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Neighbours Episode 2075 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2075
Australian airdate: 28/01/94
UK airdate: 27/10/94
UK Gold: 13/10/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Troy Duncan: Damian Walshe-Howling
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Stefano: Dino Marnika
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick has gone (left without a word or apparently asking what Danni was up to with a syringe) and Danni looks upset. The show has inexplicably decided that Danni is ashamed of being diabetic.
Rick tells the gang (Debbie, Michael and Cody) that he has seen Danni "shooting up". They are shocked.
Brett is telling Danni off for not looking after herself. Danni says she doesn't want to be diabetic as everyone will think of her as a freak. Brett rolls his eyes and tells her to tell the truth.
Cody and Michael have accepted that Danni is a junkie(!) but Debbie isn't so sure.
Cody is moaning to Pam and Doug about how awful Danni is. She tells them about the cordial incident and how "attention- seeking" Danni is. Gaby comes in and in conversation tells him them that she's a bit fed up and needs a new challenge. Doug tells her she's lucky to have a steady job and she should stick with it.
Phil and Julie are heading out very early in order to avoid Colin(!)
Coffee Shop
A man comes over and introduces himself to Gaby as Stefano. Apparently he's a fashion designer who is holding an event at Lassiter's. He says maybe Gaby could be one of his models and in conversation, Gaby tells him that she loves design. He asks to see her designs and bemoans the fact that he doesn't think there'll be many people at his event tonight. Gaby offers to make a few phone- calls on his behalf. He is very grateful.
Pam comes in as Stefano is leaving and Gaby tells her that he's a fashion designer from Italy. Gaby tells her that she's really missing the fashion industry and wishes she hadn't turned her back on it.
Cody has come to see Danni. Danni is defiant and tells her she's fine. Brett urges Danni to tell the truth.
DANNI: I'm on drugs.
CODY: What sort of drugs?
DANNI: Needle drugs. They make me feel better. Want to try some?
CODY: No, thanks. I'm out of here. See you, Brett.
When she's gone, Brett rolls his eyes and tells Danni that now she'll have a reputation as a drug addict.
Phil and Julie are about to explor a maze. As they go in, Colin waves to them, so they enter the maze quickly to avoid him. They end up hopelessly lost, however.
Cody, Rick, Michael and Debbie are discussing Danni's drug addiction. They are all very anti- drugs. Debbie suggests that Danni could see a counsellor, and it's up to them to convince her.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is advising Stefano on how to get in to Australia fashion magazines. Helen comes in and tells Gaby that there was an urgent message on the fax machine for her. She shows it to Gaby who reads it and dashes off looking worried.
Phil and Julie are lost in the maze. Fortunately, they've brought a breakfast hamper so decide to sit down and eat it. Just then, Colin catches up with them.
No.28 (Cody's room)
Michael, Cody and Debbie discussing drug addicts (it's pretty much a Very Special Episode of Neighbours). Debbie still doesn't think Danni seems the type to be a drug addict. She urges Michael to go and talk to her. He reluctantly agrees.
Colin is telling Julie about losing his wife and becoming a recluse. She is sympathetic. Phil tells Julie that he's worried they'll be stuck in the maze with Colin all night. She says he's not that bad once you get to know him a bit.
Later, Phil grabs Julie's arm and pulls her away from Colin, saying he's found the exit. He drags her off. Colin is left wandering the maze on his own.
Gaby has come to see Phil. Debbie tells her that he's away. Gaby says it's very urgent, she needs to speak to Phil tonight. Debbie won't tell her where he is and Gaby stalks off. When Debbie comes back in, Michael wonders if they should call Phil.
Cody asks Pam how you can tell if someone is a heroin addict(!) Debbie pops round and tells Cody not to talk to Pam about it anymore. Pam looks confused.
Michael has come to see Danni. She brightly tells him that she's feeling much better. She tells him she really likes him and he looks nervous.
Helen won't tell Gaby where Phil is either. Gaby eventually wears her down and she calls Phil straightaway.
Doug has brought some red meat home for dinner in place of salad. Pam tells him that she's worried that Cody and Michael are getting in to drugs(!)
Phil and Julie have arrived home early. Gaby rushes over to tell him that there's a big problem at Lassiter's.
GABY: The receivers plan to sell the hotel and all of its assets. Looks like you and I could be out of a job.
<<2074 - 2076>>
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