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Neighbours Episode 2083 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2083
Australian airdate: 09/02/94
UK airdate: 08/11/94
UK Gold: 25/10/00
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Vincent Roland: Bob Brown
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug reacts with joy that the receipts have been found - he reckons that if they hand them in to the tax department they will issue a large refund. Pam can't believe what hardship they've been through because of the loss of the receipts. Doug says it's character- building and now he might be able to go into business with Norm. He'll go and see an account first, though.
Mark wakes up on the sofa having fallen asleep watching the cricket. Annalise has made him some breakfast, but Mark says he isn't hungry. They agree that they want to stop fighting with each other and have a cuddle. Annalise admits that she's not a great cook and there's no point trying to impress each other - they should just do their own thing.
Wayne wanders through and interrupts their little moment. He decides to go to the Coffee Shop instead.
Mark and Annalise agree to be honest with each other from now on.
Louise asks Danni if she's got the stuff to "get Rick". Louise says she'll distract Rick, but Danni will have to do it. Danni isn't sure.
Cody asks Debbie to help her with her speech after school, but she says she has to study.
Inside, Brett gives Rick his speech and advises him to wipe his breakfast off his face(!) Rick reads through the speech and says it doesn't sound like him. Brett says that no politician writes their own speeches(!) Some kids eavesdrop on their conversation and mock Rick.
Lassiter's Office
Phil and Julie don't think they have any choice but to move into Helen's. They're not sure how the kids will take it.
Doug is back from the accountant and tells Pam that they're getting $80,000 back from the tax people! Pam is delighted.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phil and Julie have broken the news that they're moving in with Helen. Hannah is very pleased, but Debbie and Michael don't look too happy. Michael says after all the effort they put into his room, it's a pity to leave it. Also, apparently it's "daggy" living with your great- grandmother and Debbie will have to share with Hannah. Phil and Julie assure them that it's only temporary. They explain that they did look at renting, but they want to stay close to Ramsay Street.
Louise is laying out her policies which include no school uniforms, final exams, more free periods and no detentions(!) Some kids clap.
Cody goes up and points out that with Louise's ideas, they might as well just ban classes and teachers too! Cody wants to make the school better, but they need to get a good education for their futures. Her first policy is to have access to a careers guidance counsellor.
Inside, the headmaster tells Wayne he's had a tip off about contraband in the lockers. He opens Rick's locker and finds the contraband straight away (clearly, it's been planted).
Outside No.28
Phil asks Doug and Pam if they want to buy any of their furniture as they won't have room for it at Helen's. They tell him about the $80,000 and invite Phil in for a drink.
Over a drink of champagne, Doug assures Phil that his job is safe now, since the buyout.
Cody is just finishing her speech. Louise is scowling at her. Cody gives an impassioned speech and assures them that she'll fight for things that are important to the student body.
Rick goes up to make his speech. His policies are to retain the School Dance and to get the school to pay for excursions. But suddenly he is interrupted by the headmaster. He says that Rick is no longer allowed to run for school captain.
Inside, the headmaster shows Rick the contraband (cigarettes, apparently). Rick protests that it isn't his as he doesn't smoke! The headmaster thinks that Rick is selling them to the students. Rick swears that he's innocent and Wayne backs him up. The headmaster is unmoved.
Mark pops in for lunch. Taking their new honesty policy to extremes, she tells Mark that she thinks his shirt is disgusting(!)
Some kids jeer Rick. Brett thinks Rick could still be in with a chance to be School Captain(!) Rick says it's over. He rounds on Michael and accuses him of setting him up. Michael denies it and Cody says it must have been Louise.
Wayne asks Annalise to turn her music down. She is not happy. Mark says it's fine and promptly puts the vacuum cleaner on(!)
Louise is very pleased that Rick is in trouble, but Danni looks very guilty. Louise says she'll be the new School Captain this time tomorrow.
Danni sees Michael and gives him some cigarettes. He gives them back to her, saying he's given up. Her bag is filled with cigarettes.
Michael tells Cody that Danni has set Rick up because she's become friends with Louise. Cody wants to tell Rick, but there's no proof. She tells Michael that they have to help clear Rick's name. Michael says Rick is getting what he deserves for breaking them up.
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