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Neighbours Episode 2085 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2085
Australian airdate: 11/02/94
UK airdate: 10/11/94
UK Gold: 27/10/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Michael and Cody celebrating as Cody is elected school captain
Number 28
Cody is still shocked that she won the school captaincy. Michael hopes that things will get back to normal now the election is over.
Cody leaps up to go to see Rick. Michael is surprised and when he asks why, Cody explains that Rick is her vice- captain and they have a lot to organise - but Michael tells her it can wait until morning.
MICHAEL: Tonight, the school captain has other duties.
They pash.
Number 24
Lou and Lauren are pleased for Rick - but he thinks they're making a big deal, seeing as Cody won and he came second.
Lou tells him that if the captain falls under the wheels of a passing truck, Rick - as vice- captain - takes over.
RICK: (suddenly enthused) Yeah?
LAUREN: Ohh, not that we are saying you should steal a bus or anything, mister.
Rick says he's going to try to keep out of it because Cody can be a drag - 'do this, do that, toe the line'. He thinks the teachers will love her - but the other kids won't.
Lou tells him that they're meant to be a team - and if Cody's focused on the academic side, he can focus on the fun ideas.
Rick stomps away saying that Cody won't listen to him. Lauren mocks him for being defeatist and they both say that Rick won't know if he tries. Lou encourages him to think positively.
RICK: What's with you anyhow? This morning you were about as happy as a man with two broken legs!
Lou says he's made a decision - one he feels good about. Lauren guesses that it involves Cheryl - but it's Danni; Lou says she has some wrong ideas about Lou, so he's going to talk with her and set her straight.
LAUREN: Danni has a huge chip on her shoulder, especially about you! Don't go getting your hopes up, ok?
Lauren goes off to see Annalise. Rick agrees with Lauren; Danni can be tricky.
LOU: I'm sinking like a stone with her mum - I've got to try something!
Rick warns him not to go heavy on her, as she's been copping it from everyone recently.
Number 30
Mark and Annalise are on the sofa; he's massaging her feet. Annalise has had a tough day, but says she doesn't want to whinge about it. Mark says that's what he's here for.
ANNALISE: And then you'll whinge about me whinging!
MARK: Annalise, can we stop this now, before it gets ugly?
Annalise agrees - she's just frustrated because Brad was an experienced bar manager, and Suzy and Kev aren't.
Lauren arrives asking if they have plans for the evening, and Mark makes a 'nudge nudge, wink wink' joke. Lauren says she'll come back later, but Annalise says he's kidding and invites her to join them for a meal.
Lauren is keen - until Wayne walks in and reveals that dinner's in 15 minutes. Annalise says that Lauren's eating with them - and it's fine because, as a country boy, Wayne always cooks too much.
The atmosphere is suddenly awkward, and Wayne awkwardly explains to Lauren that he's now living at Number 30 due to space problems at Number 26. Lauren quickly says she has a bunch of washing to do and leaves.
Number 22
Cheryl is ranting to Danni about the phone call she had with the school principal. Danni stole a bunch of cigarettes from Cheryl's pub to get Rick Alessi in strife.
Danni isn't in the mood to listen, angrily telling Cheryl that she's already copped it from Vince Roland, the kids, and she's got a month's detention.
DANNI: I think I've got the message, ok?
CHERYL: No, Danni, it's not ok. Now you're going to cop it from me as well, because that's the way it works!
DANNI: So shoot me.
CHERYL: Oh, that comes later.
CHERYL: - get in the queue, Brett!
Cheryl wants to know why Danni did something so stupid - but Brett determinedly intervenes, defending Danni, saying she's already heard it from everyone else.
CHERYL: Who's the mother in this household, you or me?
Brett's worried about Cheryl getting upset, and Cheryl says she's worried about the next step being the cops ringing.
Danni shouts at them to cut it out and flounces off.
Number 30
Mark, Annalise, and Wayne are eating. Annalise presses Wayne for what went on between him and Lauren. Wayne says they said goodnight, and that wsa it.
Annalise says it's the same story Lauren told her, but she doesn't believe either of them. Mark tells her to give it a rest.
ANNALISE: I put a lot of work into those two and they obviously blew it, so I want to know why!
Wayne tells her that nothing happened. He muses on the food and Mark joins in, but Annalise won't drop the subject, saying that if Wayne doesn't confide in her, she can't help.
Wayne says that Lauren doesn't like him - they saw how she left. Mark thinks she was embarrassed.
WAYNE: Does it matter which? The result was the same!
ANNALISE: Of course it matters! I mean, if she didn't like you, fair enough - but she left because she was humiliated; that means she likes you.
WAYNE: I know that's feminine logic, but to tell you the truth, I just don't follow it - at all.
ANNALISE: Let me keep it nice and simple for you; she's waiting for you to make the next move.
WAYNE: (incredulously) Get out of here!
ANNALISE: It's a fact, Wayne!
Wayne walks out of the living room - but he stands in the kitchen, clearly mulling it over.
Number 22
Brett joins Cheryl in the kitchen - he's told Danni that breakfast is ready, and he tells Cheryl to 'give it a rest'. When Danni comes down, Danni launches into an apology.
Cheryl is pleased and explains that she went through an awful lot with Darren, and can't take going through it again. Danni takes this statement completely the wrong way and becomes very angry.
DANNI: Well, just for you, Mum, I'll try very very hard not to be a *total* failure and rob a servo and get sent to jail(!)
CHERYL: (shocked) That's not what I meant.
DANNI: Yes it was!
Danni strops off. Cheryl asks about breakfast, but Danni says she doesn't have time - else she be a failure in her exams as well as a failure in everything else. She leaves.
Brett shakes his head.
CHERYL: Ok, Brett, I blew it. I am trying! I thought we were going good until all this cigarette business.
Brett recommends ignoring her - but Cheryl points out that Danni is someone she loves and is responsible for.
Number 30
Annalise is on the phone and angrily asks, "Who is this?"
Wayne leaves for the zoo - and Annalise hides the phone until he exits, and then she exclaims:
ANNALISE: Why are you doing this?
She slams the phone down and Mark comes in.
MARK: Hey, baby, what's up?
Annalise tells him it's nothing - and when he presses, she snaps at him and tells him she's cranky. He seems confused.
Ramsay Street
Rick and Cody are bickering about the school dance. Cody says if people cared about the dance, they'd have voted for Rick. Rick argues that a lot of people did vote for him.
MICHAEL: But Cody got more votes and that's why she was elected school captain.
They head off to school, passing Lou on the street. Lou intercepts Danni, who is lagging behind - he asks for a word, and she's worried he's going to berate her.
DANNI: Look, you're not my father - it's not really any of your business.
LOU: I know all that. And you're absolutely right. Look, I know it's tough - and if it was me, I'd be scared to come outside. I reckon you've got a lot of guts, and if there's anything I can do to help, anything at all...
Danni cries. She apologises and Lou says it's no problem. She seems relieved that he was so kind.
Number 24
Lou walks in and Lauren congratulates him - she was watching through the window.
LOU: The poor kid's taken a battering; she needed a friend.
LAUREN: Looks like she got one.
Lauren says it's a big step along the way - and asks where things are heading between Lou and Cheryl. Lou says he's trying to take her away for the weekend, away from the kids.
LAUREN: And then what?
LOU: Sweetheart, whatever happens, I assure you it won't make any difference to your place in the scheme of things. I love you, and you'll always be first cab off the rank as far as I'm concerned.
Lauren says she knows - she just wants him to be happy, and what's right for him is fine by her.
Erinsborough High - Classroom
Rick and Cody are still arguing about the dance and costs - and when Rick seems to be losing, he moves onto the school dress code. He says that reforming it won't cost money, and there's no reason for kids not to wear what they like.
Cody thinks it sounds like a stunt rather than a serious issue. Rick is annoyed that she won't listen to any ideas other than her own; he was elected alongside her.
Brett tries to calm things, but Cody dismisses Rick's issues as trivial. When Rick realises Cody won't compromise, he refuses to either.
Number 24
Lauren answers the door - it's Wayne. He invites her to come along for a horse ride, saying that he'll make a picnic. Lauren hesitates and he says she should only come if she wants to. She quickly explains that she's not supposed to horse ride with her back injury.
Wayne is exasperated with himself and says that he only asked for the company. He goes to make a quick exit, but Lauren stops him.
LAUREN: No, no, umm, what I meant was that um, I just have to be careful. I haven't quit forever! So yeah, thanks.
WAYNE: Are you sure?
LAUREN: Yeah, I'd like to.
WAYNE: All right!
Lauren and Wayne are petting two horses, and Lauren misses riding. She asks Wayne for a leg up onto the horse, and Wayne hesitates, worried that she'll damage her back again.
LAUREN: If we're careful, it'll be ok.
Wayne helps her onto her horse, then mounts his own. They set off.
The Waterhole
Mark grabs Annalise from behind and she jumps out of her skin, telling him off for scaring her. She snaps at him that she's busy and doesn't like people sneaking up on her.
The phone rings and Annalise ignores it. Mark asks why she's not answering it, as it could be important - but she says she's busy.
ANNALISE: Don't tell me how to do my job, Mark!
He storms off. Annalise watches the phone worriedly - and eventually she picks it up. She listens for a brief moment and then, seeming upset, she puts the phone down.
Wayne and Lauren have come to a stop. They set up their picnic and Lauren says that she hasn't even had a twinge in her back.
LAUREN: I er, promise not to get heavy or anything.
WAYNE: Oh, that's a big disappointment. I thought perhaps you liked me!
Lauren laughs. She says when she remembered the next morning, she could've shriveled up and died.
WAYNE: Ahhhh, so that's why you've been avoiding me!
LAUREN: You must've thought I was terrible.
WAYNE: No, not at all. I just didn't want to take advantage. But I wouldn't be doing that now, would I?
Number 22
Lou and Cheryl are talking about Danni. Lou says she seemed better after he spoke with her. Cheryl is relieved and calls him a godsend - she's been at her wit's end!
Lou presses Cheryl about going away, but Cheryl says that although they need time together and she does want to be with him, with everything that's happened, this weekend is too soon.
Lou says he's got something to ask her - he was going to ask her at weekend, but he might as well do it now.
LOU: Cheryl, I er... Strewth, a man's supposed to be a salesman and he's tightened up like a teenager!
Cheryl is messing with a coffee machine and seems to be half listening.
LOU: (cont) I've given this a lot of thought over the last couple of day- days and um, what with Danni and Lauren seeing the light about us and... Cheryl? Cheryl!
Lou intervenes with the coffee machine.
LOU: (cont) I'd like you to... That is. Ahem. Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?
Cheryl looks surprised.
Number 30
Mark arrives home to find Annalise sobbing in the living room. He asks what's wrong and she tells him there was a note left under the door.
Mark picks it up and reads it - and looks shocked.
Number 22
Cheryl thinks Lou's proposal is out of the blue, but he reminds her that they were engaged a short while ago. Cheryl says she's got used to her independence.
Lou reassures her that he wouldn't chain her to the kitchen sink - she should carry on living her life, but he wants her to come home to him.
CHERYL: Oh, Louis. ....I have to say no.
Lou asks why - and Cheryl says she's been married before. Lou is confused; he thought her marriage had been happy - and she agrees it was, but now she's invested in Lassiter's and it's going to take up most of her time. She thinks that she will have enough to cope with between the business and her kids, and can't take on a husband too.
Lou tries to reassure her that they're in the same boat - he also has a business to run.
CHERYL: Lou, it's just wrong at this point in time. I am sorry.
Lou accepts it.
Coffee Shop - outside
Rick and Cody are still arguing. Brett plays mediator, asking Michael what he thinks of the end of year dance. Michael dismisses it immediately, as there's no money for it - they can't afford it.
Brett asks him what his personal opinion would be if they could afford it - and Michael thinks the kids would go for it in a big way.
Brett suggests that they could afford it if they got the kids to raise the funds themselves. Rick is enthused.
MICHAEL: If they really want the dance, they'll do it. It'll be a good way to tell!
Cody says she has no objections.
BRETT: Well, that's cool because this is for the school and that's what's important, am I right?
CODY: Of course you are.
BRETT: Yeah, but if you two keep fighting the whole school's going to suffer, and who's that going to help except for Barker and her idiot mates?
MICHAEL: He's right.
Brett suggests that Rick talk to the kids because he's in tune with them, and Cody gets the final say - and whichever way it goes, they have to wear it.
RICK: As long as I get a decent hearing, it's fine by me. I mean, it's better than us fighting all the time, isn't it? What do you reckon?
CODY: Yeah. I think it makes sense.
Rick tells Brett that he should run in the next elections! Brett says that people wouldn't vote for him - he hasn't got the right personality.
Number 22
Cheryl has been crying when Brett and Danni burst in, and Cheryl tries to tidy up her make up.
DANNI: What's going on?
CHERYL: Nothing.
DANNI: You've wrecked your face!
CHERYL: Oh, why Danni, thank you so much(!)
CHERYL: Lou asked me to marry him today, all right?
CHERYL: I turned him down.
CHERYL: I just did, that's all.
DANNI: I hope you're not blaming me for this.
CHERYL: Of course not.
BRETT: I thought you liked him.
CHERYL: I do! You don't.
BRETT: I do so!
CHERYL: Danni doesn't.
DANNI: Look. He's a guy. They're all cretins. He's no worse than the rest. And it could be he's not chasing your money after all. Ok? Fair enough? Just don't blame me.
CHERYL: I'm not blaming you; I have to make my own choices. Just sometimes it's hard to give up what you've got for something that you want. And I've got used to being independent and I don't want to lose it.
BRETT: Who said this? "You can't have every little thing you want in life?"
CHERYL: Oh, enough with the smart remarks! You're still the kid, remember?
Danni doesn't understand why Cheryl's crying - there's no reason why Cheryl shouldn't marry Lou if she wants to. Brett thinks that Lou is probably depressed after she's turned him down.
Danni carries on, saying that if Cheryl didn't want to be an item with Lou, why were the two of them sneaking around all of the time. She says it's not their business if Lou and Cheryl want to get married.
CHERYL: I had no idea you two would feel this way about it.
Brett asks if she's going to - and Cheryl looks thoughtful.
Number 24
Lauren brings Lou a drink and asks him to drink it.
LOU: What is it - hemlock?
LAUREN: No, some fruit juice and herbs and stuff. And a slug of brandy.
LOU: Forget the fruit juice, just bring me the brandy bottle.
Rick comes in and starts complaining that he could've got Wayne to give him a lift back to school. Lauren points out it's not a major disaster - and Rick suddenly seems aware that Lou is seriously down.
RICK: Look, Lou, seriously, I'm sorry.
He's saved from having to say anything else by a loud knock at the door - it's Cheryl with Danni and Brett.
Lou seems flabbergasted that she's turned up - and as Lauren, Rick, Danni and Brett all watch on - Cheryl tells Lou she's been thinking about his proposal, especially in light of her children being so amazingly in favour.
LAUREN: Are you sure you two wouldn't like some privacy?
Rick elbows Lauren hard!
CHERYL: No, Lauren, everyone here's affected by this. I meant it when I said that marriage is out, but I would be happy to do the next best thing, if you're interested?
LOU: Which is?
CHERYL: Well, we're just getting used to this situation - at least, I am. So! How would you feel about us all moving in together?
Lou looks shocked.
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