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Neighbours Episode 2063 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2063
Australian airdate: 08/12/93
UK airdate: 11/10/94
UK Gold: 27/09/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Luke Foster: Murray Bartlett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick asks Brett to invest. He agrees to put in $100.
- Luke offers to help Annalise sort through Fiona's stuff.
- Rick scares Danni in the spa.
- Brad and Beth talk about eloping.
- Wayne and Mark think Luke is a crook.
Beth and Brad are talking about booking the church for their wedding. Pam tells them they can't get married in their lunch- hour(!) it has to be organised. Beth and Brad don't want to make a big thing of getting married, but Pam says they should have a reception. Gaby says Beth will hurt the dress's feelings if she doesn't wear it(!), but Beth doesn't want to. She still hasn't told her mother about the wedding.
Gaby heads off on a date with Jack, and Pam heads off to work.
Annalise is upset after going through Fiona's stuff and Mark is comforting her, but he still thinks Luke is dodgy.
Rick is obliviously listening to music on his headphones when Lou comes home. He plugs in a microphone and shouts into it(!) Rick says he was avoiding the racket from next- door. He wants Lou to talk to Cheryl, but Lou just tells him to go to the library.
Brett and Cheryl are unpacking shopping when Danni comes in.
DANNI: I bet when you bought this house I bet they didn't tell you there was a sex maniac next door!
BRETT: Of course they did. Why do you think she bought it?!
DANNI: No, I don't mean Lou Carpenter!
Danni rants a bit about Rick and says he's a perve. Cheryl says Rick was probably just messing around, but she'll go and have a chat to him.
Brad and Beth wonder how they'll afford a flat with Beth not working. Beth tells him that she had a job offer in Perth, but she stayed in Erinsborough for Brad.
Gaby is just going out, but Wayne comes round to ask her to meet someone at No.26.
Beth rings her mum again, but there's still noone home.
Annalise is heading to work just as Wayne and Gaby come in. Wayne introduces Gaby as a fellow fashion designer. She asks him some questions about his label, but he decides to make a sharp exit. Wayne and Mark look knowing!
Cheryl comes round to ask Rick not to scare Danni. Rick is offended and says he was just trying to get Danni to turn her music down. Cheryl doesn't really believe him.
Mark comes to have a chat to Luke, saying Gaby had been looking forward to talking to him.
MARK: Why don't we cut the bull, pal? I don't reckon you're any more a fashion designer than I am. And I don't think you're interested in Annalise. My guess is, it's the money.
LUKE: Then you guessed wrong. Who do you think you are, anyway?
MARK: I'm the guy that's watching every move you make. And I'm going to make sure you don't get your hands on one cent.
LUKE: My only interest in Annalise is to get to know my sister. If anyone here's hoping to get money from her, it's not me, pal.
He walks off.
Coffee Shop
Beth serves Mark a coffee and tells him she and Brad are struggling to keep their wedding small. She's still worried she's not paying her way in their relationship. She wishes she could take the job in Perth - it's her last chance to finish her apprenticeship. Mark advises her to talk to Brad about it.
Pam comes round to get the key for garage to get some stuff out for Cody's welcome- home party. She nosily asks him how things are going with Wendy. He says she's a bit pushy suddenly, like Cheryl(!) Pam tells Lou that Wendy has been "getting a lot of coaching"!
Coffee Shop
Danni and Brett come in. Rick comes over and tells Danni she's warped for blackening his name to Cheryl. They snipe at each other.
Brad is just off to town to apply for a marriage licence. Beth comes to tell him that she wants to take up the job in Perth - and she wants Brad to come with her. He is surprised, but says he'll think about it.
Coffee Shop
Danni is ranting to Brett about Rick, insisting he was perving on her. Brett tells her about the $100 investment. Danni thinks it's a con, but Brett says he has a good feeling about it.
Outside the Pub
Annalise is clearing tables when Mark comes along. Luke has told her what Mark accused him of, and she isn't happy. Mark says he's just looking out for Annalise.
Coffee Shop
Danni follows Rick into the shop and demands Brett's $100 back (she lent it to Brett). He tells her to take it up with Brett.
Cheryl tells Brett that he needs contacts - she'll take him down the optometrist.
Lou comes round to rant about about her interference with Wendy's personality(!) Cheryl laughs and says she'll keep out of it from now on, then shows a confused Lou out.
Pam tells Brad that no- one in Melbourne can take Beth as an apprentice - Doug tried very hard.
Gaby is trying contact Jack by telephone unsuccessfully. Beth still hasn't contacted her mother either. Gaby tells Beth that she's altered her wedding dress and hurries off to get it.
In the kitchen, Wayne and Mark are talking about Luke being a crook. In the living room, Annalise is telling Luke that everything is OK with Mark now(!) They talk about Fiona, and Luke tells her that Fiona would love the good points in a man, and not notice the bad. He think Annalise might be doing the same(!)
Coffee Shop
Danni is sitting at a table staring at Rick. He walks past and sticks his tongue out at her(!) While he's serving some customers, she goes into the kitchen and steals Rick's bag. He chases after her. Unseen by Rick, Danni throws his bag in a dumpster, just as the bin man approaches!
Brad tells Beth that he quite likes the idea of going to Perth - he wants to make Beth happy and there's good surf there too!
Rick has caught up with Danni and demands his bag back. However, by the time they get back to the dumpster, it has been emptied. (Who is minding the Coffee Shop all this time?!)
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