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Neighbours Episode 2091 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2091
Australian airdate: 21/02/94
UK airdate: 18/11/94
UK Gold: 06/11/2000
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick and Mark are still reacting to the news that Annalise will be taking over the lease at the Coffee Shop.
RICK: This is some sort of sick joke right?
PHIL: 'Fraid not.
RICK: This isn't a job some amateur can walk into, you know?
ANNALISE: Yeah, we know that(!) You've proved it by the mess you've made of it. Luckily, I'm more responsible and experienced.
Annalise goes on to run through her skills and Helen insists that Annalise can handle the job. Particularly with Mark to help her (no- one has asked Mark yet!)
Annalise says that Rick had better watch his step or she'll sack him - like he sacked her(!)
Lou is looking through Cheryl's library book which are all about self- help for business people. She tells him she thinks she's been a bit too aggressive in her new position due to lack of experience, so wants to read up. She says maybe Lou could get some tips for the car yard, but he says he has so much experience he could write his own book!
Rick comes in looking dejected. He tells them about Annalise taking over at the Coffee Shop. Cheryl looks interested.
Phil makes up with Michael about the cricket team, and all seems well now.
Mark is ranting at Annalise for not asking him about the Coffee Shop Chef job. He doesn't want to be stuck making sandwiches but Annalise says she's bringing in a up- market menu.
ANNALISE: So what are you saying, you want to pull out?
MARK: I never pulled into in in the first place!
Mark says that Annalise can do it on her own, but she doesn't think Phil and Helen will let her do it without him.
No.24, the following morning
Rick tells Lou that he's looking for a car. Apparently Benito is OK with it and has given him $1,000 toward it!
The atmosphere is somewhat frosty. However, it seems Mark has had a change of heart - he doesn't want to give up his job in the restaurant, but he'll help her put together the menu in his spare time and help to train her staff. She gratefully accepts.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Debbie is still frosty with Rick about the debate incident, but they make up.
Phil tells Michael that he's managed to book two tickets to the Interstate Cricket Final. Michael is pleased saying it'll just be him and Phil, but Phil says he can invite a friend instead. Michael looks dejected, but Phil doesn't see this as he rushed off to work.
Car Yard
Lou has been reading Cheryl's books...and tells Julie that he wants them to do a motivational exercise! He gives her a sheet of paper and tells her to write on a sheet what her strengths and weaknesses are.
The Office
Phil is scowling at his computer. Apparently Mark's contract has already expired, so they have no hold over him. Cheryl is surprised that Phil allowed Annalise to take over the Coffee Shop. Phil says he only did it in the hope that Mark would stay with Lassiter's (because Annalise would be nearby!) How rude.
Cheryl tells Phil to give Mark an incentive to stay - it doesn't have to be financial.
Michael has come to ask Cody to the cricket. She's not there, and Doug says Cody hates cricket. So Michael invites Doug instead! Doug is surprised that Michael isn't going with Phil, but agrees.
The Office
Mark comes to see Phil. They talk at cross- purposes for a while, but before Mark can beg to keep his job, Phil hands him a list of improved conditions he's prepared to offer him! Mark is pleased and says he'll accept as long as he can help Annalise out with the Coffee Shop(!)
They shake hands. Phil and Cheryl are pleased. Mark looks like he doesn't know quite what happened(!)
When Mark has gone, Phil turns to Cheryl.
PHIL: Well, that went better than expected! I'll have to listen to your advice more often!
Car Yard
Lou steers him Rick to a very boring yellow car. Rick isn't sure, especially when the door refuses to open(!)
Inside, Julie has finished her list of strengths and weaknesses. Lou says she needs to broaden her list - it's not just skills in work, but in all areas of her life. He shows her Cheryl's book. Julie laughs and throws the book in the bin.
Coffee Shop
Rick is begging Annalise to keep his job at the Coffee Shop. She looks dubious, but says he can stay on for a bit. But he will be on strict hours and he won't be able to pay himself as generously as he has been! Rick tells her that he's 18 - today. He shows her his driving licence. Annalise agrees, completely neglecting to wish Rick a happy birthday until see eventually chucks him a cake(!)
The Office
Helen has come to see how Phil and Cheryl are getting on. He tells her things are going very well and Cheryl has been very helpful. Julie has told Helen about Cheryl's management books and Phil laughs.
Coffee Shop
Mark comes in to look at Annalise's draft new menu. He says the menu is too complex ad she will lose money. He says he'll help her with it.
The Office
Phil sneaks up on Cheryl while she's reading her management book. He flicks through it and to her surprise asks if he can borrow it!
Annalise and Mark are talking about the Coffee Shop menu. Annalise says that quiche is banned(!) Mark says they should go for good, simple cheap food - like snags and mashed potato, it's a crowd pleaser.
Coffee Shop (after hours)
Michael and Rick are chatting about cars. When he's gone, Rick rings the Alessis and leaves a message on their answerphone. It seems none of them have acknowledge Rick's 18th birthday.
Rick sadly lights a match and put it in Annalise's cake.
RICK: Happy birthday, Rick.
Phil pops round to return Cheryl's book. The main lesson of the book is to work with your lowest- graded staff to see what they do day to day. He's going to give it a go - starting tomorrow!
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