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Neighbours Episode 2095 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2095
Australian airdate: 25/02/94
UK airdate: 24/11/94
UK Gold: 10/11/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Alan Coleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Roland is bleeding from the mouth. He tells Wayne he's suspended and he'll consider suing him for assault. Wayne looks dejected, but the kids congratulate him(!)
Hannah is reading a book. Helen urges her to hurry up and pack her things for school as Julie is waiting in the car.
Hannah admits that she's avoiding Miranda because she keeps teasing her. Helen sits her down for a chat and suggests that both Hannah and Miranda both need to apologise to each other.
The kids are speculating why Wayne punched Roland. Rick thinks Danni was involved somehow. A discussion about violence ensues.
Wayne comes in and tells them all to sit down. He tells them that another teacher will be covering for him and leaves.
Coffee Shop.
Wayne is brooding when Lauren comes in. He tells he about his suspension for punching Roland. She is appalled and tells him his career could be over.
As Wayne stomps off, he pushes past Pam who looks surprised.
Outside the School
Some kids (Briggs and co) come over and make fun of Rick's car.
Coffee Shop
Cody and Debbie are chatting and moaning about boys going on about cars. Cody asks if Michael has had many girlfriends and Debbie says he hasn't - but wonders what's going on with Cody and Michael! Cody says she's not sure yet and isn't going to get dragged into anything.
Helen is on the phone to Paul. Apparently Christina has to have minor surgery and won't be able to look after Andrew. Paul has hired a local nurse(!) but would rather have his gran on hand.
Hannah still hasn't made up with Miranda. She asks Helen if Julie might let her have ballet lessons.
Cody moans to Pam that she's fed up for Rick talking about his car. Pam asks her what's wrong with Wayne, but they get distracted. Pam goes on to say how much she misses Gaby. Cody shows her a postcard that's arrives from Gaby.
Julie tells Hannah that ballet is a bit difficult and thinks it's too regimented for Hannah. She suggests she tries calithenics instead! Hannah is upset and stomps off.
Outside the school
Rick and Danni arrive. Danni hasn't enjoyed her lift with Rick and says the car is dreadful.
Hannah is moaning to Debbie about the (lack of) ballet lessons. She also tells Debbie that Helen is going to Brazil to look after Andrew!
Julie's car
Helen can't see how she can look after Andrew with her arm injury and lack of passport. She suggests that Julie should go instead. Julie comes round to this idea.
Pam asks Lauren if she and Wayne are having problems. She tells Pam about the punching incident. Pam says she's always thought there was a violent side to Wayne(!) and was never happy when Gaby and Wayne were together.
Briggs and Lennie are taunting Rick about his car and challenge him to a race. He eventually agrees.
Wayne is on the phone to his mate at the Department. Afterwards, he tells Lauren that there's not much hope for his career.
Lauren rants at him about being violent.
WAYNE: Lauren, it was one second, I lost control.
WAYNE: I'm not into fights and brawls, you know me.
Lauren doesn't look sure.
No.26 (Garage)
Julie is excited to be going to Brazil. Helen asks Julie about the ballet lessons again. Julie admits that when she was little, she did ballet classes and broke her heart when she was hopeless. Helen is sympathetic.
School Grounds
Rick is cajoling Cody to cut class with him to race the cars. Wayne comes along and tells them to get back to class.
When Wayne has gone, they get into the cars. Cody reluctantly gets in the car with Rick and Danni in the other with Briggs and Lennie.
Helen tells Hannah that Julie has relented about the ballet classes, but Hannah has to do calisthenics first. Hannah reluctantly agrees.
A road
Rick is following Briggs to an unknown destination. Suddenly Briggs skids and turns back, telling Rick that the race is on. Cody urges him not to do it, but Rick doesn't listen and turns his car about. The race begins.
Wayne is ranting that his career is over.
HELEN: If only you hadn't hit him(!)
Wayne is in a funk and berates himself.
A road
Rick and Briggs are racing. Cody urges Rick to stop the car and let her out.
As Rick turns the next corner in pursuit of Briggs, he sees that Briggs's car has overturned.
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