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Neighbours Episode 2057 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2056 - 2058>>
Episode title: 2057 (Danni and Brett Stark's first appearance)
Australian airdate: 30/11/93
UK airdate: 03/10/94
UK Gold: 19/09/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Philip East and Grant Fenn
Guests: Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Danni Stark: Eliza Szonert
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Brother Dominic: Barry Friedlander
Nathan: Kaz Hall
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
- Beth wonders if she should make a fresh start, without either Brad or Wayne.
- Cheryl flirts with Jack and Gaby isn't pleased.
- Brad is upset that Mark has kept Beth's location a secret.
Mark pushes Brad off, and in a fit of over- acting, screams "I MADE A PROMISE TO BETH!!! NOW LAY OFF UNLESS YOU WANT A REAL FIGHT ON YOUR HANDS"
They both calm down, but Mark insists that a promise is a promise.
BRAD: I don't want to lose her, man. I really love her.
MARK: I'll be leaving in about half an hour to go see her, Brad.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl invites Jack to come round and do some gardening(!) but he is meeting Gaby shortly. Jack is quite flirty with her saying he hopes to see her again soon.
Over at the counter, Cheryl wonders if Jack has found out about her money and is flirting with her because of it.
Lauren answers a call for Phil who just happens to be there(!) - it's the detention centre.
Ramsay Street
Mark heads off to see Beth. Brad is waiting in his own car, in Mark's full knowledge to follow him to see Beth. I'm not sure that is in the spirit of secret- keeping, Mark!
Debbie is dusting when Phil comes in to tell her and Julie some news.
PHIL: I have got some great news! I just got a call from the detention centre. Michael has been cleared for release. He can come home!
JULIE: Oh, Philip, that's wonderful!
DEBBIE:(excitedly) When will he be back?!
PHIL: Early next week.
Apparently Michael has to go through some red tape. Julie assures Phil that she's ready to make Michael completely welcome back into the family.
Coffee Shop
Jack is chatting Lauren up saying his relationship with Gaby isn't serious(!) Lauren is not impressed and says she's not interested in joining the queue!
Just then, Gaby comes in and Jack turns the charm on.
No.22 (front)
Cheryl is mowing the lawn when Lou comes along. They snipe at each other about Cheryl's "toy boy". Cheryl tells Lou off for playing games with Wendy and Lou gets a bit cross.
Beach House
Mark has arrived with Beth's clothes and staggers into the house with them. Beth has decided to move to Perth for the new job.
Just then, Brad turns up.
Julie asks Lou if things are back on with Cheryl(!) Then she tells him that Michael is coming home. Lou is surprised that Julie is OK about it, but she says she's determined to make it work. She's not sure that Phil and Debbie believe she'll welcome Michael, so Lou suggests some sort of gesture to prove it.
Beach House
BRAD: Look, I've been going crazy trying to figure out where you'd be. Or worse, I thought I'd lost you! Beth, I meant what I said. I love you! I do want to marry you.
BETH: And how can I be sure you won't change your mind again?
BRAD: I won't, I know. Once you started seeing Wayne, it suddenly hit me. I realised that I'd totally stuffed up my life when we split up.
BETH: Yeah, that's how I felt too.
BRAD: It was hard though, everyone telling us what to do, pulling us in different directions.
BETH: Things are different now. There's Wayne.
BRAD: Yeah. I know you don't want to hurt him. But I think it's me you really care about. I love you, Beth. I want to be with you forever. I can't say more than that, can I?
Beth looks conflicted at first, but then hugs him.
BETH: I love you, Brad.
Jack has sent Gaby off on a solo flight because he wanted to come and see Cheryl. He tells her she's a very appealing woman and also an astute businesswoman. He's got a business proposition for her - he's interested in setting up an executive air charter business and needs another plane. Cheryl tells him a lot of her money is tied up at the moment, but she'll think about it.
As Cheryl and Jack leave, an answerphone message is left for Cheryl - that "Danni is in trouble at the convent" and for Cheryl to call her urgently.
A school somewhere
Two kids are having a fight - Brett and Danni Stark.
BRETT: What did you think you were doing?!
DANNI: It was just a bit of fun! The nuns went overboard as usual. Half of them could do with a night out at the pub!
It seems that Danni has been expelled from her boarding school and has turned up at Brett's boarding school. She tells him that they should get out together. Brett isn't keen and says Danni should just go home to Cheryl.
Some of Brett's school mates come in and whistle at Danni. Then a teacher comes in and asks Danni what she's doing there. He tells them he'll talk to them in his office.
Julie is moving Hannah's old things into Michael's old room. She tells Phil and Debbie she wants Michael to have Hannah's room when he gets back - she's going to redecorate.
Brad and Beth come in and tell a delighted Gaby that they're back together. Gaby is wearing a facemask as she's going out with Jack again.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl bumps into Jack while buying a quiche. Lauren tells Cheryl nastily that she's too old to be flirting with Jack(!) Cheryl is not impressed, so invites Jack over for dinner in front of Lauren. He agrees!
School Office
Brett explains to the teacher that the girl in his room is his sister, Danni.
Coffee Shop
Lauren asks Gaby is she's really serious about Jack and she says he is. Lauren tries to tell Gaby that Jack is a player, but she insists that Jack just likes flirting and Lauren is reading too much into it(!)
School Office
The teacher still can't get in touch with Cheryl, so tells Brett and Danni to wait in his office. Danni doesn't want to face Cheryl, but also doesn't want to go back to the convent school.
DANNI: Listen, why don't we both go home? Better than hanging out in this dump!
BRETT: You think if I shoot through too, it'll take some of the heat off you!
DANNI: If I go home alone, I *know* Mum will send me away again. If we both turned up, and said we really hated boarding school...I reckon she might let us stay! Come on, Brett, don't wreck it for me!
Cheryl has laid a table for dinner and put some romantic music on. She's about to listen to her answerphone messages when Jack knocks the door, carrying a bunch of flowers. As luck would have it, Lou is getting out of his car, so Cheryl takes the opportunity to hug Jack and pull him inside!
LOU: I don't believe it! Jack Flynn is actually chasing Cheryl! He's just arrived with a huge bunch of flowers! Someone ought to tell Gaby he's two- timing her.
LAUREN: If she's dumb enough to believe his phoney act, she deserves everything she gets.
LOU: That's a bit rough, love.
LAUREN: I tried to warn her and she abused me! So let her find out the hard way.
LOU: Well, if he's such a rat, it doesn't sound like a good idea for Cheryl to get involved with him. I wonder if she knows what she's letting herself in for?!
LAUREN: Sounds to me like you're jealous!
LOU: Me?! Jealous of Cheryl?! No way! I'm just concerned somebody might get hurt out of all this, that's all!
Julie has been shopping for stuff for Michael's room. Debbie hopes that Julie is going to make it suitable for Michael and she assures her that they'll love it when it's finished.
Jack and Cheryl are having a glass of wine.
CHERYL: I'm interested to know how far you'd go to get the money.
JACK: I'm er...not a gigolo.
CHERYL: No, but you want the charter business a lot. I reckon you'd do almost anything to get it.
JACK: Yeah, I admit, I want it pretty bad.
CHERYL: Perhaps you'd better do a little persuading on me, huh?
Jack puts his arm around Cheryl.
CHERYL: Well, that's better, but you'll have to do an awful lot more work to keep a girl like me around.
Jack leans in and goes to kiss Cheryl.
CHERYL: And you would do, too, wouldn't you?
JACK: Isn't think what you wanted?
CHERYL: Well, I'm giving you a taste of your own medicine, Mr Bigshot Pilot.
JACK: What are you talking about?
CHERYL: I'm teasing you Jack, I'm playing games. Like the games you played on me, and on Gaby, and on every other woman that you decided to turn your charms on to.
JACK: You enjoy playing the games, I know you do.
CHERYL: Yes, I do enjoy playing the games, until they stop being games. Did you honestly think I would let this glorious body of your blind me to the fact that you are trying to con me.
Just then, Danni and Brett burst in.
DANNI: Hi Mum! You've got to listen to us before you start getting mad!
They are quite stunned to see Cheryl getting so up- close and personal with Jack!
<<2056 - 2058>>
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