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Neighbours Episode 2067 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2067
Australian airdate: 14/12/93
UK airdate: 17/10/94
UK Gold: 03/10/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Peter Barrett
Guests: Luke Foster: Murray Bartlett
Santa Claus: Ricard Hutson
Bunny Lawson: Brenda Addie
Public Servant: Colleen Ricci
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise tells Mark that she's like him and Lou to get along.
- Brad tells Pam that he and Beth want a simple wedding.
- Father Christmas tells Danni and Debbie that he has no presents for Christmas.
- Pam plans a big party for Brad and Beth's wedding at No.26.
Danni and Debbie chat to Santa and he explains that he gives presents to children in his own neighbourhood - he saves up his money throughout the year. Now the kids will be heartbroken.
Wayne shows Mark an envelope he has found with Luke's old address on it - maybe whoever lives there now would know something about him. Mark is doubtful, but agrees to give them a ring. Unfortunately it's an answerphone...for a Lorraine Foster. Perhaps she is a relative.
Doug and Wayne are setting up for the wedding reception. Annalise is on the phone to her mother's solicitor - apparently the estate will be settled early in the new year. She explains to Luke that she's going to give most of the money back to the Robinsons, and he is not pleased. He says that the Robinsons don't need the money and she should keep it!
Brad and Beth are feeling a bit strange that it's their last night in Ramsay Street. They wonder if they're doing the right thing in eloping, but they just want to do their wedding their way.
BRAD: This time tomorrow we'll be on our way to Perth.
BETH: And your parents are going to hate us.
BRAD: They'll understand.
Coffee Shop
Danni and Debbie are shouting Santa a lunch, but he hasn't got much of an appetite. Danni suddenly tells him that they're going to get his bags back, and tells Debbie quietly that they can make up some bags of toys themselves.
Luke is putting up wedding decorations and Wayne comes over to talk to him. They talk about Mark and Luke says he doesn't like Mark. Wayne plays along and says he doesn't like Mark either. He suggests they head down to the Coffee Shop.
In the kitchen, Pam and Annalise are cleaning silverware. Pam has organised a Home James car to bring Brad and Beth back after the ceremony.
Debbie and Danni are buying toys for Santa. They are finally getting on a bit better due to shared adversity. Debbie says she's starting to feel like one of Santa's elves(!)
Coffee Shop
Wayne and Luke are having a chat, and get round to talking about Luke's adoptive parents. He explains that he didn't have any brothers or sisters, and his mum died when he was 14.
Helen is wondering where Debbie is. Pam and Doug thank her for holding the reception at her house. Helen says she enjoyed it - it's going to be a quiet Christmas without Jim. She gets a bit emotional and reminisces a bit about Ramsay Street weddings - Des and Daphne, Scott and Charlene, Paul's three weddings...
Coffee Shop
Danni and Debbie return with toys for Santa and he is delighted. He tells them they're very special people and wishes them a Happy Christmas. When he's gone, Danni and Debbie decide to bury the hatchet.
Wayne tells Mark that Lorraine can't be his mother or sister...could be a wife, or ex- wife. Annalise overhears and wants to know what they were talking about, but they successfully put her off the scent.
No.28, the following morning
Helen comes round for an extra punch bowl and tells Pam she's finished the cake. Just then Beth pops round so they make a sharp exit.
Brad and Beth have a last look round the house, sadly, and then head off.
Mark has left a message on Lorraine Foster's answerphone to ring him back. Annalise comes in and says she's come to do Beth's hair, but she's not around.
Pam, Doug and Bunny are looking for Beth. However, Bunny still isn't coming to the wedding, she's just come to say goodbye. They wonder where Beth is.
Registry Office
BRAD: Well, guess this is it.
BETH: Guess so.
BRAD: What's wrong?
BETH: It's just not how I thought it would be. And I feel awful for cheating your parents out of their big moment.
BRAD: It's not too late to change your mind.
BETH: We're here now. Let's go through with it.
They go in.
Bunny, Pam and Doug are still wondering where Beth is. Doug is telling Bunny to reconsider coming to the wedding - she's cutting herself off from her daughter, and also her future grandchildren. Bunny is unmoved though, saying she doesn't approve of the wedding. She gets up to go, saying she has a plane to catch. She gives Pam a family brooch for Beth.
Debbie and Danni tell Luke that Father Christmas definitely exists. Wayne is a bit depressed, but says he will attend the wedding.
Luke comes up and apologises to Annalise for saying she shouldn't give money to the Robinsons. She is a bit suspicious of him but he tells her he's just glad to have a sister and they hug.
Pam tells Doug and Bunny that Brad's clothes have gone.
BUNNY: What are you saying? Do you think they're up to something?
PAM: I think those rotten kids have run off!
BUNNY: Without getting married?
DOUG: Well they wouldn't do a thing like that...would they?
Registry Office
Brad and Beth haven't got any witnesses and are told to round a couple of people up. Brad goes up to a couple of strangers.
BRAD: Um...excuse me?
<<2066 - 2068>>
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