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Neighbours Episode 2055 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2055
Australian airdate: 26/11/93
UK airdate: 29/09/94
UK Gold: 15/09/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Kay Parfett: Kay Keighery
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
- Jack asks Gaby is she wants to do something "really wild"
- Cheryl tells Lou that she's on a break from him.
- Beth tells Brad to leave her alone, and Wayne too.
BRAD: What's wrong with her?!
WAYNE: What did you say to her?
BRAD: I asked her to marry me.
WAYNE: So did I, about twenty seconds before you walked in!
BRAD: Oh, what?!
WAYNE: So you can understand why the girl could be a touch confused!
BRAD: Say yes, did she?!
WAYNE: She would have.
BRAD: Well then, why didn't she just tell me to get lost? I'm going after her.
WAYNE: Yeah, well, I wouldn't. She probably needs to be on her own for a while. Look, give it up, mate, I've got what she wants - reliability, security...
BRAD: Yeah, maybe. But I love her. And underneath it all, I think she loves me too.
He walks out.
No.28 (evening)
Gaby is excited about going out with Jack. They chat about the triathlon a bit. Gaby tells Doug that Jack is very exciting and she quite liked getting swept off her feet.
Brad comes in and Gaby tells him she's got her pilot's licence - and Jack had a bottle of champagne waiting for her!
Annalise and Mark are being all lovey- dovey and Wayne cringes. Helen brings them a cocoa and Annalise and Mark explain that Wayne is having love troubles with Beth.
The phone rings and it's for Annalise - her mother has been in a car accident with some guy. She is "serious but not critical". Mark says he'll drive her to the hospital, but Annalise doesn't want to go.
No.24, the following morning
Lou and Lauren are cleaning up after the party. Cheryl comes in through the back door and offers to help, so Lauren makes a sharp exit.
Coffee Shop
Gaby and Lauren are chatting about Jack. Jack comes in with a woman called Kaye - the Head of the Women's Flying Association who has come to recruit Gaby. Also, Kaye tells Gaby that she wanted to "check out the competition".
Wayne is still brooding. Annalise tells Helen about her mother's accident. Helen says that Annalise *has* to go and see her mother. Annalise says Fiona has never needed her.
Brad has come to see Beth, but she's not there. He tells Mark that Wayne proposed before him and Beth bolted under pressure. By the phone, Mark finds a note from Beth:
"Everything's a big mess, I'm going away. Rent money's on the fridge. I'll call you when I know what I'm doing. Beth."
Coffee Shop
Gaby tells Jack that he's invited to a party in Ramsay Street, and invites Kaye too. JAck heads off to do a charter flight. When he's gone, Kaye tells Gaby that she and Jack have been friends for a few years, since he taught her to fly. He whisks lots of women off to Tasmania - and the "inexperienced" story is his standard routine. Gaby is shocked.
Brad comes to tell Wayne that Beth has "shot through". Wayne doesn't know anything about it, but both are concerned about Beth.
Lou is hoovering when Doug comes round. He teases Lou about Cheryl - he thinks Lou should "give in gracefully"(!)
LOU: Seriously, though, what can I do to discourage the woman?
DOUG: Well, why don't you find another one?!
LOU: Another lady? Like who?
DOUG: Since when have they been in short supply for a charmer like you?!
Mark and Lauren are trying to persuade Annalise to go and see her mother and try to make up with her.
Brad is on the phone to Beth's mother trying to get news about Beth, but she hangs up(!)
Gaby comes in.
GABY: All men should be drowned at birth!
She tells them that Jack is sneaky and conniving and devious. The problem is - she still really likes him.
Lou complains that Annalise has given him a shandy instead of a beer.
Wendy comes in (she is a single mother). He buys her a drink and they're having a chat when Cheryl comes in. Lou introduces Wendy as his "very good friend", much to Wendy's surprise(!) Lou invites Wendy to the celebration for Gaby's pilot's licence, and puts his arm around her, again, much to her surprise(!)
Wayne is skulking around the house and Helen asks him what happened with Beth. He explains about the two proposals. But he's not sure his feelings are that strong - maybe he was being competitive with Brad.
Lou is being very attentive to Wendy and they sit down at a table. Cheryl decides to join them(!) and she is starting to look a bit cross now. Gaby comes in and Annalise asks her to take her for a flight some time. Gaby agrees, and tells Annalise that Jack is history!
Brad comes in, upset that Beth has gone missing - he's scared she's gone for good. He's finally worked out that she was the best thing that every happened to him.
BRAD: What's wrong with me, Dad? Why do I screw everything up?
Lou invites Wendy to go to dinner with him. Wendy tells him she has to get home to the twins, and Lou says he'd like to get to know them better! Lauren tells Cheryl that it's good to see Lou happy(!)
Helen congratulates Gaby on gaining her pilot's licence. Jack comes in and Gaby seethes. She gets up and joins him at the bar. She confronts him about his game- playing and his "virgin act" but he insists that Kaye is being jealous - it's just sour grapes. Gaby is convinced by him and they kiss.
Mark is waiting in the house when Annalise comes in. She tells him wants to go and see her mother after all, to clear the air between them, but Mark has something he needs to say.
MARK: Lise...will you listen to me please?
ANNALISE: What's wrong, can't you take me now?
MARK: Your mum's dead.
MARK: Fiona. About half an hour ago. Unforeseen complications, darling, I'm sorry. So sorry.
Annalise is devastated and sobs in Mark's arms.
ANNALISE: I left it too late, Mark!
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