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Neighbours Episode 2084 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2084
Australian airdate: 10/02/94
UK airdate: 09/11/94
UK Gold: 26/10/00
Writer: Mark Stratford
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Vincent Roland: Bob Brown
Student no. 1: Megan Chambers
Student no. 2: Tempany Deckert
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou and Rick are eating their tea and talking about the incident at the school. Rick doesn't think that there's any way to clear his name.
Cody wants to try to clear Rick's name so there can be a fair election. Michael still isn't convinced, but Debbie thinks that Cody is right. However, Cody could get into trouble herself in trying to expose Louise - it might look like Cody was trying to win the election by setting Louise up.
Cheryl is struggling to go through the Lassiter's books. Brett is doing his homework. Cheryl tells Danni that she doesn't think Louise is good company for her.
Brett drags Danni out the back to ask who planted the stuff in Rick's locker - he hopes it wasn't Danni.
Outside No.32
Phil and Julie are carrying some boxes out to the front. Helen comes over and tells them to make themselves at home. She assures Phil that they'll all get on famously.
Lou has been for a swim. Lauren thinks he should work things out with Cheryl and apologises that she gave him a hard time about her before. She's realised now that Lou has to have his own life and do what makes him happy. She suggests that Lou gets Cheryl away from Danni and Brett for a couple of days.
LAUREN: Oh, come on Dad, you're the used car salesman. Make her an offer that is too good to refuse!
Cody has been to the headmaster but he didn't believe her that Rick had been set up. She says that she'll need proof to get Rick off the hook. Debbie looks thoughtful.
Debbie follows Danni outside and tells her that she knows Danni set Rick up. She explains that she and Darren did the same thing to her - they set her up. She urges Danni to ditch Louise.
When Debbie has gone, Louise comes over and tells Danni she'd better not open her mouth or her life will become very miserable.
Lou has brought Cheryl a nice plant for her bathroom. She tells Lou that she is going out soon, to put an idea to Phil that she doesn't think he wil like very much. Lou says they can chat another time. Cheryl offers to meet him for lunch at the Waterhole at 1pm.
Danni is confessing to the headmaster that she set Rick up. He thinks that Louise is involved, but Danni insists that she isn't. Danni will have detention.
Outside by the lockers, the headmaster tells Rick that he's off the hook as it was Danni that planted the cigarettes. Rick is shocked.
Brett catches up with Rick and says they have to get his election campaign going again.
In a classroom, Louise confronts Danni and tells her off for owning up. She doesn't want to hang around with Danni anymore.
When Louise has gone, Brett tells Danni that she's done the right thing and he'll support her when Cheryl freaks.
Phil and Julie are unpacking. Julie tells Hannah that Holly the dog will have to live mainly outside. Helen explains to Hannah that they all have to compromise.
Rick is giving out election leaflets. Louise and Cody are arguing about their policies. Voting is underway.
Lassiter's Office
Phil says that he's had a lot of applications for the personal assistant's job, and they all seem over- qualified. Cheryl says she's had an idea - she could be Phil's personal assistant. Phil isn't sure about this.
Julie tells Helen that she doesn't have to look after them. Helen tells her that she doesn't want to be pushy, she just really likes having them all there. They hug.
Phil comes in and tells them that Cheryl is going to take the personal assistant job. Julie is not pleased and thinks that Cheryl is up to something.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick and Lauren chat about the election. Louise and her mates along and taunt Rick.
Rick sits down with Danni and tells her that he forgives her for setting him up. He says that she shouldn't let Louise manipulate her.
Lou and Cheryl are having lunch. He's disappointed that Cheryl will be busier than ever now that she's taken the PA job. He suggests a weekend away in a secluded place - just the two of them. Cheryl is tempted, but says that she can't leave Danni at the moment as she's very fragile at the moment.
Ramsay Street
Julie confronts Cheryl about her taking the PA job.
The headmaster announces the result of the election - both Cody and Rick have won!
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