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Neighbours Episode 2093 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2092 - 2094>>
Episode title: 2093
Australian airdate: 23/02/94
UK airdate: 22/11/94
UK Gold: 08/11/00
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Vince Roland: Bob Brown
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Alan Briggs: Eric Donnison
Martin: Brenden Carter
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou and Brett are ready to go to the cricket match and Brett urges Cheryl to hurry up.
DANNI: Are you going to the cricket? It's so boring!
LOU: Boring? The tournament of the bat?! The gladitorial struggle of 22 cream- clad knights armed with a willow?
CHERYL: Calm down, Galahad.
LOU: Lancelot, if you don't mind.
Cheryl observes that Danni is looking very dressed up and Danni says a girl from school is coming round to play CDs. Cheryl eyes her suspiciously.
Cricket field
Doug and Brigg's Dad (Alan) introduce themselves. Alan tries to sell Doug a mobile phone(!)
He explains that he's come along with Michael.
ALAN: Michael Martin? The kid who did time, right?
DOUG: That's all in the past.
ALAN: He's after young Briggsy's spot in the team!
Michael comes over.
ALAN: I've heard all about you, son. You try any dirty tactics with us, there's be trouble.
DOUG: Now lay off, mate, this is a friendly game.
Michael glowers, but doesn't say anything.
Later, the game is in progress. Michael tells Brett that Phil couldn't make it. Brett is embarrassed by Cheryl's cheering.
Cheryl asks Pam how Danni's diabetic meeting "date" went last night. Apparently it went well.
Martin has arrived to see Danni. Apparently she's asked him for a private chat about diabetes and looks very nervous.
Cricket field
Phil has turned up. He is clearly hurt that he hasn't been invited and tells Pam not to tell Michael he was there.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is directing her staff and they clearly see her as a bit of a dictator. Annalise and Mark show Lauren the new menu. She's surprised to see it's all very hearty Australian fare. Annalise tells Lauren that Mark will show her and Chrissie how to cook it all! They are not impressed that Annalise are going to cut their hours because this food won't take as long to prepare.
Cricket field
Lou is bowled out (LBW) and now it's Cheryl's turn to bat. Lou limps off clutching his private parts(!)
Briggsy bowls to Cheryl who somehow manages to hit a 6 straight off! They all cheer excitedly and Brett hugs Cheryl.
Phil is ranting to Helen that he wasn't invited to the cricket match. Helen says that Phil *has* been very busy lately saving the company. But Phil is very down.
Martin and Danni are talking about diabetes. She is embarrassed about it.
MARTIN: You can't hide your diabetes, Danni. What's the point? It's a part of you. If people can't accept that, you shouldn't be around them.
DANNI: Yeah...
MARTIN: You're a great person, you should be able to have the life that you want.
Danni's pleased to be referred to as a great person!
MARTIN: You're intelligent, you're good- looking, you've got a great sense of humour, you're a knock- out!
Martin gets up to go as the cricketers arrive back. Cheryl is surprised to see that Martin is not a girl from school(!) and introduces them all.
Phil tells Michael that he knows about the cricket match.
MICHAEL: It's no big deal.
PHIL:(upset) It's no big deal? There's a father- son cricket match and you ask one of the neighbours, and you don't tell me and that's no big deal? How do you reckon I feel?
MICHAEL: I thought you'd be too busy.
PHIL: If you'd asked me...
MICHAEL: I've asked, Dad! I've asked plenty of times! I've asked for talk, advice, I've asked for help with different things, but you're always too busy!
PHIL: That's not true!
MICHAEL: Oh, yeah, right, I forgot. You tried to get me on the team by pulling a few strings, keep me out of your way.
PHIL: I don't want you out of my way, you're my son, I love you!
MICHAEL: Yeah, right.
PHIL: And as for getting you on the cricket team, I thought we'd settled that. I said I was sorry, and you going to punish me forever on this?
MICHAEL: I'm not going to do anything with you, Dad, because that's what you've done with me - nothing!
PHIL: Michael!
MICHAEL: Nothing!
He storms out.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is bossing Lauren and Kristy around, coaching them about upselling. They protest that they have sufficient experience and that customers don't like the hard sell.
Annalise tells Mark that she's really enjoying giving orders!
Michael is clearly feeling a bit guilty about not asking Phil to the match. He and Brett talk about dads and Brett says that he wishes he'd got on better with his dad when he was alive.
Later, Cheryl tells Danni that she doesn't mind her having boys over, Danni doesn't have to lie about it.
Wayne, Lauren and Mark are playing Scrabble. Annalise is coming up with more ideas for the Coffee Shop, telling them that she has big plans for the Coffee Shop. Lauren asks them how you spell "megalomaniac"(!)
Michael comes in looking a bit sheepish.
MICHAEL: I've got a few things to say, Dad.
PHIL: Think you've said enough already.
MICHAEL: I know. What I said was really stupid. I wanted to apologise, I'm sorry.
Phil looks surprised.
PHIL: It's alright, mate. I just wish I was there for you.
MICHAEL: You had a lot going down with work...
PHIL: It's no excuse.
They hug.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Cheryl tells Annalise that she needs to keep an eye on her staff to make sure that they're behaving properly. She advises her to "crack the whip from the start"!
Lauren is moaning to Wayne that Annalise is a bit of a dictator at the Coffee Shop.
Briggsy steals Danni's diabetic stash and says she'll get fat if she eats all those.
Brett urges Danni to tell the other kids about the diabetes while Michael tussles with Briggsy
Coffee Shop (Kitchen)
Kristy tells Lauren that she's looking for another job with better hours. Lauren is hoping that Annalise will settles down in time.
Annalise comes in and tells them to get out to the shop floor and serve the customers.
Lauren and Kristy decide to quit!
Roland comes in to shout at Briggs about Danni's sweets.
ROLAND: Danielle Stark is a very sick young lady. And you might think stealing her chocolate bars is funny or clever, but your action could have serious ramifications. Diabetes can be a life- threatening situation, do you realise that?
You can almost hear the sound of the penny dropping around the room, while Danni dies of mortification.
ROLAND: Do you realise that, boy?
BRIGGSY: No, sir.
ROLAND: Well, you do now. And I won't have you bullying this girl and taking her chocolates from her!
WAYNE: Mr Roland, you've made your point...
ROLAND: I haven't finished. Where are the chocolate bars, boy?
BRIGGSY: I ate them, sir.
ROLAND: All of them?
BRIGGSY: Yes, sir.
He sends Briggsy off to the canteen to buy more chocolate bars. On the way out he whispers to Danni:
BRIGGSY: Thanks, dobber!
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