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Neighbours Episode 2065 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2065
Australian airdate: 10/12/93
UK airdate: 13/10/94
UK Gold: 29/09/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Bunny Lawson: Brenda Addie
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Gaby arrives at the barbecue just in time to witness Cody slapping him for trying to crack on to her.
- Michael tells Phil and Julie that he likes his room, but reckons he'll be moving on in a few days.
- Beth's mum arrives to tell her she's not marrying Brad.
Beth's mum points out that Brad has already cheated on her once. Brad tells her that it only made him realise how much he loves Beth.
Just then, Doug manhandles Jack in through the back door(!) and there is a lot of shouting. Gaby and Cody follow them in. Jack says it was all just a misunderstanding. Doug tells Jack he's not welcome in their house again and throws him out. Gaby tells Doug off and says that Cody was over- reacting(!)
BETH'S MUM: The whole family's debauched!
Phil tells Michael that he thought he wanted to be part of the family again. Michael says that he does, but only if that's what everyone else wants too. Phil says that Hannah will come round, and Julie is making a real effort. Michael reckons that Julie is only making an effort for Phil's sake, but Phil explains that Julie is the one that's organised his room redecoration. Michael allows that this is true.
Beth's mum is still up in arms over Beth and Brad's marriage.
BRAD: Mrs Lawson, you have my word, I will never do anything to hurt Beth.
BETH: And I believe him.
BETH'S MUM: How can you be so naive? He doesn't know how to be committed to one woman!
BETH: He's moving to Perth with me, that means he's committed, wouldn't you say?!
Pam and Doug look rather surprised!
BRAD: Sorry, we were going to tell you. Beth's been offered an apprenticeship there.
BETH: Brad wouldn't move that far away from his family and friends if he wasn't committed to us.
BETH'S MUM: If he was any sort of man at all, you wouldn't have to go chasing halfway across the country to *get* work, he'd be able to provide for you.
BETH: That's not the way it is at all, Mum! He's doing this because he knows how important my apprenticeship is to me.
BRAD:(offended) I do plan to get a job, too, you know.
BETH'S MUM:(cuttingly) What kind of a job is a beach bum going to find?
Pam finally snaps, but Brad tells her it's OK.
BRAD: I don't know what else I can say to you.
BETH: I never want to be with anyone else but Brad. I'm going to marry him, Mum.
BETH'S MUM: Fine. You go right ahead. but I'm telling you this. If you marry him, you'll never see *me* again.
She walks out and Beth follows her.
No.28 (back garden)
Gaby comes out to talk to Cody. She's calmed down a bit now. Gaby apologies for accusing Cody of over- reacting - she was trying to kid herself that Jack was committed to her. Maybe she got caught up in the adventure of learning to fly. Cody thinks Gaby can do a lot better than Jack. Gaby apologises again and says that she and Jack are finished.
Debbie wants Michael to stay. But he thinks Julie has arranged his room with so many facilities that he never has to come out of it again(!) Debbie assures him that she's talked to Julie and she is being sincere. Michael isn't convinced.
No.28 (front garden)
Brad tells Mark that the barbecue has been cancelled due to arguments(!) He tells Mark about Beth's mum thinking he's a no- hoper. Mark says that's up to Beth to decide!
No.28 (evening)
The Willises are having dinner when Beth calls round. She hasn't made any headway with her mum, and tells Brad she's choosing him. He comforts her.
Debbie, Phil and Helen are discussing Michael. Helen says that Michael and Julie go back a long way and obviously has his guard up. She advises them not to give Michael special treatment, but to treat him like a normal member of the familiy. Helen suggests that Debbie could introduce him to some of her friends.
HELEN: A boy has to have his 'mates'!
DEBBIE: And I think I know just the mate!
She heads off.
No.32, the following morning
Debbie has brought Cody around to meet Michael. Cody feels rather awkward and Michael doesn't seem keen to meet her either(!) Debbie says she'll make them all breakfast.
Coffee Shop
Gaby tells Jack that he's dumped. He insists that he's innocent, but Gaby prefers to believe Cody and Cheryl's version of events. He says he really did care for Gaby, but she just tells him this is goodbye.
Debbie tells Cody that she doesn't want Michael to leave, so she wants him to make some friends.
CODY: So if I don't make friends with him, it's my fault when he gets put in prison or something.
DEBBIE: Well...yeah!
CODY: Thanks(!)
Cody agrees to help, but only if Michael meets her halfway.
Michael comes in and Debbie decides to go out and get some more orange juice to leave Michael and Cody alone(!)
Coffee Shop
Gaby is upset about Jack. Phil comes in and tells her she's meant to be having breakfast at the Brasserie with a client. He was so mad she didn't show up that he's taken all his business to Parkside Pacific! Gaby points out that she's worked hard for the company, but Phil says she's been putting everything else before her job.
PHIL: It's affecting your performance at work. It's time you lifted your game.
Debbie comes back and finds Cody and Michael in the throes of an argument. She is horrified, but then they both start laughing and say it was only a joke.
Coffee Shop
Beth's mum has asked Pam to meet her before she leaves.
BETH'S MUM: You must think I'm terrible saying all those things about Brad. But you can see my point?
PAM: No, I can't. No, Brad's a good person, despite what happened with Lauren. And I know that he'll make a very good husband for Beth.
BETH'S MUM: Well, you're his mother, you can't see it objectively.
PAM: I think it's best that we don't get into that again. I'd like to talk about Beth, not Brad.
BETH'S MUM: She told you her decision?
PAM: Mmm. And I must say, I was shocked.
BETH'S MUM: How do you think I felt? She chose Brad over her own mother.
PAM: No, I mean shocked that you gave her the ultimatum in the first place. How could you do that to her?
BETH'S MUM: It was the only thing I could think of to stop her making a terrible mistake. I don't want to see her hurt.
PAM: She's going to marry Brad whatever you say. Can't you just accept that?
BETH'S MUM: No, I can't.
PAM: Then you'll lose her. Do you really want to throw away your relationship with your daughter?
BETH'S MUM: No, I don't want to.
PAM: Then make up with her! Beth was so upset at the thought of never seeing you again.
BETH'S MUM: Then she knows what she has to do about it. I can't back down, not now.
PAM: Oh, come on, don't let pride stand in the way of something so important! You'll regret it for the rest of your life!
BETH'S MUM: And Beth will regret marrying Brad. I can't stand by and watch that happen.
Gaby is telling the family about her conversation with Phil. She's actually not sure that she wants to keep working at Lassiter's - she's bored there these days and thinks it might be time to move on.
Pam tells Brad and Beth that she's going to miss them very much when they move to Perth. She tells Beth that she spoke to her mum this morning, but wasn't able to change her mind about the marriage.
Phil, Helen, Debbie and Michael are having breakfast and laughing about the mock- argument with Cody.
MICHAEL: Don't get any ideas about me staying, Dad.
PHIL: I thought you were feeling more settled?
DEBBIE: Yeah, you like Cody, don't you?
MICHAEL: Did you expect me to stay here just because of her?!
DEBBIE: No, but...
MICHAEL: Well, I'm sorry to stuff up your little plan!
HELEN: Michael, I wish you'd reconsider, we all want you here so much.
MICHAEL: I don't belong here.
HELEN: Well, where exactly do you belong, if not with your family? Michael, everyone has bent over backwards to make you feel welcome. And all you've done is complain and look for excuses to leave.
MICHAEL: Because I know it won't work, me living here.
HELEN: How can you possibly know that when you haven't tried it?!
Michael has no answer for this. Phil is looking at Helen in admiration.
HELEN: Yes, exactly. Now, instead of being so negative, why don't you give it a go? What do you have to lose?
MICHAEL: Nothing, I suppose?
PHIL: So you'll stay?
MICHAEL: I could give it till Christmas.
Debbie and Phil laugh with relief.
DEBBIE: Everything will be fine, you'll see!
MICHAEL: But if I still feel the same way then, I'm out of here! And I don't want to be hassled about it, right?
A Park
Brad and Beth are out for a walk. He tells her that she's a Willis now. Beth is upset that her mother won't even come to her wedding. Brad offers to postpone the wedding, but Beth doesn't want to.
BETH: I wish we could talk Pam out of turning into such a major event! I don't feel like doing this in front of a cast of thousands what she wants - it's too much like last time.
BRAD: Yeah, I know what you mean. Just lay it on the line.
BETH: I feel so mean, but it's like this wedding's more for everyone else than for us.
BRAD: Yeah.
BETH: Tell you what though, eloping is starting to sound very appealing!
BRAD: Then let's do it!
BETH:(laughs) Oh, we can't!
BRAD: Why not? Just you and me, none of these hassles. Come on Beth, it's our wedding. Let's do it the way *we* want.
They kiss.
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