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Neighbours Episode 2056 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2056
Australian airdate: 29/11/93
UK airdate: 30/09/94
UK Gold: 18/09/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Susie: Vanessa Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
- Brad tells Doug he's scared Beth has gone for good.
- Doug suggests Lou finds another woman to throw Cheryl off the scent.
- Mark tells Annalise that her mother has died.
Cheryl is moaning about the service at the pub. She chats with Helen about Lou and tells her that he's playing games with her by pretending to be interested in Wendy.
They go back to the table and Cheryl encourages Wendy to go out with Lou, much to Lou's surprise(!) Gaby and Jack are in their own little world (yuk)
Beth has rung Mark and asked him to bring her a few things. Annalise is still devastated by her mother's death and gutted that she didn't go and see her. Mark thinks that Fiona would have know that Annalise still loved her.
Lou buys Wendy another drink, but Gaby and Jack head off. Cheryl asks Wendy how long she and Lou have been together. She explains that they aren't, Lou just helped her with a family crisis. Cheryl wishes Wendy good luck with Lou, saying he's worth the effort!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Annalise is heading off to the hospital with Helen. Mark sees them off.
When they've gone, Brad comes over and asks Mark if he's heard from Beth. He says he hasn't.
Beach house
Mark has come to see Beth. They walk along the beach and Mark asks her if she's coming home. She hasn't decided yet.
BETH: Every time I make up my mind one way, I think of the alternative and I'm back to where I started. I love Wayne.
MARK: You don't sound too sure.
BETH: He's responsible. He's caring...I know I'd be safe wtih him.
MARK: Sure, but...
BETH: Then, there's Brad.
MARK: Yeah, there's Brad.
BETH: Don't laugh!
MARK: I'm not.
BETH: I know he's irresponsible...
MARK: A little bit.
BETH: But he really does care about me.
MARK: Yes, he does.
BETH: We've had some rough times. The thing is, I love both of them. I don't want to hurt them. I spoke to my mum.
MARK: Yeah?
BETH: Yeah, she doesn't want me and Brad to get back together. She met Wayne when she came up for the wedding and she thinks he's nice, but the main thing she said, and she's right about this, she doesn't think I should rush into anything.
MARK: You have to choose, Beth.
BETH: Maybe not.
MARK: How come?
BETH: Well, everything's such a mess. Maybe I should try and forget both of them. Move away, make a fresh start.
Annalise is standing in her mother's empty hospital room. Fiona's effects are in an envelope.
Helen comes back with a report from the doctor - Fiona died of a massive stroke, probably from a blood clot caused by the accident.
Amongst Fiona's belongings is a letter from Annalise, but she isn't ready to read it yet. Also, there's a keyring that Annalise made for her when she was at school. She tells Helen a bit about her childhood.
ANNALISE: She never bothered buying me anything much. She didn't deserve anything for mother's day. That was the last thing I ever made her!
Mark tells Beth that she can't just walk away. He tells her that Brad is desperate to find her. There's also a letter for Beth - she's been offered an apprenticeship in Perth! She thinks it's a sign that she should leave a make a fresh start.
Outside the Hospital
Apparently there was a man called Luke Foster in the car with Fiona, but Annalise and Helen haven't met him - he's already discharged herself. Annalise cries about her mum and Helen comforts her.
Brad has come round to see if there's any news about Beth. Brad goes to call the police, but Mark tells him that he should give Beth some space to think.
Lauren thinks Cheryl is trying to make Lou jealous by chatting to Jack. Lou rolls his eyes and says he's going to ask Wendy out!
Annalise shows Mark the letter that her mother wrote her.
"Dear Annalise
I'm sorry if my actions in the past displeased you. I may not have been a good person, but I always tried to be a good mother. Maybe some time in the future we'll be able to be close again and laugh about the past."
Annalise breaks off and berates herself for not going to see her mother at the hospital.
ANNALISE: She had noone in the end, Mark!
Cheryl is flirting with Jack and Gaby is not happy. Jack goes off to the bar and meanwhile Lou and Wendy are sitting at a table. Wendy tells Lou that he's been watching Cheryl all night.
Annalise tells Mark about Luke Foster who was in the car - Mark thinks she should try to contact him. Perhaps he can tell Annalise something about Fiona's last few months.
Jack sees Lauren at the bar on her own and asks her if she's waiting for someone. She tells him with surprise that she's happy to be on her own. Lauren tells Jack disparagingly that Cheryl is a lottery winner and doesn't have a lot of class.
Mark comes in and sits down with Lou. He tells Lou that he's seen Beth, but asks him to keep it confidential. Lou thinks Beth is a sensible girl and will do what's right for her.
Annalise is ringing Luke Foster (she got the number from the hospital) but he's not there.
Gaby is still fuming about Cheryl and Jack's flirting. Lou is sitting with Wendy and Lauren now and telling them that Cheryl scares him. Wendy thinks that Lou really does like Cheryl though as he keeps watching her.
Mark is packing up some of Beth's things when Brad pops round, so he quickly closes the lid of the suitcase. However, Brad sees and is angry that Mark is packing up clothes to take to Beth.
BRAD: Some mate you are!
MARK: I gave my word I wouldn't tell anyone!
BRAD:(grabbing the front of Mark's shirt) Tell me where she is!
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