooning" about in cars and missing school.
Cheryl: You've got to be more responsible, surely you can see that. You could have been killed, too.
Danni: What do you mean? Was somebody killed?
Lou: Danni, er, Gary, er, Gary Briggs was killed.
Danni (crying): Noooo!
Cody has just woken up after a few hours' sleep. The news from the hospital is devastating: If Briggsy's airways had been cleared, he could have been revived. Pam insists that Cody mustn't blame herself, reasoning that he would almost certainly have died regardless, given the extent of his injuries. This is scant consolation for Cody, who blames herself.
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