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Neighbours Episode 2076 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2076
Australian airdate: 31/01/94
UK airdate: 28/10/94
UK Gold: 16/10/00
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Danni tells Cody that she's on drugs.
- Doug is fed up of diet food.
- Pam is suspicious of all the drug talk.
- Gaby tells Phil that the receivers are selling Lassiter's and all of its assets.
Julie and Phil are shocked at this news - everything is going fine at the hotel. Gaby says that apparently it's something to do with one of Paul's dodgy deals. He's decided to liquidate the Lassiter's hotels to save the rest of the Robinson Cooperation.
Pam asks Cody why she's suddenly interested in Michael. She points out that Michael is a boy with "problems". Cody says he's past all that.
Doug comes in with a pair of Pam's tights to use as a drive belt for the clothes dryer.
Rick comes in and they head off to Cody's room. He wants to know where they stand. She promises that she'll tell Michael that they're just friends soon.
Danni and Michael are talking over a glass of orange juice. Michael tells her that he saw a lot of drug addicts when he was living on the streets. Danni tells him about her dad dying and how awful Cheryl has been since (ie hitting them). What?! Michael sympathises and offers to help Danni. Danni is pleased.
Just then, Brett comes back from his room looking fed up, so Michael heads off. Danni tells him excitedly that she thinks Michael likes her. Brett rolls his eyes.
Gaby tells Doug about Paul's shonky deal with Lassiter's. Doug is distracted still trying to fix the clothes dryer. Cody reads from a magazine about traits of middle- aged men and Doug is cross. The clothes dryer still isn't working.
No.24 (outside)
Pam sees Rick. She nosily asks if he's still going out with Cody. She asks him about Michael and says that he has a shady past. She asks him if Michael has picked up any "bad habits".
RICK: Mrs Willis, are you asking me if Michael does drugs?
PAM:(awkwardly) Yes.
RICK: Well, I've certainly seen no evidence of it...
PAM: Yes, but they say you can never really tell. Especially when the person concerned doesn't want you to know.
RICK: I think...you're barking up the wrong tree.
PAM: I hope so.
Pam apologises and says she's only worried because Cody has been spending a lot of time with Michael.
Lassiter's Complex
Michael sees Brett and says he wants to help Danni. He asks Brett about their mother bashing them and he is horrified.
MICHAEL: Look, it's cool, she told me all about it. But I need to know a little bit more. Like how often they happen, when they started.
BRETT: Sorry, can't help. I've got to go.
"Mum's never hit us and Danni's diabetic". Easy. But nooooo.
Rick comes over and Michael tells him that Danni is pretty messed up.
Danni has finally fixed the clothes dryer. He's feeling under- appreciated. Pam says that she's very worried about Cody and has got some leaflets about teenagers and drugs. She wants to give a leaflet to Julie so she can be prepared(!)
The Office
Helen is on the phone to Brazil, but nobody there speaks English. She has the impression that Paul doesn't want to be reached. Gaby has spoken to Jack Parker who's on his way to Rio. Apparently there's been a time- share collapse.
HELEN: So, what now?
PHIL: Well, it depends who buys it. A chain could pick it up. It could continue as a hotel.
GABY: Yeah, in which case, they might keep the staff.
PHIL: They might. Although they usually replace senior management with their own people.
The other alternative is that the hotel could be sold to a developer - then nobody will have a job.
Brett is confronting Danni about telling Michael that Cheryl hits them. She says Michael must have jumped to conclusions. He is not impressed and tells Danni that she's twisted. He says he won't cover for her anymore. She tells him to chill out - she'll tell Michael, but she'll have got her hooks into him by then. Brett says he's giving her until tomorrow night.
Gaby is wondering if she should find another job straightaway. Cody is looking at some of her dresses and asks Gaby to alter one for her. Doug is still feeling pushed out.
Helen and Julie are talking about the hotel buy- out while Hannah reads a magazine. Helen says that there are loads of jobs locally that are dependent on the hotel - there must be something they can do. Maybe Helen and Phil could put an offer to the bank, but she'd have to sell No.32.
Phil tells Doug about the hotel troubles. Doug thinks Phil will manage to get another job with his qualifications. Doug says he hates being a salesman and wishes he'd never sold his business.
Pam, Cody and Gaby are laughing over a letter that is apparently at Doug's expense.
Michael pops round to talk to Cody and Pam looks at him suspiciously.
Helen, Phil and Julie are talking about raising enough money to buy the hotel. Phil thinks it might be worth a go.
Doug asks Pam if she's talked to Julie about Michael yet. She hasn't because she doesn't know how to approach it. Doug says they just have to trust Cody.
Cody's bedroom
Michael tells Cody that he needs to spend time with Danni to try to help her. He asks Cody to help too. Cody doesn't really want to and wants to stay out of it. Michael agrees and kisses her hand.
Stefano has called to invite Gaby to a fashion show tonight. She dashes off to wash her hair leaving Doug to clear up. He comes across the letter Cody has written about him.
CODY:(V.O.) As an avid reader of your column, I'd like to share with you some of the antics of my dad who I affectionately called 'Daddy Dear'. If there's a wrong wya to do something, my Dad is sure to find it. Only today he spent ages trying to fix the dryer........I swear every word is true. Yours sincerely, incredulous daughter, Cody Willis.
Doug looks upset.
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