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Neighbours Episode 2087 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2087
Australian airdate: 15/02/94
UK airdate: 14/11/94
UK Gold: 31/10/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Peter Barrett
Guests: Tim: Drew Tingwell
Kev: Brad Wade
Patron no. 1: Steve Lane
Patron no. 2: Donald Hirst
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise is still cross with Mark for being so macho in the pub and getting himself banned.
He says he's just worried about her stalker but she insists she can take care of herself.
Cheryl, Danni, Brett, Lou, Lauren and Rick are having dinner together (Hawaiian chicken). The kids are still sniping at one another, so Cheryl tries to change the subject.
Lou proposes a toast.
LOU: Here's to Australia's happiest family!
They clink, sullenly.
Coffee Shop
Phil tells Lauren to tell Rick that he wants to talk to him about the lease renewal.
Annalise comes in and Phil asks what went on with Mark at the pub last night. She tries to play it down, but Phil says he'll have to look into it.
Lauren tells Annalise to be careful - sometimes blokes can take a barmaid being nice the wrong way.
The Office
Phil is surprised to find Cheryl in so early. She says she's eager to learn.
Cheryl tells him that she's bit technophobic, so Phil gives her some mail to open, then she can do some photocopying.
Danni is moaning about how small her bedroom is. Lou says he can't exactly knock out a wall to make it bigger(!)
Brett comes in and tells them that they are a happy family!
Lou asks Danni if she really needs a bedside table. She says yes, because she keeps her diabetic stuff in it. Lou looks a bit takenaback
Rick's room
Brett wakes Rick up and tells him to sort his room out. He refuses, saying he'll kill Brett if he touches anything.
Annalise asks Cheryl for advice about serving in a pub.
CHERYL: Move over, darling! School's in!
Rick's room
Rick is moaning that Brett has organised his stuff too nicely, like CDs in alphabetical order. Danni comes in and mocks him too!
Coffee Shop
Phil and Julie are having a coffee when Cheryl comes in. She sits down with them, much to Julie's chagrin. Phil suggests some more photocopying, but Cheryl would rather work on some conference quotes(!) Phil suggests filing instead!
Annalise is serving beer to some lads who are a bit forward. She tells them off.
Mark comes in and Annalise tells that she has to work tonight to cover a shift. Phil comes in and tells Mark to make himself scarce in the pub for a while. He slinks off.
Annalise goes back to the table and the guys are forward with her again. She tells them off very sternly. Phil intervenes and says she can't talk to customers like that! But the bloke is fine about it and Phil just walks off, somewhat confused.
Rick's room
Rick is taping masking tape down the centre of the room to denote Brett's "half". Brett insists that Jeffery the rat is staying, though. Lou comes in and looks at the rat.
LOU: Look mate, if Rick's really upset about the rat, why don't we find him a nice comfy place to sleep in the laundry?
BRETT: Who, Rick?
LOU: No, the rat! With any luck, he'll eat Rick's socks(!)
Lou says they can only hope some of Brett's neatness will rub off on Rick.
Coffee Shop
Julie suggests to Phil that they go out for dinner tomorrow evening.
PHIL: Tomorrow night, why, what's the occasion?
JULIE: Oh, no special occasion. Unless you can think of one.
PHIL: No, I can't think of any. Though I do recall a special occasion happening about ten years ago about this time. Didn't we do something stupid like get married? (Er, ten years? You didn't it's 1994 and you didn't meet until 1985!)
JULIE: Oh, stupid?
PHIL: Stupendous! Glorious! Not stupid, no.
JULIE: I knew you'd remember.
PHIL: Would my life be worth living if I'd forgotten?
They laughs. Julie suggests the new French restaurant over at Anson's Corner - Helen will babysit.
They talk about Cheryl and Julie warns him not to let Cheryl get into a power struggle with him.
The Office
Mark comes in looking for Phil, but he's not there, so Cheryl says he can talk to her. He says a customer wants a la carte (more expensive) rather than the set menu. Cheryl tells him to let them have a la carte because they're repeat customers. Mark would rather run it by Phil, but Cheryl sends him off!
Danni is moaning that she can't eat sugar or fatty foods.
LAUREN: Tell me, Danni, what *can* you eat?!
DANNI: I didn't ask to be a diabetic!
She stomps off.
Rick baulks at Cheryl's furniture and Lauren is fed up too.
Rick's room
Rick moans to Lou that his room has been raided by the "clean police".
RICK: The kid is freak, he belongs in a circus(!)
BRETT: Yeah, well you're an ungrateful slob and you belong in the zoo(!)
LOU: And you're both starting to get on my nerves! Now you watch it, or you'll be sharing a room at the YMCA!
Rick moans again about the room being too tidy, until Brett hands Rick a lost $50 note and a CD he's been looking for!
The Office
Phil and Julie are heading out when Annalise comes in to ask about the Happy Hour that Cheryl has introduced from tomorrow(!) She says they'll need at least three extra staff. Phil rolls his eyes.
Next, Mark pops in with the cost for the a la carte menu for the group booking - he says they should just about break even on it. Phil rolls his eyes again and tells him to go back to the original set menu - he'll speak to both the clients and Cheryl.
Julie has an "I told you so" look on her face, but doesn't say anything.
Lauren is moaning to Annalise about Danni. Annalise refuses to serve a drunk guy and he refers to her by name. Annalise gets him thrown out and he is very angry.
CUSTOMER: I've got your number, girlie!
Lou tells Cheryl that he hadn't realised how big a deal Danni's diabetes was - it must be tough on a kid her age. Maybe that's why she acts up. Lou suggests that Danni could get some counselling to come to terms with it.
Annalise is cleaning up when the phone goes. Mark rings up to say he'll come to meet her. She says there's no need - they found out who the stalker was (the guy who was so rude to her earlier) and he was thrown out.
As Mark hangs up, Lauren pops in to tell Mark that Annalise is going to ask Kev the barman for a lift home.
Kev leaves before Annalise has a chance to ask him for a lift home. She locks the pub door and then realises there's still a customer in the bar.
ANNALISE: Sorry, I thought it was just me, I'll unlock the door for you.
BLOKE: No, leave it.
He touches her hair.
BLOKE: I won't let anything happen to you, Annalise.
She looks at him in disgust, realising that he is her stalker.
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