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Neighbours Episode 2077 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2077
Australian airdate: 01/02/94
UK airdate: 31/10/94
UK Gold: 17/10/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Rob: Richie Akers
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick wants to know where he stands with Cody. She says she'll talk to Michael.
- Danni tells Brett she's telling Michael tall tales so that he'll like her. Brett is not impressed.
Michael and Danni are studying together. Danni tells him how hard it is to make friends. She tells that it must be even harder for people who have cancer or epilepsy. Michael doesn't think so - most kids would be cool about it once they know. He wants Danni to see a counsellor about her drug problem.
Rick and Debbie are examining their new school timetable, and Rick isn't pleased that they've got Mr Morgan for English. Debbie tells Rick to let Cody and Michael be together. She tells him about Danni and Michael studying together and Rick looks pleased!
Front garden of No.22
Lou and Cheryl arrange to get together tonight. Pam comes along and they jump apart.
Rick goes over to see Cody. Pam asks Cheryl if she and Lou are back together. She says there's nothing going on. Pam looks suspicious, though.
Michael and Danni are using Debbie's CD player. Unfortunately Michael drops it and breaks it. He'll have to get it fixed before Debbie finds out and freaks.
Rick and Cody are hanging out. Pam comes in and tells Doug off for eating a sandwich as he's supposed to be on a diet. He moans that he didn't want to go on a diet. When Rick and Cody have gone off to her room, Pam asks what's the matter with Doug. He says nothing and storms off.
No.28 (Cody's room)
Cody and Rick are discussing Michael. Rick says that Michael might get together with Danni.
Cheryl and Lou are hugging, but just then there's a knock at the door. They arrange to meet in half an hour "wearing something sexy" (yuk!)
Cheryl exits through the back door and Lou opens the door to Doug. He moans about the female members of the family giving him a hard time and asks if Lou will have a quiet beer with him and watch the cricket. Doug decides to go and invite his building mates round for a boys' night at his place. Lou can see it's important to Doug so he reluctantly decides to give up his night with Cheryl.
Michael pops round looking for odd jobs to earn cash fast. Pam asks him suspiciouly why he needs the money and he explains about the CD player.
Lou is explaining to Cheryl that he has to hang out with Doug tonight. She's got champagne on ice and says they'll just have to make the most of the next hour. They're just getting sexy when Danni comes in. Lou hides behind a curtain(!)
Danni sees the champagne and the candles so Cheryl quickly gives her some money and sends her off. But Danni decides to go for a shower before going out. When she's gone, Lou make a sharp exit!
Pam and Doug are discussing whether Michael is on drugs(!) Doug thinks it's all in Pam's imagination. Pam asks why Doug is suddenly so chirpy as he was so down earlier this afternoon. Just then, Lou and some builders arrive. Pam and Cody protest but Doug tells them to get lost(!)
Rick and Cody are watching a movie. Rick is still interrogating Cody about Michael. He then starts sewing some buttons on his shirt.
Debbie is looking for her CD player. Michael tells her that he's off to the movies with Danni. Debbie doesn't think it's a good idea as Cody might be jealous.
Cody moans that the movie is very slushy. Rick keeps looking at her romantically so she decides to leave.
Doug is just waving off his friends. Pam moans that Doug and his mates were very loud. Doug says that he's fed up of being treated like a lodger and having to fit in with anything Pam, Cody or Gaby are doing. None of them take him seriously. He brings up the letter and Cody and Pam look rather guilty.
DOUG: Why don't you tell the whole world your Dad's a loser? Seems to be the general opinion of me these days.
He goes off to Brad's room to sleep alone.
Michael and Danni are back from the movies. When Danni has gone off to change, Cheryl tells Michael that Danni is very happy since she's been hanging out with Michael. Michael says that they're not an item, but Cheryl says Danni thinks otherwise.
Front of No.22 (the following morning)
Danni drops her bag and some insulin falls out. Rick does the maths and realises that Danni is diabetic. She tells him to keep it secret. He tells her off for pretending to be a junkie.
Cody and Pam are making Doug a massive fry- up. Cody apologises for writing the letter and says she didn't mean to hurt him. Pam assures him that things are going to be different from now on. Doug does not look convinced, but eventually comes round and forgives them.
Rick pops round to call Cody for school. Pam tells Doug quietly that they should have an early night tonight (yuk!)
Ramsay Street
Lou tells Doug in confidence that he's seeing Cheryl again. Doug is pleased for him. Lou explains that they're trying to keep it from the kids, so Doug gives Lou his house keys and says the house will be empty all day(!)
DOUG: Go on, enjoy yourself!
LOU: mate, you are a lifesaver!
Michael tells Danni that he's walking to school with Cody and she can join them if she likes. Danni looks rather put- out.
No.28 (Cody's room)
Rick and Cody are talking about Todd. She thinks even if she hasn't gone to America he might have ended up with Phoebe anyway - who can tell? Rick says she should pick him now. They kiss, but just then Michael arrives and sees them. He looks shocked.
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