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Neighbours Episode 2088 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2088
Australian airdate: 16/02/94
UK airdate: 15/11/94
UK Gold: 01/11/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Peter Barrett
Guests: Tim: Drew Tingwell
Trevor: Tony Porter
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Security Guard: Dom Stringa
Police Officer no. 1: Randall Killop
Police Officer no. 2: Michael Harrop
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
ANNALISE: I don't have clue who you are!
BLOKE: We're lovers!
ANNALISE: Look, you've got me mixed up with someone else, alright?
BLOKE: Don't be like that, baby.
ANNALISE: Baby? I don't even know your name!
BLOKE: It's cruel. What you used to say to me, and now you don't know me name? The things we've done together. Come on, you're not playing fair now.
ANNALISE: Why don't you just go home, whoever you are, and I'll forget this even happened, alright?
BLOKE: I'm not going anywhere.
BLOKE: And now that we're alone together, I'm not ever going to let you go again.
Annalise looks terrified.
Mark is pacing, so Wayne suggests that he goes to pick Annalise up. Mark isn't sure where Kev has got to.
The bloke has pured two glasses of champagne for him and Annalise and they are sitting at a table.
BLOKE: Isn't this cosy? It's what I always want for us. Just to be alone together. That's what you want too, isn't it, Annalise?
ANNALISE: I don't even know your name.
BLOKE: Look, why are you treating me this way?
ANNALISE: Because...
BLOKE: Because you're what? Go on, say it. You're starting to upset me.
ANNALISE: Because...
BLOKE: SAY IT! The sooner we get this out in the open, the sooner we can get back to being what we were. Say it, what's the matter with you?!
ANNALISE: You're scaring me!
BLOKE: Oh, Annalise, I'm sorry. I hate arguing with you. That's why you left before, isn't it?
ANNALISE: I don't know your name...I've forgotten it...I think.
BLOKE: Tim. As if you didn't know.
ANNALISE: Tim. I've got a boyfriend who'll be wondering where I...
TIM: (standing up) You have a boyfriend?! Since when?! No, doesn't matter. He doesn't mean as much to you as me, does he?
ANNALISE: He'll be wondering where I am...I was meant to go there straight after work.
TIM: What went wrong between us?
Suddenly, there's a knock at the door and Tim puts his hand over Annalise's mouth.
MARK:(from outside) Annalise! Annalise, are you in there?!
After a long pause...
TIM: He's gone.
Annalise tries not to cry.
Mark rushes in and asks the security guard to open the Waterhole.
Mark finally gains entry to the Waterhole through the back. Tim and Annalise are not there, but their drinks are still on the table.
Mark gets on phone.
Store cupboard
Tim is making Annalise hide in the store cupboard.
ANNALISE: Tim, do you like me?
TIM: I love you!
ANNALISE: Then let me go, please.
TIM: Out of here?
TIM: If I let you go, you'd ring the police...
Just then, Mark comes around the corner. He hids behind some barrels, but Annalise sees him.
TIM: As much as I love you, I can't trust you anymore. You left me once before. You're never going to do that again.
Rick and Brett's room at No.24
Rick puts toothpaste on a sleeping Brett's face(!) Rick gets into bed and finds Jeffrey the rat in there!
Brett wakes up and puts Jeffrey back in his cage. Rick goes off for a shower, while Brett wipes toothpaste off his face(!)
Store cupboard
TIM: Can't hear a thing. We'll have to take a chance.
He grabs Annalise's arm and she resists. Mark rushes in.
MARK: Let her go. Are you OK, darling?
Tim grabs a hammer and he and Mark tussle. Luckily the police rush in at that moment and apprehend Tim.
TIM: I wasn't going to hurt you or anything! I love you!
The police drag him off.
MARK: He didn't touch you or anything, did he?
ANNALISE: No. Are you OK?
MARK: I am now.
He hugs her.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Rick is begging Kristy to work today, as he's supposed to be in school and Lauren's sick. She says she can't - she has to go to enrolment day.
Cody asks what Rick is going to do about the student meeting. Rick says he has to stay in the shop - Phil already isn't keen to renew the lease as Rick is still at school(!)
Wayne comes in and tells Rick and Cody that they are in the debating team. Rick says he hasn't got time.
The police have rung to ask if Annalise can go down to the station and make a statement. She thanks him for last night.
MARK: So, are you going to give it up?
MARK: Being a bar maid?
MARK: Yeah, well, I mightn't always be there, you were lucky last night.
ANNALISE: I can take care of myself if I have to!
ANNALISE: Certainly not going to stop living because there's a few nutters out there!
Mark still doesn't think it's a great job, but Annalise tells him to stop telling her what to do.
Debbie and Michael talk about Cody. He says she has to spend a lot of time with Rick as captain and vice- captain. Cody comes over and tells them about the debate team - Debbie is the third member apparently! The topic is "The Future is Bleak for the Youth of Australia". How jolly.
Coffee Shop
Rick is cleaning the floor when Helen comes in, telling him to mop up the water quickly before someone falls. She asks why he isn't at school and advises him to ease up on working at the shop this year.
Just then, a customer comes in and falls dramatically on Rick's mopped floor. Helen tells him to call an ambulance.
Apparently the guy at the pub was "not considered to be dangerous" by the solicitors(!)
Annalise opens the mail and the money has come through from her mother's solicitors. It's not that much but Mark says she should spend it on retraining. She says it's going straight to Helen and Julie to help re- pay them for the money her mother conned out of Jim Robinson.
Coffee Shop
The customer who fell is being loaded on to a stretcher. Phil comes in.
CUSTOMER:(on the stretcher) I am going to sue the living daylights out of someone for this!
Phil introduces himself to the bloke, who has apparently had previous back trouble. Also, his wife is a solicitor(!)
The customer is carried off and Phil says Rick had better join him in his office.
HELEN: Poor chap.
RICK: Poor me!
Rick tells Debbie quietly that he doesn't think he renewed the insurance.
Brett, Cody, Michael and Lenny are brainstorming for the debate.
MICHAEL: I didn't have much of a future until just recently, it's only when I got back home from the detention centre and stayed with my family that I realised that yeah, if I go back to school and work really hard, I could get my High School Certificate and then, bang! Go on the dole(!)
Cody is more optimistic - Australia is a big place, there must be a way to make it work. Something that everyone can pin their hopes on to.
Lenny says debating is all about being logical and not fudging the truth.
CODY: What does every teenager hope for?
They laugh.
CODY: You guys are hopeless!
Coffee Shop
Rick is on the phone to the insurance people - he's not sure he received a reminder from them. It turns out that he's not covered.
Kristy comes in for her shift and he just looks at her.
KRISTY: Somebody die?
The Office
Phil tells Rick that the customer in question has form for pulling litigation stunts. Rick awkwardly tells Phil that he didn't renew the insurance.
PHIL: This is the last straw. There's no way I'm goign to re- sign that lease with your mother while you're in charge.
RICK: Come on, please, Mr Martin! I'll leave school and work in the Coffee Shop full time!
Phil just tells him that when the lease expires - he's out.
Annalise gives Helen the money from her mother. It doesn't cover everything she stole, however.
HELEN: I can't accept this, she left it to you.
ANNALISE: No, please. She would want you to have it.
HELEN: I don't think so, otherwise she wouldn't have taken it in the first place!
ANNALISE: Well, maybe not, but *I* want you to have it. Anyway, I promised.
HELEN: I'm sure you could put this to some use.
ANNALISE: Please, Helen. It helps me to even things up in my mind. Makes me feel like she sort of settled everything in the end. And she won't be remembered as being all bad.
HELEN: It's very kind and thoughtful of you, thank you.
Coffee Shop
Rick is moaning to Cody about losing the Coffee Shop lease. She tells him to think about the debate instead which is much more important(!)
Cody and Rick are feeling the pressure of being captain and vice- captain. Rick tells her, they just need a good excuse to get out of the debate1 Lauren has laryngitis at the moment, they could say they caught it off her! Then they can get Brett and Michael to do it instead(!)
Rick and Brett's room
Michael and Brett are talking about careers. Brett says he'd like to be a dentist, there's a lot of money on it.
MICHAEL: Having to stick your nose down strange gobs all day!
BRETT: No home calls, nifty equipment, laser drills!
MICHAEL: You're weird, Brett.
BRETT: Big men are scared of you, begging for you not to hurt them...
BRETT: Get to work with girls in little tight white uniforms...
MICHAEL: Now you're talking!
BRETT: And at the end of the day, there's laughing gas.
MICHAEL: Yeah, but I wouldn't let you anywhere near my teeth(!)
Rick and Cody come in, feigning laryingitis. They've pulled out of the debate and now Michael and Brett have to do it.
MICHAEL: We don't want to do it!
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