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Neighbours Episode 2058 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2058
Australian airdate: 01/12/93
UK airdate: 04/10/94
UK Gold: 20/09/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Philip East
Guests: Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Danni Stark: Eliza Szonert
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
- Wayne tells Helen that he proposed out of competition with Brett.
- Danni and Brett Stark discuss running away from boarding school.
- Brad and Beth are back together.
- Danni and Brett interrupt Cheryl in a clinch with Jack.
Pam, Doug and Gaby are delighted that Brad and Beth are back together, but they're not planning to get married yet. Pam wants to have a party anyway!
Doug answers the phone to Cody who is in Hawaii. She tells Doug that she's coming home - tomorrow morning. Doug is delighted but Pam looks worried.
Danni asks Cheryl petulantly who her toy boy is. Cheryl is more interested in knowing why Brett and Danni have left school and doesn't believe them when they tell her they missed her! She demands to know which of them is in trouble.
Helen comes in from shopping and tells Wayne she saw Beth going into No.30. Wayne doesn't want to go and see her - if she wanted him, she'd have said so by now.
Cheryl is on the phone to the nuns at Danni's school. When she's finished, Cheryl tells Danni that she's spent a lot of money on Danni's education and it wasn't so she could get herself expelled! She's also spoken to Brett's school. They tell Cheryl they could live at home and go to school locally. Cheryl says she'll have to sleep on it.
No.28, the following morning
Doug has been tidying the house ready for Cody's homecoming. Pam is a bit nervous about seeing Cody as she hasn't seen her for a long time.
Just then, Brad and Cody arrive. Pam and Doug hug her, and then Gaby runs out of her room and hugs her excitedly too.
Beth has come to see Wayne.
WAYNE: I heard you were back.
BETH: Yeah. How are you?
WAYNE: Couldn't be better(!)
BETH: Look, Wayne...I really think we had something special. And I was flattered when you proposed to me.
WAYNE: It's OK, Beth. Don't put yourself through it. I've pretty much guessed the decision you've made and I think you're right. As long as it makes you happy. That's all I've ever wanted for you.
BETH: Thanks. But I really am sorry things didn't work out between us.
WAYNE: It's probably for the best.
BETH: Yeah. Brad's a nice guy. You two will make a great couple.
WAYNE: We can still be friends though, can't we?
BETH: Yeah. Why not?
Danni and Brett have made breakfast for Cheryl to butter her up. They tell her how awful the cooking was at their schools(!) Then they tell her how much they like No.22 and how much they want to live there with Cheryl.
CHERYL: A big part of me is very flattered by all this, kids, but at 5 o'clock this morning, I made a decision.
DANNI: We're staying?
CHERYL: Maybe if I hadn't forked out half the national debt in school fees, things would be different. But I'll be damned if I'm going to waste that money.
DANNI: Mum! Both of us?!
CHERYL: Yes, I'm afraid so. Brett, you'll go back to your old school, and Danni, if I can't convince Sister Teresa to take you back, we'll find a new school for you.
DANNI: That's not fair!
CHERYL: Fair or not, that is my decision. So, shall we enjoy this breakfast.
DANNI:(angry) You couldn't care less about us! You just want us out of the way so you can have your dweeby boyfriends over!
Cody, Gaby and Brad are catching up. Cody tells them that she's coming home permanently - she's broken up with Drew, so there's nothing keeping her in the States. She doesn't want to talk about Drew though.
Helen finds a broken mug in the bin that apparently Wayne smashed in anger last night. She tells Wayne to get over it - he himself said it was a mistake to propose to Beth. He just feels bitter that he can't have a proper relationship with anyone, and doesn't really see what Beth sees in Brad. Helen doesn't think either Beth or Gaby were right for Wayne. Helen suggests he spends the school holiday with his family, so he can have a break.
No.22 (outside)
Danni tells Brett that she's determined to stay in Erinsborough. Lou sees them sitting there and goes over to find out who they are. He's surprised to hear they are Cheryl's children.
Brad tells Cody and Pam that he's determined to make things work with Beth this time. Cody is looking forward to meeting her. Cody and Brad chat and then have some brother- sister playfighting.
Doug is explaining to Lou that Cody has come home. He invites Lou to a celebration barbecue and asks him to invite Rick along. Lou suggests he could invite Cheryl's kids. Doug is surprised to hear that Cheryl has two more children.
DOUG: Funny...why would she keep them a secret?
LOU: Search me, mate. Search me.
Ramsay Street
Brad goes over to talk to Wayne, who is just reversing his car out of No.26's driveway. Brad apologises for the way things turned out and they shake hands.
Pam is worried about Cody - she can tell there's something on her mind, but Cody says it's just jetlag. Doug is oblivious.
Cheryl confirms to Lou that Brett and Danni are her children, but they've been away at boarding school. She tells him raising teenagers above a pub wasn't the right environment, so she sent them away to school. Lou can't understand why Cheryl didn't mention them, and warns her that she shouldn't miss out on them growing up.
When Lou has gone, Cheryl tells Danni and Brett that she's changed her mind - they can live with her and go to school locally. They are delighted.
Cody is brooding. Pam comes in and tries to drag Cody's problems out of her. Cody tells her to get off her back - she's fine.
When Pam has gone, Cody holds her jacket and tries not to cry.
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