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Neighbours Episode 2054 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2054
Australian airdate: 25/11/93
UK airdate: 28/09/94
UK Gold: 14/09/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Ruth Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Damien Easton: Brett Cartwright
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Slater House
Sean has untied Damian, who asks to borrow Sean's bike so he can get to the play. Unfortunately, the bike is broken, though.
School Play
Rick has got the costume on and is blacked up like Othello. He still doesn't know his lines. Julie arrives to watch from backstage.
They all take their places ready for the curtain to go up.
Coffee Shop
Lou and Doug are chatting about the triathlon. Doug is confident, but Lou less so. Cheryl comes in and Lou decides to make a sharp exit(!) Not sharp enough though, because Cheryl stops them for a chat. Not for long, though, and Lou and Doug head off.
School Play
Rick is being prompted on every line. He starts improvising and the audience laugh.
Hannah is reading in the living room (Pam is babysitting) while Doug tells Brad and Mark the recipe for his secret smoothie (basically banana and tabasco sauce!). Hannah drinks this in!
Pam comes in and Doug, Mark and Brad leave to train. When they've gone, Hannah tells Pam what's in the "special vitamin drink" - potatoes and tomatoes(!) Pam says she's better come clean.
School Play
Rick is getting into the play now - somehow he has remembered some of the lines. He can't hear the prompter very well. He starts improvising again and the audience laugh. They seems to think Rick's modern take on Othello is part of the play(!)
Rick's teacher is apoplectic with rage, but the audience seem to be really enjoying it(!)
Pam, Lou, Mark, Wayne, Annalise, Brad and Doug are discussing the triathlon. The teams decide that they must be focused on their goal.
Lou has arrived for dinner. He doesn't know Cheryl has been invited too, so it is something of a surprise when she turns up(!) Phil goes to pour them a drink while Julie checks on dinner, leaving Lou and Cheryl awkwardly alone.
Beth is cooking for Wayne. Brad is chatting to Annalise and Mark about the triathlon, and isn't keen to leave. Wayne is not amused.
Rick has had quite good reviews from the audience, despite the unorthodoxy of his version of Othello(!)
RICK: I got chucked in there at the last minute: everybody has a good time. I reckon that is a *brilliant* result!
SEAN: All the kids thought it would be boring, but they loved it!
Debbie is not quite so thrilled(!) but says it's over now, so they should concentrate on the triathlon. Sean tells them that his special bike isn't working out. But he'll sort it by tomorrow.
Phil and Lou are chatting. Lou asks if Julie set it up, or if it was Cheryl's idea to invite him. Julie and Cheryl come in before he can answer. Julie asks Phil to help her make coffee, so Lou and Cheryl can be awkwardly alone again(!).
Cheryl tells Lou that she didn't know Julie was setting them up, but she's off men at the moment, and that includes him(!)
Brad is sitting between Annalise and Mark. Beth says she's going to bed, so Brad and Wayne reluctantly leave. Annalise also prises herself away from Mark.
No.26 (in darkness)
Annalise bumps into Mark in the dark - he's crept in to see her. He has sprained his ankle, but it doesn't stop him kissing her.
Everyone is getting ready for the triathlon. Doug is incredulous that Mark has "sprained his ankle in his sleep"(!) Mark says he'll do the swimming leg instead, and Brad will have to do the running. That means that Brad will have to race against Wayne.
The girls are all ready to go, but Annalise is looking rather tired(!) Julie tells Wayne that their team has got over 100 sponsors!
Wendy Slater comes in - apparently she's the race supervisor. They all head off.
Annalise, Lou, Rick and Mark dive into the pool. Wendy Slater starts them off. Next, Phil, Julie, Sean and Doug gets on their bikes.
A road
Julie is doing quite well on the cycling leg while the boys lag behind. Sean eventually passes Julie on his "special" bike. After a while it does a back- fire and breaks down - it turns out his bike is petrol- driven. Now that Sean has broken down, Julie surges ahead again.
Phil and Lou take a dodgy shortcut and get ahead of Julie(!)
Brad and Wayne are sniping at each other. Beth tells them to cut it out. Wayne, Brad and Beth start the run section. Sean is way behind, so Debbie is late starting.
Beth is in the lead with Brad and Wayne just behind. Brad and Wayne are vying with each other and Wayne eventually pulls ahead.
Ramsay Street
It turns out the finish line is in Ramsay Street. Everyone is cheering Beth, Wayne and Brad on. Debbie nowhere in sight, thanks to Sean's poor cycle leg.
Beth struggles up to the line. She is almost caught by Wayne, but just makes it. Pam, Annalise and Julie celebrate. Beth hugs Wayne, just as Brad finished. He looks over at Beth and Wayne, despondent.
Phil is presenting the prizes. The girls team have won a subscription to Lassiter's Gym for one year. He also thanks Cheryl for donating the drinks.
After the presentations, Brad goes over to Beth to congratulate her. Wayne tells him smugly that the best man won. Beth is not terribly impressed and goes to sit down with Pam. She tells her Brad and Wayne's rivalry is getting a bit much.
Lou advises Wayne to give Beth some space. Cheryl is taking photos of the teams. Annalise tells Mark that she's feeling a bit guilty for spraining his ankle last night(!)
Beth is sitting on the sofa, alone, when Wayne comes in.
WAYNE: Hey, there you are. Look, I'm sorry about all the garbage that's been going on.
BETH:(quietly) It's OK.
WAYNE: No, it's not. I've been in there sniping and I shouldn't have been. It's just I care a lot about you, Beth.
BETH: I care about you too, Wayne.
WAYNE: Well, good...because I've been thinking...I'd like to make things more permanent. How would you feel about getting married?
Beth looks up at him in surprise. But before she can say anything, Brad charges in.
BRAD: Beth, we've got to talk.
WAYNE: Not now, mate!
BRAD: It's important. (To Wayne) Can't you make yourself a coffee or something?
WAYNE: ...
BETH: It's OK, Wayne, can you make me one too. please?
Wayne gets up and stomps off to the kitchen.
BETH: What's on your mind, Brad?
BRAD: I've been thinking, about us. I want things to be the way they were before I blew it. I want us to get married like we planned, Beth.
BETH: ...
BRAD: Well, you need time to think, right?
BETH: No, I need you to leave me alone!
Wayne comes in.
WAYNE: What's up?
BETH: Nothing!
WAYNE:(to Brad) What did you say to her?
BRAD: None of your business!
WAYNE: Yeah, well, Beth's my business! You don't just come waltzing in here giving her a hard time...
BETH: STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU! I need some space, OK?
She goes off to her room, leaving Brad and Wayne to glare at each other.
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