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Neighbours Episode 2066 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2066
Australian airdate: 13/12/93
UK airdate: 14/10/94
UK Gold: 02/10/00
Writer: Mark Stratford
Director: Peter Barrett
Guests: Santa Claus: Richard Hutson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Danni tells Rick that he owes her money.
- Beth and Brad talk about eloping.
- Lou agrees to lend Rick $500 to pay off his investors.
Beth is on the phone trying to organise a flat in Perth before the New Year. She is a bit apprehensive about going to Perth, but she really wants to be Beth Willis. She says she wanted to get married in a church, but for a quiet wedding, it'll have to be a Registry Office.
Lauren is setting up the Christmas tree and she and Lou decide to open their presents from Rick early. Lauren's present is a bracelet and Lou's is a toy car. There's also an airbed and a pair of garish shorts for Lou(!)
Brad comes around to ask Lou if he'd like to buy his car for $1,000(!) Lou says he'll give him $500. Brad says he'll take it!
Beth is on the phone to a Registry Office and makes a booking for 11.30am tomorrow morning. Mark comes out and Beth hastily hangs up.
Pam is sorting out some things for the wedding - she's not sure that Beth would want to re- use some things from their last wedding. Beth comes in and says she's happy to use the garter for her something blue. Pam and Gaby fuss over the preparations and Pam says she'll pay for everything!
PAM: It'll be the one and only opportunity to spoil my new daughter- in- law before you go running off to Perth!
Coffee Shop
Debbie opening her present from Rick. Lou introduces Danni to her. She is very disparaging to Debbie because she used to go out with Rick. Debbie is not impressed and says that Danni is the only one who's cost Rick money by throwing his bag away. A row then develops concerning Debbie and Darren's history and Lou looks rather worried(!) Danni ends up storming off. (The first of many!)
Beth and Brad are fed up of all the fuss over their wedding.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is trying on her earrings from Rick. Danni is at the counter making snide remarks at Debbie. Lou says they both need to make money, so they should get together and do something.
DEBBIE: You could always ask Darren for a few tips on robbing banks(!)
Danni storms off again.
LOU: Ho, ho, ho. So much for Christmas spirit!
Debbie comes in, in a temper about Danni's remarks. Debbie tells Helen that she's going to get a job - busking(!) Helen says she has an idea.
Danni is moaning to Brett about Debbie. He tells her that Debbie is a nice girl and Danni should lay off. Brett gives Danni some money he got from Cheryl.
Pam has organised Reverend Richards, the organist, a video and a load of flowers. The reception is also sorted. Brad can't get a word in. He tells them if they don't stop, there won't be a wedding - they want to do things their way.
BRAD: Mum, all me and Beth want to do is get married - nice and quietly. Just family. No frills, no fuss. If we can't have it the way we want, why put ourselves through all the hassle?
Pam and Gaby start worrying that Brad will call off the wedding again(!) but he says they do want to get married - just in their own way. Brad says there isn't going to be a reception.
Helen gives Debbie $50 for washing her car, saying she can wash it again a few times over the next month.
Pam is fed up about Brad wanting a small wedding. She tells Gaby that she's sure Brad and Beth want a big wedding really(!)
Coffee Shop
Debbie comes in and he apologises for Danni's behaviour towards her. Debbie says that Brett is really cool while Danni is such a cow(!) They chat about Christmas and Debbie offers to show him around the mall. Just then, Danni comes in and Brett says they can all go to the mall together. Debbie doesn't want to and walks off. Brett isn't keen either, telling Danni if he wants to be friends with Debbie, he will!
Pam has come to talk to Helen about the wedding cake. She says she's going to give Brad and Beth a wedding reception as a present - specifically at Helen's place(!) Helen doesn't have much choice but to agree!
Lauren is wrapping presents and runs out of paper. She decides to go out and buy more. Lauren looks through the cards and finds one for Cheryl. She isn't pleased, but Lou says his relationship with Cheryl is his own affair.
Debbie is shopping when Danni comes along. Danni is disparaging to Debbie again. Debbie rolls her eyes and tells Danni to stop being so catty. Just then, Santa comes along and says he has some toys to buy(!) He tells them to be nice to each other!
Beth is packing a few things when Mark comes in. She tells him she's packing to go to Perth. Beth absently tells Mark that the wedding is at 11.30am tomorrow and he is surprised - he thought it was in the afternoon. Beth remembers and says that it is. Mark says that Annalise wants to come around in the morning and do Beth's hair. She isn't keen and seems very stressed out.
Brad is looking at some photos of the family accompanied by some very shaky camera work. Gaby comes in with a bagful of stuff and tells Brad it's for Christmas. Brad is feeling sad about leaving for Perth - but he wants to be with Beth. Gaby says that Beth is a lucky lady. They hug.
Danni is sniping at Debbie again. They see Santa again and he's not looking too good. He tells them that his sack of presents have been stolen.
SANTA: The children won't get anything for Christmas! What am I going to do?!
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