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Neighbours Episode 2062 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2062
Australian airdate: 07/12/93
UK airdate: 10/10/94
UK Gold: 26/09/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Luke Foster: Murray Bartlett
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Ranger: Colin Lane
Father: Richard Cordner
Young Boy: Nicolas Anderson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick needs two thousand dollars.
- Mark is alarmed that Annalise has offered to lend her "brother" money.
- Hannah sends Holly to find Julie and get help.
- Rick says he'll make his money back "easy".
- Phil is hurt in the bush.
- Mark is suspicious of Annalise's brother.
A tent in the bush
Phil wakes up with pain in his leg, much to Hannah's alarm.
Campsite shop
Holly walks along slowly with a note in her collar. A little boy sees her but then his father takes him off. Holly barks forlornly.
A tent in the bush
Hannah helps Phil to take some painkillers. Phil says Julie is bound to come looking for them eventually.
Coffee Shop
Rick is setting up the Coffee Shop for the day when Mark comes in. Rick tries to talk him into investing in a deal. Mark agrees to invest $50, no more.
Annalise and Wayne are making breakfast when Luke gets up. Wayne asks Luke if he's working, but he is non- committal. Lauren comes in and suggests that Luke meets Gaby, as she's into fashion too. Wayne looks at him with suspicion.
Julie is wondering where Holly is, wondering if she's been picked up by a dog catcher! Debbie says Julie is just a big softie really(!)
Debbie tells Rick that Cheryl and co have moved into No.22. Rick thinks Danni and Brett sound like losers because they were kicked out of boarding school. Debbie is worried they might blame her for Darren going to jail.
Annalise and Luke are talking about her mother, Luke saying that Annalise needs to make peace with her mum's memory.
Campsite shop
The little boy comes back and sees the note on Holly's collar. His Dad looks at Holly's tag and sees a phone number.
The boy's father rings Julie who is shocked to hear what's happened. She writes down the address of where Holly is and then dashes off.
Coffee Shop
Debbie bumps into Brett and his glasses fall off and break. He isn't too bothered though(!) Debbie realises who he is and tells him that they're neighbours. Brett says Debbie must really hate the Starks after what happened with Darren, but Debbie thinks Brett seems OK.
Julie dashes in and tells him frantically that Phil and Hannah are in trouble. But her car is at the yard, so Wayne offers to drive her.
A tent in the bush
Hannah is rationing the food(!) Phil takes another painkiller.
Campsite Shop
Julie and Wayne arrive and see the Park Ranger with Holly. They all head off to look for Phil and Hannah.
Mark asks Luke why he's not limping anymore(!) Annalise gets off the phone and tells them that Fiona had already sold the hair salon on Anson's Corner. She hopes there's some money left though.
Coffee Shop
Debbie introduces Brett to Rick after school. He wonders if Brett would like to invest in the scheme for doubling his mother's money(!) He offers to put in $100.
The Bush
Julie, Wayne and the Ranger (Terry) are looking for Phil and Hannah.
Mark tells Annalise that he'll be at the restaurant all afternoon. He's still not sure about Luke, saying that a lot of things about him don't add up. She isn't concerned, though.
The Bush
Holly is barking so they stop the car. Hannah runs up and tells them that Phil has fallen off a cliff! Julie is very relieved to see Phil and Hannah alive but concerned that Phil's foot is broken.
Rick's bedroom
Rick and Debbie are chatting about Rick's investment - apparently he's got all the money now! He hears loud music from next door and says that Danni must be a nutter. Debbie just tells him to close his window but he says it's his "right" to have his window open.
Annalise asks Luke to help her sort through Fiona's stuff. Luke readily agrees.
Rick's bedroom
Rick is studying, but gets fed up of the music coming from next door. He storms out.
No.22 (back)
Danni is in spa when Rick comes round. He scares her and she screams and calls him a perve!
Phil has been to the hospital - he has broken a little bone in his foot and is on crutches. Julie fusses over him and says they were the worst- equipped campers ever!
Wayne tells Mark that Annalise has gone off with Luke to sort out Fiona's stuff. They both agree that they don't trust Luke, and don't think he's really a fashion designer. They think he's trying to con Annalise out of money. Annalise seems 100% convinced! They decide to do some digging.
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