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Neighbours Episode 2090 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2090
Australian airdate: 18/02/94
UK airdate: 17/11/94
UK Gold: 03/11/00
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Peter Barrett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Phil and Michael are playing cricket. He tells Michael not to take the debate so seriously.
Phil is about to bowl when Hannah calls him in to the phone. Doug takes over as "12th man" and Hannah joins in as the bakckstop.
Doug is impressed at Michael's batting prowess and says he should try out for the school team. Michael says the side was already chosen last year.
Wayne is ranting to Lauren about Roland. Apparently the first topic for the debate was "The Future of Australian Youth is Bleak".
Lauren tells Wayne that she's fed up too - Danni has seriously disrupted the house and she wishes she could move out.
Annalise comes out and tells them she's popping down the pub to look at the roster. Wayne says she could just give up her job and live off Mark(!)
Phil is on the phone to Prue at work. Apparently Cheryl decided to "jazz up" the honeymoon package with a lace see-through negligee(!) so Phil is telling Prue that all such decisions have to come through him in future!
Phil tells Julie that the debate has destroyed Michael's self- confidence.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is berating Rick and Cody for their behaviour to Michael during the debate. They agree they should apologise, but Debbie thinks it's beyond that.
Michael tells Phil that he wants to leave school. Phil tries to talk him down - he's only been there for a couple of weeks. Maybe he could try out for the cricket team? Michael says it's no good - they don't want a loser on their team.
Doug comes to see Wayne. He tells him that Michael should try out for the cricket team. Wayne says the team line- up hasn't been finalised, so Michael can try out if he wants to. The other players are apparently not very good anyway(!)
Annalise is pleased to see that she's not on shift until next week. They talk about the assault incident a bit. Annalise isn't sure she wants to work here for the rest of her life, but Cheryl says she's very talented at bar work(!) However, she's encourages Annalise to be an entrepreneur if that's what she wants.
Cricket Field
Brett comes over to ask Michael to play cricket with him. He tells Michael not to worry about the debate.
Rick comes over and apologises for his "stupid stunt".
BRETT: Oh well, that's alright then, if you didn't mean it.
RICK: What do you want me to do kiss, his feet?
BRETT: Yeah, go on(!)
Rick assures Michael that Cody is very sorry too and is worried Michael will dump her.
Phil has come over to ask Wayne about the cricket team for Michael. Also about his general progress.
WAYNE: I'd better sign him up before the Aussie cricket team gets in on the act!
Annalise comes over to tell Helen she has a business proposition for her.
Cricket Field
Wayne is bowling Michael a few balls and he does well hitting them. Wayne tells Michael that he's in - practice is on Wednesdays at 5.30pm. Michael is pleased!
Doug has been pipped at the post on buying a house to renovate and is quite disappointed. Cody is moaning that she's "stuffed up" with Michael. Pam says it's not such a bad thing - it will give Cody more time to study(!)
Julie is gossiping to Debbie that Annalise is in the garden asking Helen about a "business proposition" and wondering what it is.
Michael comes in an excitedly tells them he's on the cricket team. However, he's not so pleased to hear that Phil has spoken to Wayne about it.
Michael is not pleased and stomps off.
Ramsay Street
Michael goes over to Wayne.
MICHAEL: Stuff your cricket team, and stuff you!
Wayne naturally looks a little surprised at this outburst(!)
MICHAEL: If I can't make the cricket team on my own, I don't want a bar of it!
Annalise is enjoying her time off. Mark tells her he doesn't want her to go back to work as he worries about her. Annalise suggests that they start their own business.
Michael comes to see Cody and she apologises about the debate. They make up and agree that they are not breaking up with each other!
Doug comes in and tells Michael to have a word to Wayne about the cricket team. Michael is surprised to hear that Doug spoke to Wayne too - now he's blown it.
Michael comes to see Wayne.
WAYNE: Well, now. If it isn't the man who offered me a surgically- implanted cricket team(!)
He invites Michael in.
MICHAEL: I'm sorry, I wanted to apologise...
WAYNE: That's OK. You're in! Let's see how you play.
MICHAEL: Probably go out for a duck now(!)
The Office
Cheryl, Phil, Helen and Julie are meeting about the running of the hotel.
Phil asks Cheryl to run future decisions by him as manager. She can still have input, but he is the manager and they need to work together.
CHERYL: Then I guess I should run by you the striptease night that I'm organising...
Cheryl grins.
CHERYL: Not a good idea? Just testing(!)
Doug's business partner (Norm) is apparently thinking of taking a foreman's job. This means that he won't be able to help Doug wtih the refit, which means much longer before they see any return.
Michael asks Doug to play cricket with him and he agrees. On the way out, Michael tells Pam quietly that it'll take Doug's mind off things. Pam looks pleasantly surprised at his new attitude.
Coffee Shop
Mark tells Rick that something is up with Annalise - she's apparently had a mysterious phone call. Just then, Annalise, Helen and Phil come in.
PHIL: Rick, as you were told, once the current lease expires, I won't be renewing it.
RICK: Oh, rub my nose in it, why don't you?
PHIL: You were warned.
RICK: Yeah, yeah.
MARK: Who *will* be running it?
PHIL: Annalise.
RICK:(unimpressed) Oh, you are *joking*
MARK: Annalise?
ANNALISE: Isn't it *fantastic*? Now we can work together!
MARK:(confused) ...we can?
ANNALISE: Yeah, of course! Helen, Philip and I have it all worked out. You are going to be the new chef.
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