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Neighbours Episode 2059 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2059
Australian airdate: 02/12/93
UK airdate: 05/10/94
UK Gold: 21/09/00
Writer: Don Linke
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Luke Foster: Murray Bartlett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise calls Luke Foster but there's no reply.
- Julie tells Phil that she's going to redecorate Michael's room as present to him.
- Cody is upset, but won't tell Pam why.
Holly is irritating Debbie and Rick by walking over their homework. Hannah sends Holly out the kitchen, but is promptly scolded by Julie. Hannah explains that she has been teaching Holly the meaning of "find".
Debbie and Rick want to peek at Michael's room, but Julie says it's a surprise.
Annalise still can't get hold of Luke Foster, but has found out that Fiona had some outstanding debts. Annalise insists that she doesn't want an inheritance - the money belongs to Helen and her family after Fiona swindled them out of it. Helen says she's not under any obligation, but Annalise says she wants to do the right thing.
Mark comes in and asks Annalise how she is. She says she'd rather keep busy.
Cody asks Doug how his new job is. He says sales isn't really his thing, but it's OK. Cody chats a bit about her host mother and father who were in to selling diet food. Doug suddenly looks interested(!) Pam asks Cody if she's settled in a bit now and she insists she's fine.
Debbie can't understand why Julie is going to so much trouble decorating Michael's room. Phil arrives home and Hannah hugs him. She asks him if Phil will forget about her when Michael comes home. Phil says that Michael has been away for a long time but promises to spend the whole weekend with Hannah.
Julie comes out and tells them that Michael's room is finished. They come in and admire her handiwork. She's bought a lot of new things like a fridge and a phone. Rick observes that Michael has enough stuff to never have to leave his room and Debbie suspiciously asks if that is Julie plan(!) Phil goes a bit quiet too. Julie is not happy and says she was only trying to give Michael some privacy. She looks very hurt and walks offs.
JULIE: I made a promise to you, and I'm trying to keep it. Why don't you trust me?
Cody is on the phone to Freda (her host mother) in America having a general catch up and telling her it's weird being back in Erinsborough. Doug overhears her saying that she can't relate to Pam anymore and Pam doesn't understand her. She doesn't feel like part of the family.
Luke Foster comes in and introduces himself to Annalise. She is surprised he is so young.
Pam comes in and tells Doug she's worried about Cody. He says it must be tough coming home after two years. Pam says that Melissa and Josh were there two years ago, and Todd was still alive...now a lot of the people are different as well as the place. It must be a shock to Cody. Pam plans to introduce Cody to Debbie, but Doug thinks readjustment will take some time.
Helen and Julie are talking about Michael. Helen says he has changed, but Julie is still a bit frightened of what he's capable of. But she's going to do her best to welcome Michael.
Pam comes around and admires Michael's new room. She asks Julie is she can introduce Debbie to Cody. She agrees, but can't guarantee that Debbie will be a good influence(!) She invites Pam to pop over after dinner.
Annalise chats to Luke at the bar. He was very shocked at Fiona's death and is finding it hard to come to terms with. They sympathise with each other. Annalise feels bad that she didn't go to see her - perhaps she could have given her another chance. Luke offers to help her fill in the missing pieces.
Cody has got a load of stuff from her room to throw out. Doug tells her how wonderful it is to have her back and wants to catch up with her properly. It doesn't matter that Cody is older, they're still father and daughter. But Cody doesn't want to talk about anything.
Hannah tells Phil that she's decided what they can do this weekend - go camping. He sends her home while he talks to Helen. Helen tells him that Phil is judging Julie too harshly over Michael's room. She's put a lot of time and effort in and Helen wants Phil to give Julie the benefit of the doubt, and an apology would help too!
Pam tells Cody that they'll go and meet Debbie after dinner. Cody is unenthusiastic and says she doesn't need Pam to make friends for her.
When Cody has gone, Doug tells Pam that he overheard Cody saying she didn't feel a part of their family anymore. She misses her American family. Also, that she can't relate to Pam like she could to Freda.
Julie tells Debbie that the Willises are bringing Cody over. Debbie is not particularly keen, but Julie says she's just being neighbourly.
Phil comes in and apologises to Julie for being suspicious over Michael's room. She accepts his apology, and Debbie apologises too.
Wayne has been keeping Luke company while Annalise is finishing her shift. Mark comes in. Annalise tells him she has some good news for him - but Mark has to go back to work, so they agree to meet up later. On the way out, Luke tells Mark that Annalise is "really something" and Mark warns him that Annalise is taken - by him!
Pam is talking to Cody about Freda. Cody assures Pam that she isn't being replaced, but she liked it in America, and it will take her a while to readjust.
PAM: If you were so happy there, why did you leave?
CODY:(quietly) I had to.
PAM: Why?
Cody is silent.
PAM: Why don't you tell me love? I just want you to be happy, I just want things to be right for you.
CODY: They're never going to be right, mum, not without Drew.
PAM: What happened between you two?
CODY: Nothing, we split up, end of story.
PAM: Cody...
CODY: I don't want to talk about it, mum.
PAM: And you're not pregnant?
CODY: No! It's just...I just want to forget about it now. Maybe one day I'll talk to youse.
Julie introduces Cody to Debbie. Things are a bit awkward at first, and Julie suggests that Cody could take Debbie back to her place and show her a yearbook. They head off, rather reluctantly.
Annalise has invited Luke back for a chat. He tells her she's done a great job of getting on with her life. He is getting there, too. Annalise is surprised that Luke is so young, and he explains that he and Fiona weren't romantically involved.
ANNALISE: I'm a bit confused. What's your connection with Mum, then?
LUKE: Fiona was...she was my mother too.
Annalise is stunned.
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