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Neighbours Episode 2092 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2092
Australian airdate: 22/02/94
UK airdate: 21/11/94
UK Gold: 07/11/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Rhonda Muir: Julie Day
Kid no. 1: Cameron Nugent
Kid no. 2: Jonah Keck
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou is having a beer after his evening meal and watching TV when Debbie pops round. She's looking for Rick and has a present for him. Lou didn't know it was Rick's birthday and says he doesn't think anyone has remembered. But they can get a quick surprised party together for him and he has just the present for him!
Phil and Cheryl have come to tell Mark about their plan to work with lowest- graded staff. Phil is going to be a kitchen hand and Cheryl a chamber- maid! They assure him that it's not a plan to check up on the staff, just a way to find out what problems in the business are.
Brett is telling Michael that he's going to be brilliant on the cricket team, but Michael isn't so sure - none of the other guys like him. They talk about the father- son cricket team and they talk a bit about Brett's (lack of) dad. Debbie rushes in and drags them off to Rick's party.
Most of Ramsay Street have been rounded up and are frantically blowing up balloons and setting out snacks.
Brett mentions that Cathy rang this afternoon, but he hadn't realised it was important(!)
Cody reports that Rick is coming up the driveway, so they put the lights out and surprise him when he comes in. Rick is pleased. Also, Lou has got a car for Rick! Just then, Cathy rings back and Rick excitedly talks to them.
No.28, the following morning
Pam is not pleased to hear that Michael and Cody are chatting in her room before school. She calls them out and tells them to get to school.
When Pam has gone, Michael says he's fed up of people being curious about his past.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Phil has got his apron on and Mark sets him to work cleaning the vegetables in the sink.
Lassiter's Room
Rhonda is giving Cheryl the chamber maid instruction. She clearly doesn't know that Cheryl is really management, and tells her just to clean the bits the customer can see - no need to move stuff off to do a proper job(!) Rhonda then offers her a cigarette saying nobody will know!
Cheryl looks appalled!
Car Yard
Brett is looking at Rick's new car (the yellow one) Lou comes over and Brett asks him to come to the father- son cricket match. Lou is chuffed to be asked and agrees.
Rick arrives and says he doesn't like the yellow car. He reluctantly agrees to test drive it for the day though.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Mark is working Phil hard, but he keeps burning stuff!
Lassiter's Room
Rhonda is telling Cheryl about the staff's once- a- week wild parties. She also says that Cheryl the new manager doesn't know anything about the business - she's just a lottery winner!
Outside School
Rick has arrived. Cody, Debbie and Michael mock the colour. Just then, Briggs and his mates drive up in a sporty car and mock Rick's car. He looks dejected.
The Office
Phil is putting cream on his burns(!) but Cheryl is more upbeat. She says she's putting in an inspection system for the chambermaid staff, and now she's off to check out the laundry! Cheryl tells Phil that he should be a hotel porter for the afternoon.
Coffee Shop
Rick is moaning that his car is not a "Rick- mobile". Debbie, Brett and Cody roll their eyes at him, but agree that the car is very old- fashioned.
Brett tell them that Lou is coming to the father- son cricket match with him. Cheryl overhears only part of the conversation and says she'll come along. She's a bit hurt to hear that he's asked Lou.
Phil is knackered and pouring himself an orange juice.
MICHAEL: You never ask me what it was like in the detention centre, do you?
PHIL: Well...that's because I didn't think you wanted to talk about it. I thought you wanted to put all that behind you.
MICHAEL: I suppose so.
PHIL: Do you want to talk about it?
MICHAEL: Not particularly, no.
PHIL: Well, OK, then.
MICHAEL: It's just...you never seem interested in what happened to me in there - everyone else is.
PHIL: Who?
MICHAEL: The kids at school...they want to know all the gory details. Like, what did I eat, where did I sleep, was I locked up?
PHIL: Mate, give them a bit of time, they'll soon forget about all that.
MICHAEL: I guess so.
Cody comes in with her homework. Michael says he has to draw up some plans for graphic design. Cody says he can ask Doug, he's good at drawing up plans.
Cheryl tells Lou that she's heard about Lou and Brett going to the cricket match. Lou is pleased that Brett is accepting him on this level, but senses that Cheryl is feeling left out. He suggests that Cheryl comes along too.
Doug is explaining the finer points of drawing plans to Michael. He suggests that he takes Michael down to site to show him the plans against the real life situation.
Rick and Brett come in. Rick tells Lou that the yellow car doesn't suit him - he's looking at another car instead - and it's outside.
Ramsay Street
Rick shows Lou a navy car.
LOU: So...this is it, eh?
DEBBIE: It's heaps better than the last one.
RICK: Yeah. (To Lou) What do you reckon?
LOU: Where did you get it?
RICK: Oh, I just picked it up at...some car yard...
LOU: Ah! Whose yard?
RICK: Does it matter?
LOU: It matters to me. Whose yard?
RICK: ...Phil Friendly's.
LOU:(calmly) Great!
RICK: It is?
LOU: One thing I can say about you, Rick, is that you're *loyal*
RICK: I am.
LOU: That's like me turfing you out of your room and putting Briggs and Lenny in there instead!
RICK: It's not that bad...
LOU: And letting them rummage through your things.
RICK: It's that bad, huh...?
LOU: Thanks a lot!
He stalks off.
Michael has enjoyed seeing the site with Doug and says maybe he'll be a builder one day. Michael asks Doug to go to the father- son cricket match tomorrow. Doug says if Phil's not available, he'd be happy to.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Phil has taken the day off to recover from working as a kitchen-hand yesterday(!) Pam is surprised to hear he's off, saying Michael has asks Doug to go to the father-son cricket match with him because Phil wasn't available. Phil looks confused.
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