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Neighbours Episode 2078 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2078
Australian airdate: 02/02/94
UK airdate: 01/11/94
UK Gold: 18/10/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick tells Michael that he and Cody love each other. Cody talks to Michael alone.She apologises. Michael does a good job of keeping a lid on his anger.
Mark has made Annalise a delicious breakfast. He heads off to work and Annalise says she's glad she and Mark are now living together. Mark asks if Annalise nudged Claudia out, but she assures him it was all about the dog.
Lou has popped round to see Cheryl (he saw the kids leaving for school). He invites her to lunch at a quiet, secluded place - the Willis house! Cheryl isn't very sure about this, but eventually comes round.
Rick is pacing and waiting for Cody. Debbie asks him if he's OK. Eventually Cody and Michael come along. Danni takes Michael off and Cody tells Rick that they should stop seeing each other - it's more serious that she thought with Michael.
Helen has popped round to return some of Annalise's things. Annalise asks her for advice in getting stains out of Mark's overalls (she suggests nappy cleaner). Annalise says she isn't very good at domestic stuff - especially cooking. Helen offers to teach her some basics.
Lou and Cheryl are picnicing in the Willis living room. It's not very romantic with pictures of Pam and Doug around them(!)
Just then, Pam come in and just about jumps out of her skin to see them there. They awkwardly get up.
PAM: Um...hi.
LOU: Hi. What are you doing here?
PAM: Um...well, um...maybe I haven't quite got a grip on this, but shouldn't I be asking *you* that?
Lou explains about Doug lending them the key, and how they are avoiding telling their kids about their relationship. Lou and Cheryl decide to leave.
No.22 (Spa)
Lou and Cheryl are enjoying a spa (yuk!). They hear Brett coming and Lou hides under the water. Brett rambles on about computer stuff at school. Finally he heads off. Poor Lou is nearly drowned by this point and he surfaces, coughing. He tells Cheryl that they have to come clean about their relationship.
Cody and Debbie are discussing Cody's love life. Pam comes in and Debbie mentions that her CD player has gone missing. When Debbie has gone, Pam sits down with Cody and asks her about the drug issue again. Cody is evasive.
Ramsay Street
Rick sees Mark coming home. He asks him about his former boarder and lets slip that Annalise made her leave. Mark doesn't look amused.
Brett comes over and asks Rick if her and Danni can have a swim in the pool at No.24. He agrees. Debbie joins them.
Lou and Cheryl are having a glass of champagne in peace. But the peace is shattered by the kids approaching the house. Cheryl runs off and hides in on of the bedrooms, closely followed by Lou. Rick goes off to his bedroom to change while everyone else heads into the kitchen.
No.24 (Rick's bedroom)
Rick is speechless to find Lou and Cheryl hiding in his room! They awkwardly explain that they're hiding their relationship from Brett and Danni. Cheryl asks Rick not to say anything and he agrees. They ask him to get everyone out to the pool so Cheryl can leave through the front door.
No.24 (Kitchen)
Rick tries to usher everyone out, but they are more interested in preparing food for themselves. Rick starts banging on about Cody and Michael. Lou comes out and orders everybody outside - including Rick.
Lassiter's Complex
Pam sees Michael. He tells her he's been to get Debbie's CD player fixed. She looks at him suspiciously leaving Michael looking very confused(!)
Annalise has cooked a stroganoff with Helen's help and Mark is impressed. (Although he doesn't know about Helen's involvement!) She also shows him that she's cleaned his overalls.
Rick has told Brett that he knows that Danni is diabetic. Brett wants Rick to tell Michael, but he doesn't want to. Brett thinks Rick likes Michael hanging out with Danni so he can have Cody to himself.
Mark is very much enjoying the stroganoff. He asks her about Claudia and Annalise admits that she might have helped to nudge her out. Mark takes this well and suggests that they have a house- warming party - and Annalise can do the cooking! She looks a bit worried.
Danni has found some men's trunks by the spa. Cheryl plays it cool at first and then is forced to admit that Lou was there. Danni isn't impressed, but Brett is OK about it.
BRETT: As far as I'm concerned, it's nobody's business but Mum's.
Danni stomps off, saying Cheryl has broken her promise.
Helen is visiting to see how the dinner went. Annalise says it went a bit too well - now Mark wants her to do a hot dinner party. Annalise begs Helen to help her with it.
Pam is telling Julie that she's worried that Michael is taking drugs(!) Julie is stunned. Pam admits she doesn't have any proof and to Julie's credit she says that they'd better talk directly to Michael about it.
Michael and Danni are talking about Cheryl and Lou. Michael says that Brett is right - it is nobody's business but Cheryl's. Danni goes to pull a tissue from her bag and pulls out some syringes with it. Michael picks them up.
Just then, Julie and Pam come in.
JULIE: Michael, I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but I...
She sees the syringes in Michael's hands and trails off.
JULIE: Oh, Michael. How could you?
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