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Neighbours Episode 2079 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2079
Australian airdate: 03/02/94
UK airdate: 02/11/94
UK Gold: 19/10/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Stefano: Dino Marnika
Susie: Vanessa Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Wayne and Lauren discuss their relationship. They both agree that they'd rather stay friends.
- Gaby tells Phil that the receivers are selling Lassiter's
- Annalise asks Helen to help her out with the cooking for a dinner party
- Julie finds Michael with syringes belonging to Danni.
Michael says that they aren't his needles. Julie doesn't believe him. Michael gets upset and walks off.
Danni tries to explain, but Julie says it'd be better if she went home.
Julie tells Pam that she'll have to talk to Phil about Michael.
Pam tells Cody that she has to stay away from Michael from now on.
They are interrupted by Gaby and Stefano returning from their night out. He asks Gaby to consider his offer seriously and then heads back to his hotel.
When Stefano has gone, Gaby tells them that Stefano wants her to be his personal assistant in Europe! Pam doesn't look too chuffed.
Lauren tells Annalise that she does like Wayne, but he's still on the rebound from Beth.
Mark comes in and invites Lauren to their dinner party. He suggests tomorrow night. Lauren gratefully accepts, although she's a bit surprised that Annalise will be the chef.
Michael is ranting to Debbie about Julie. Debbie says that it's a natural conclusion to jump to (having found Michael with syringes) and that Michael should just tell her they're Danni's. He doesn't want to, but Debbie points out that it's the only way Danni will be able to get help.
Just then, Phil storms in (Julie must have rung him)
PHIL: Michael! We have to talk!
DEBBIE: Dad, hang on...
PHIL: You keep out of this, Debbie, I want to hear your side of it.
He points at Michael.
MICHAEL: That'd make a nice change(!)
DEBBIE:(to Michael) You tell him, or I will.
PHIL: What?!
MICHAEL:(sighs) It's Danni.
PHIL: What?
JULIE: Danni? Oh...really?
DEBBIE: It's true. All the kids know about her. Michael was just trying to help her. They're her syringes, not his.
Phil looks rather relieved.
Phil and Michael have come to have a conversation with Cheryl about "Danni and drugs". Michael apologises to Danni for ratting her out, but says it's for her own good.
PHIL: Rick Alessi caught Danni shooting up. All the kids at school know about it, apparently. I'm really sorry, but I thought you should know about it.
Cheryl is stunned. Presently, she turns her head to look at Danni.
CHERYL: Danni, on drugs...? Well, yes, she is on drugs. And I know all about it.
PHIL:(shocked) You know?
CHERYL: Yes, it's insulin.
PHIL:(looking at Michael) Insulin?!
CHERYL: Danni's a diabetic, didn't she tell you, Michael?
MICHAEL: No, she didn't. You've made me look a real fool, why didn't you tell me?
DANNI:(guiltily) I...
She runs from the room. Phil apologises to Cheryl but she says Danni should be the one to apologise.
Lassiter's, the following morning
Gaby is having a coffee when Mark and Annalise come along - they've been to buy veggies for Annalise's dinner party. Gaby is surprised to hear that Annalise can cook. They invite her to their dinner party and she asks if she can bring Stefano, too.
When Mark has gone, Annalise tells Gaby that the menu is a surprise. Gaby suggests stuffed quail or coq au vin. Annalise looks a bit worried!
Pam is awkwardly apologising to Michael for accusing him of being a drug addict. Brett comes round to apologise to Michael too. He lets slip that Rick knew too and Cody looks rather cross.
Danni tells Cheryl that she can't face going to school today. Cheryl wants to know why Danni has been lying to them. Danni says she's fed up of being diabetic and nobody cares about her. Cheryl tells her that she'll have to come to terms with things. Danni starts banging on about Lou again and storms off.
Annalise sees Mark. She shows him the menu for the dinner party tonight - stuffed quail, coq au vin and crepe suzette flambé. He says it all sounds fine and hopes she can handle it. She assures him that she can.
The Office
Gaby tells Phil that she's had a few job offers from other hotels already, including Parkside Pacific. Mark pops in to re- sign his contract with Lassiter's. Phil and Gaby exchange looks.
Danni has arrived at school. She asks Michael for a quiet word. She apologises for misleading him.
MICHAEL: You made me look like a compolete idiot, now you're saying you're sorry!
DANNI: I only did it because I didn't want you to know I was a diabetic. I thought it was a good way to get to know you better.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well, you've made a big mistake there.
He walks off.
Coffee Shop (Outside)
Wayne puts in his order with Lauren. Annalise comes along and teases Wayne about Lauren. She invites him to her dinner party tonight. He accepts, as long as Annalise doesn't try to play Cupid. Annalise says she's rung Helen, but there was no answer. Wayne says Helen is out and doesn't know when she'll be back. Annalise looks worried.
Pub (Outside)
Phil and Gaby are having lunch. She tells him that Parkside Pacific are going to make a bid for Lassiter's. He says he hopes to put a stop to it - he's meeting with the bank soon. He looks over at Cheryl and wonders why she is talking to Susie.
Phil goes over and tells Cheryl off for poaching his staff. Cheryl points out that she's heard Lassiter's will be closing soon anyway. Phil says there's plenty of life left in Lassiter's yet.
Annalise is panicking in the kitchen when Mark comes home. He offers to help her out.
The guests have started to arrive (Wayne). Mark goes into the kitchen and stirs the food.
Lauren arrives and sits down with Wayne. Annalise hands them a cocktail.
Gaby is about to leave for the dinner party. She talks to Pam about the offer from Parkside Pacific. Pam thinks she should take it. She also thinks stefano's offer is a silly whim that will come to nothing.
There's a knock at the door and it's Rick, come to see Cody.
Gaby tells Pam that she's had an ultimatum from Stefano - he wants a decision by tomorrow if she's going to go to Europe.
No.28 (Cody's bedroom)
Cody tells Rick off for not telling them about Danni's diabetes. He admits that he was jealous of Michael. Cody is unforgiving and says Rick has broken her trust.
The dinner party is going very well, with lots of compliments of Annalise's stuffed quail starter.
Mark serves up the second course and Lauren is already a little drunk.
Cody is ranting to Michael about Rick. Then she tells him that it's over with Rick and she wants to be with Michael. They kiss.
Mark brings in the flambée dessert. Lauren is very drunk now and decides to head home. Wayne says he'll see her across the road.
No.24 (Outside)
Wayne is helping a very drunk Lauren up the steps. They get to the door and Lauren kisses him.
LAUREN: So, are you coming in for coffee?
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