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Neighbours Episode 2082 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2082
Australian airdate: 08/02/94
UK airdate: 07/11/94
UK Gold: 24/10/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl sends Brett to get a brown paper bag from the kitchen and gets Danni to breathe into it while she comforts her.
Annalise is moaning about how quiet the pub is. She asks Mark if he wants to go out after work tonight. He isn't keen because he's very tired but agrees they can open a bottle of wine and relax together. Clearly their idea of a good night is at odds with each other!
Cody and Michael are talking over policies for the forthcoming election eg right of appeal against detention(!) Michael pulls some pieces of paper off the top of a cupboard to write their ideas down on and is surprised to hear that Doug has taken up scuba diving.
At the sink, Pam tells Doug that they've failed as parents as Cody is becoming a politician(!)
Doug wonders how he's going to be able to get ahead financially again, especially after the fine from the tax department.
Helen tells Wayne that Phil, Julie and the kids are moving in, so he'll have to move out. (Well, she puts it a bit more nicely than this, but that's the gist!) Annalise and Mark pop round to get some of Annalise's CDs that she's left behind. Wayne says he'll start looking around, and Annalise says he could move in with them! Mark isn't sure, but says Wayne should come over and watch the cricket and talk it over.
It seems that Danni has had a panic attack. Cheryl is telling her calmly that she has to take things easy for a day or two (Doctor's orders). Lou comes to pick Cheryl up for drinks. Cheryl isn't sure she should go, but Brett talks her into it by saying he'll look after Danni. Danni isn't happy.
DANNI: Must you encourage them?
BRETT: Hey, she's happy. Maybe you should try it once in a while(!)
He invites Danni to help him out with Rick's campaign, but she has had another idea.
Mark and Wayne are watching the cricket and quite enjoying themselves. Mark tells Wayne that he might as well move in! Annalise isn't happy that she's doing housework while Mark is drinking beer and watching the cricket.
Cheryl is worried about Danni's emotional state. Lou assures Cheryl that Danni is just being a teenager, but Cheryl isn't so sure. Lou says maybe they should take some time out while Cheryl sorts the kids out, then they can try again when things settle down.
No.30, the following morning
Wayne has fallen asleep on the sofa. Annalise has made a cooked breakfast. Mark comes in, thinks Wayne has made the breakfast and proceeds to insult the standard of cooking. Annalise is upset.
Danni offers to help Cody with her School Captain election campaign. Cody is rude to her, so Danni is rude back. A girl called Louise Barker comes over and asks Danni to help her instead. Rick has decided to run too.
Louise is telling Wayne that she has her policies all worked out - like a student common room. Cody says she has better policies. Wayne suggests an election debate tomorrow. Rick looks a bit worried(!)
Lou is wallowing by watching daytime TV in his pyjamas(!) Doug comes round and asks if he's OK. Lou says he's his own boss and he's given himself the day off(!) He explains that he's broken up with Cheryl again.
LOU: Everything's against us. It's just...hopeless.
Doug tells Lou that the bank has rejected his loan for the house with Norm. Lou says at least Doug has a woman to come home to(!)
Doug starts watching daytime TV with Lou. The program is about a man who's given up all hope of finding the right woman(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick and Brett are talking about potential policies. Brett says they'll have to try to get the nerd vote. He's managed to get a list of proposed school budget cuts - like the school dance at the end of the year.
Louise defaces Rick's election poster and Danni laughs. Louise asks her to find out Brett's campaign strategy for Rick.
Mark apologises to Annalise for criticising her cooking, saying he was just having banter with Wayne. He invites her out to dinner tonight to say sorry.
Michael and Cody are planning her election speech. Pam is ringing someone.
Danni is trying to get Brett to reveal his campaign plans for Rick. Brett tells her that Louise is bad news, but Danni says she quite likes her.
Mark and Annalise come in from their meal out. Annalise is in a bad mood and gets in an even worse mood when Mark tells her she's over- watered his cactus. She starts moaning that Mark is always patronising her and trying to teach her new things. She also insults the restaurant trade and a row ensues.
Cheryl heads off to bed. Louise pops round to see Danni - she's got a plan to make sure that Rick doesn't win the election and she needs Danni's help.
Cody is practising her election speech on Pam. Pam suddenly realises that the speech is written on the pieces of paper that Michael found...they are the missing receipts! This means that Pam and Doug can prove to the tax department that they didn't pay the wrong amount.
PAM: These could be the answer to our prayers!
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