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Neighbours Episode 2086 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2086
Australian airdate: 14/02/94
UK airdate: 11/11/94
UK Gold: 30/10/00
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Peter Barrett
Guests: Robbie: Richie Akers
Patron no. 1: Brad Lindsay
Patron no. 2: James Lawson
Patron no. 3: Brett Tucker
Suzie: Vanessa Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou says he'll need time to think about moving in with Cheryl.
DANNI: Don't give me that! You and mum have already decided the whole thing, haven't you?! That's why you were sucking up to me this morning.
LOU: Oh, Danni, that's not true!
Cheryl tries to calm her down. Lauren asks if they are all moving in with them.
DANNI: I'd rather move back to boarding school than live with Rick!
Rick suggests that Lou moves in with Cheryl in her house and he and Lauren could stay in No.24.
Cheryl goes over to Lou.
CHERYL:(nervously) Louis...
LOU: We need to *talk* about this!
CHERYL: Yes, yes, we need to talk about this. So could you kids give us some space for a minute?
They moan, but she shoos them outside.
Mark wonders who the letter is from - the person seems to know a lot about Annalise. Mark wonders if Annalise has inadvertently encouraged him somehow.
Annalise gets up to go to work. Mark thinks it's too dangerous. He insists she takes his car.
LOU: Cheryl, that is the second time you've done that. Made a big announcement about our future without consulting me!
CHERYL: I thought you'd be pleased, you did ask me to marry you, didn't you?
LOU: That was different.
CHERYL: How, we'd still be living together?
LOU: Yes, but we would have got engaged first!
CHERYL: Oh, engaged first. We're no spring chickens, Louis.
LOU: No- one knows that better than me, love. But at least the kids would have had time to get used to the idea. As it is, I think they're a bit shell- shocked. I must say, I feel the same way.
CHERYL: Gee, thanks(!) A girl could take that the wrong way.
LOU: I'm sorry, I just think we could have handled it better. Your two are going to be even more antagonistic towards me now.
CHERYL: Oh, they're come round. Brett's not so bad, and you said yourself that you had a break- through with Danni this morning!
LOU: Well, sort of. Now I think we're back to square one. And there's also Lauren and Rick to consider.
CHERYL: But Lauren's been a lot more accepting these days.
LOU: Yeah, well that's true actually, yeah.
CHERYL: Oh look, it's not that I've got anything against marriage, it's just that I've been an independent woman for some time now and...I just thought it made sense to live together first.
LOU: Well...I guess so.
No.24 (Outside)
Rick, Brett and Danni are talking over their shock at the prospect of Cheryl and Lou shacking up. They mainly wonder how Cheryl could give up her independence.
BRETT: I could tell you in three letters.
RICK: Three letters?
DANNI: Sex, you idiot. Ever heard of it?
They all grunt in disgust.
DANNI: Eurgh, gross. Don't really want to watch those two canoodling all day.
BRETT: Yeah, well, they might be a little more discreet than you give them credit for...
Danni decides to wander off. Doug comes along and asks what's going on.
RICK: You wouldn't believe it.
DOUG: Really?! Try me.
Lauren is telling Annalise how shocked Lou looked at the prospect of Cheryl moving in.
Annalise is distracted and shows Lauren the stalker letter. She says he's called her a couple of times too. Lauren is horrified and thinks Annalise should go to the police. Annalise says "minor hassle" is all part of the job.
DANNI: Brett and I have something to say. Don't we, Brett?
BRETT: Ah...yeah.
DANNI: Apart from anything else, we've always been told that living together is wrong.
CHERYL: Oh, Danni, this is a totally different situation.
DANNI: Is it? I don't see why. It's still living in sin.
CHERYL: We're not talking about morality here.
DANNI: We are when it suits you!
Cheryl explains that she and Lou don't want to get married until they are sure it will work out.
CHERYL: I didn't think I was going to have a problem with you two about this. After all, it was you two pestering me to re- consider Lou's proposal!
DANNI: I did not! It was your decision. I only said that you couldn't do much worse.
LOU: I'm really not bad when you get to know me, you know. I have been house trained.
DANNI: Bet that took some doing!
CHERYL: Oh, now that's enough! Now, Lou and I have decided that we want to be together and I guess the two of you are just going to have to get used to it.
DANNI: So much for democracy!
Annalise is finishing her shift and heading hoe.
Outside the Pub
Scary music plays as Annalise heads across the complex in the semi- darkness. She gets to Mark's car and quickly gets in, looking spooked.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Lou is collecting his newspaper when Doug comes across the street.
DOUG: Hey, Lou! They tell me you're about to shack up with Cheryl!
LOU: Who's 'they'?!
DOUG: Sorry. Can't reveal sources.
Lou tells him that they've discussed it, but Doug says it sounds like Lou has been railroaded. Lou is not impressed and says he'll live where he likes.
Cheryl tells Danni and Brett that she and Lou haven't decided which houes they'll live in yet.
DANNI: I am *not* living with Rick Alessi.
There's a knock at the door and it's Doug.
DOUG: Hi, Cheryl. I hear you're shacking up with Lou, congratulations(!)
Brett thinks they should just keep two houses - one for the adults and one of the kids - to study in, of course(!)
Coffee Shop
Rick serves Cheryl a coffee and tells her he's upset about having to find somewhere else to live. Cheryl tells him that he and Lauren are part of the family. He thinks Lauren isn't up for it either.
Lou comes in.
LOU: Now, sweetheart, about these living arrangements...
CHERYL: How do you feel about moving in to my house?
LOU: Your house. Well, I'm perfectly happy where I am. I've just got my veggie garden going, I've got my pool there if I want to cool off...
CHERYL: Well, we've got the spa and I do *own* my house...and you're only renting, aren't you?
LOU: Well, so? It seems like my place, and I've been there a long time.
CHERYL: Well, maybe we should up sticks and go somewhere else. Have a fresh start.
LOU: Cheryl, how many times do I have to say it, I don't want to move anywhere else.
CHERYL: OK. Whatever you say.
LOU: You mean you're willing to...?
CHERYL: Whatever you think's best.
Lou looks pleased.
Flowers have arrived for Annalise from the stalker. The card is quite explicit (although the writer can't spell Annalise's name) and Mark is very worried. Lauren insists that Annalise tells Mark about the phonecalls.
Lou calls Lauren and Rick together.
LOU: Well, guys, we have come to a decision.
RICK: Do we have to move out?
LOU: No way. We're staying right where we are.
LAUREN: Does that mean they'll all be moving in here?
RICK: Where are we going to put everyone?
LOU: Well, I've noticed you get on well with Brett.
RICK: Oh...yeah. Sort of. No, not really, actually.
LOU: But well enough to share a room, surely? And, Lauren...
LAUREN: Look, don't worry about me, dad. I'll go find some place else.
LOU: Well, why, sweetheart? Surely we can come to some arrangement?
CHERYL: Um...Louis. How's about I leave you guys to discuss this in private?
She heads off.
LAUREN: Dad, if it really makes you happy, I can accept this thing with Cheryl, I told you that. What I can't do is live under the same roof as her, let alone the whole Stark tribe.
LOU: Oh, honey, I'd hate to think I was driving you out of your own home...I know Cheryl feels the same way.
Annalise is selling a customer a raffle ticket. Mark asks the customer how to spell Annalise(!)
A customer called Ray comes in and greets Annalise. Mark scowls.
Doug comes over and tells Mark that Ray is a top bloke.
Cheryl is showing Danni and Brett around No.24. Danni is very rude about Lauren's room, calling it horsey and unaired.
LOU: Lauren, why dont' you and Danni go and make a start on that room.
LAUREN: Are you coming?
DANNI: Do I have a choice?
CHERYL: Yes, you do have a choice, you can go back to boarding school any time you like!
Danni goes off.
Brett seems much happier at the prospect of moving to No.24 than Danni. He and Rick go off to Rick's room.
CHERYL: What do you think?
LOU: Well, they seem to be making the best of it.
CHERYL: Yes, I've got my doubts, too(!)
Cheryl says that next they can discuss furniture and go off to No.22.
Rick's room
BRETT: Is it always this messy?
RICK:(hurt) I just tidied up.
BRETT: Oh right, you're serious...
Brett wonders where he'll put his stuff and then finds mildew bread in the cupboard(!)
Brett starts to clean up and Rick tells him not to - he's got his room the way he likes it and it's not changing(!) (Eurgh!)
Mark tells a customer off for flirting with Annalise. Mark ends up pushing one of the blokes. Cheryl tells Mark to clear off back to the kitchen. When he protests, she bans him from the pub!
Danni and Lauren are already bickering. Brett and Rick are also bickering.
LOU: SHUT UP! Now, I am sick and tired of all your whinging! You are going to live together and you're going to be happy and friendly! OK?!
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