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Neighbours Episode 2064 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2064
Australian airdate: 09/12/93
UK airdate: 12/10/94
UK Gold: 28/09/00
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Bunny Lawson: Brenda Addie
Jeannie: Kristie Raymond
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick apologises to Cody for upsetting her and assures her he wasn't part of the competition for her affections.
- Beth tries to get hold of her mum on the phone, but can't reach her.
- Danni tells Rick that it looks like his bag has taken to the tip!
Pam urges Beth to keep trying to get hold of her mum. She reluctantly picks up the phone, and this time she answers.
BETH'S MUM: So, what's happening?
BETH: Brad and I are getting married.
BETH: Don't say anything, just listen, OK? We've done a lot of thinking and we feel it's the right thing for both of us.
BETH'S MUM: What about Wayne?
BETH: Wayne understands.
BETH'S MUM: That's nice, I'm damned if I do!
BETH: Mum, I've made up my mind.
BETH'S MUM: You're throwing away your life, you realise that?
BETH: I don't want to argue. Bye Mum.
She puts the phone down.
BRAD: That went really well(!)
Coffee Shop
Doug comes in.. He goes over to Jack Flint and rolls his eyes at the woman he is talking too. Jack says the woman is a childhood friend.
Rick comes in from the tip(!) and explains to Debbie that he's been looking for his bag there. He went to the tip and didn't even find it - and there's $500 in there! Cody comes in and invites them to a barbecue tomorrow, but Debbie says she may be a bit tied up with Michael returning. Cody asks what the foul smell is emanating from Rick(!)
Helen and Julie are baking cakes for Michael's homecoming. Hannah doesn't look happy and goes off to her room.
Pam is doing a crossword while Cody complains how boring everyone is. Doug tells Gaby that she might be moving too fast with Jack, but she doesn't think so. Beth is still worried about her mum's opinion of her and Brad's marriage.
Hannah tells Helen that everyone is giving Michael special treatment. She doesn't want him to come home, but Helen explains that Michael deserves a new start. Hannah doesn't believe that Michael has changed, but Helen reminds her about him helping Debbie that time. She reluctantly agrees and goes off home with Phil.
No.28, the following morning
Gaby rings in sick to work. She explains to Pam that Jack has asked her to spend the day with him, and anyway, it's Saturday.
Lou and Rick are discussing the money. Rick wants Lou to talk to Cheryl, and also for Lou to lend him $500 to go to Hong Kong!
Phil pops round and mentions to Pam and Doug that Gaby has seemed very distracted lately. Pam says she just needs to rest up. She's not happy about lying for Gaby though. Doug and Pam both think Jack is bad news, but they know Gaby won't listen to reason - she's in love.
Rick asks Lou if he's given the loan any more thought. He tells Rick to stop nagging him. He tells Rick to get him the paying in slip and wants all his investors paid off by Christmas!
Doug tells Beth that he's sure her mum will turn up for the wedding. Pam is still banging on about having a wedding reception.
Beth tells Brad that she's fed up of Pam making a fuss about the wedding.
Phil and Michael arrive to a welcoming party of Julie, Debbie, Helen and Hannah. Hannah is looking a bit sulky though. They take him off to show him his room. He's very impressed with the room and Phil tells him that it was all Julie's work. Julie says quietly that she wanted to make up for things.
Cody's welcome home party is in full swing. Wendy arrives and Lou goes over to greet her. Cheryl rolls her eyes.
Elsewhere, Cody sympathises with Lou about Danni throwing his bag in the dumpster.
The Martins and Helen are sitting down to dinner. Hannah asks if people in the detention centre spend all day beating each other up(!) Julie tells Hannah to take Michael out the back to see Holly, and she very reluctantly agrees.
While they're outside, Phil tells Julie just to let the kids bond on their own.
Ramsay Street
Jack and Gaby arrives back from their day out and Gaby drags him in to Cody's party. Before they go inside, Phil sees Gaby and asks why she wasn't at work. She tells him she took a sickie, but it *is* Saturday after all!
Jack and Gaby are canoodling in the living room, to Pam's discomfort. She and Gaby take some food outside, leaving Cheryl with Jack. He apologises for the other night and asks her to take a flight with him somewhere together, to give them a chance to talk.
CHERYL: Do you want it on the line, Jack? I'm not interested in your air charter business. And I think you're a two- timing louse. Gaby's in love with you. Or hadn't you noticed?
In the garden, Cheryl, Pam and Doug talk about Jack a bit (they don't like him). Jack comes out and Gaby drags him off to meet Cody.
Lou is sitting with Wendy who is looking rather awkward. Lou asks her how her decoupage is(!) but he is more interested in watching Cheryl, who is telling Brad and Beth a high- spirited story.
Michael is petting Holly, and Hannah is still scowling at him. He accidentally steps on Holly's foot and she yelps.
MICHAEL: I didn't mean to hurt her, I just...
HANNAH: Why don't you leave her alone?! You always hurt people! Why d'you come back?!
Rick and Cody are talking about Rick going to Hong Kong. He wishes Cody was going with him(!)
Doug asks Lou how things are going with Wendy. He says they don't really click. Doug asks where that leaves him with Cheryl, but Lou isn't sure.
A rather strained dinner is in progress. Phil says he could get Michael and job at Lassiter's, and they've already talked to the principal about getting him back into Erinsborough High. Michael tells them that he needs some space - he'll be moving on in a couple of days. Phil looks shocked.
No.28 (garden)
Cody wishes Rick a Happy Christmas and he leaves. When he's gone, Jack comes over to talk to her. In the foreground, everyone is saying goodbye to Rick, and in the background Cody suddenly slaps Jack!
CODY: Back off, alright! Just back off!
GABY: What's going on?
CODY: Your boyfriend's a sleaze.
She storms off.
JACK: I think there's been a misunderstanding.
No.28 (house)
Beth's mother has arrived!
BETH'S MUM: You're not going through with this!
BETH: Mum...
BETH'S MUM: I'm going to put a stop to this nonsense. There isn't going to be a wedding!
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