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Neighbours Episode 2051 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2051
Australian airdate: 22/11/93
UK airdate: 23/09/94
UK Gold: 11/09/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Rosie McClaren: Peggy O'Shea
Painter: Brett Swain
Police Officer: Androo Allen
Nurse: Naomi Johns
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Wayne is taking Beth for granted. Brad tells Beth that Wayne is a fool who doesn't know what he has.
- Helen tells Rosie that her daughter wants her to live in a retirement village.
- Beth tells Brad she's glad they're still friends. They kiss.
Beth suddenly pulls away from the kiss.
BETH: Brad...
BRAD:(heartfelt) I love you.
BETH: Stop it.
BRAD: I want us to start again.
BETH: No, you don't.
BRAD: I never stopped loving you.
BETH: This is stupid...
BRAD: It's not too late.
BETH: Of course it's too late! I can't go back now.
BRAD: Why not?
BETH: I'm with Wayne.
BRAD: Is that what you want?
BETH: Why are you doing this...?
BRAD: Do you love him...?
BETH: I wouldn't be with him if I didn't feel something for him.
BRAD: You didn't answer my question.
BETH: Brad, just...
BRAD: I'll tell you one thing for sure. He doesn't love you like I do. He couldn't.
BETH: How can you know that? Oh, you don't know what you're saying!
BRAD: I know what I feel. And I know *you*. I knew you couldn't really be in love with him.
BETH: Look, that's enough, I'm going.
BRAD: Tell me one thing first. Tell me you don't love *me*!
BETH: Brad...
BRAD: Go on, tell me!
BETH: Of course I love you. I'll always love you. But that doesn't mean we should be together. It didn't work out, I thought you'd accepted that.
BRAD: I never accepted it.
BETH: Well, you have to! We have to move on.
BRAD: We should be together. We were meant for each other. why do you think you've been spending more time with me than with Wayne?
BETH: I don't want to hear any more!
She rushes to the door.
BRAD: I'm sorry I upset you. Just...think about what I said.
She leaves.
Rosie is agitated and wants to get home before her daughter does anything with the house. Rosie has got a bit of a cold coming, but says she *must* get home. A taxi hoots outside and Mark helps Rosie out with her luggage.
No.30 (evening)
Mark and Annalise are fawning all over each other. Beth is in a bad mood and tells them to stop it.
Wayne comes in and tells Beth he's free and ready to do something. He kisses her, but she is distracted. He suggests a neck massage, but Beth would rather get an early night. Wayne heads off.
Brad is distracted and is even off his food(!) Gaby comes out wearing a sexy outfit for her date with Jack and asks Brad for his opinion. He tells her that he's told Beth he wants to try again and really hopes there's still a chance. Gaby wishes him luck, then heads off for her date.
Phil is playing ball with Holly but quickly stops when Julie comes in from play practice. Apparently Debbie was really good. Julie asks if Phil has let Paul's house again, as she saw lights on inside. She says Phil had better go over to investigate.
Phil and Julie come in (all the furniture is covered in dusters). Julie is sure she saw a light, and then finds food in the fridge. She thinks there must be squatters but Phil says there's probably a simpler explanation. Julie wants to call the police, but Phil says there's no- one to report. So Julie sits down to wait.
Beth is in a bad mood. Annalise asks her what's going on. She finally admits that Brad has told her he's still in love with her and wants to get back together. Annalise is sure that Brad is sincere, but Beth says she just wants to get on with her life.
BETH: Look, Brad turned out to be the biggest disaster of my life. Why would I want to do it all again?
ANNALISE: Because you love him, maybe?!
No.26, the following morning
Julie is telling Helen that she's worried there are squatters at No.22. Helen says maybe Paul has invited a business colleague to use the house. Just then, a car pulls into the driveway of No.22 and a man goes up the side of the house. Julie rings the police.
Beth is still in a bad mood. Annalise is talking inanely about going grocery shopping with Mark.
When Beth has gone, Annalise tells Mark that Beth is torn between Wayne and Brad. Mark says Brad is crazy about Beth and he'd like to see "true love win out"
Julie sees the police talking to the man at No.22. The police start to let him go, and Julie rushes out to find out what's going on.
Just then, the phone rings - it's Rosie. She's had an accident.
The policemen tell Julie that the man is a painter, and his story checks out with the owner of the house. The policemen tells Julie there's nothing further they can do.
Coffee Shop
Beth is serving behind the counter and chatting to Mark when Brad comes in.
BETH: Hi, what'll it be?
BRAD: Nothing...I just wanted to know if you'd thought about what I said yesterday.
BETH: Not now, Brad.
BRAD: Come on, we've got to talk this through!
BETH: I'm busy! I'm *not* discussing it here.
BRAD: Well, out the back, then!
BETH: Can you give me some space?!
BRAD: Not until you tell me what you think!
BETH: Alright! I think you're jealous. That's all this is. It's like when I went out with Swampy. You're annoyed because someone else has got what you thought was yours.
BRAD: Jealousy's got nothing to do with it. Sure, I hate seeing you with someone else. But that's only because I love you.
BETH: Well, then, how come it took you so long to figure it out?
BRAD: It didn't, I've known all along! All I know now is, if I don't make you understand how I feel, then I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
BETH: Have you finished?!
BRAD: I guess.
BETH: Good.
She stomps off into the kitchen.
The painter is doing a quote when Julie comes in. Apparently he got the key from the owner. Julie is very suspicious.
Rosie has had a fall due to an inner ear infection. She is going to have to have a hip replacement. Now she'll have to give up the house. Helen says that's nonsense.
Gaby tells Phil that Julie has called several times about the house. Phil wonders if Paul could have given someone else permission to use the house. Gaby says that maybe they could contact Paul via Jack Parker.
Helen has rung Rosie's daughter, who is on her way. Rosie is worried that she'll be made to go to a retirement home. Helen says Rosie can come and stay with her while she recuperates. Anyway, Rosie will be up and about in a few weeks - this is just a temporary setback.
Wayne comes round looking for Beth, but Mark says she's probably out with Brad(!) Wayne is very touchy about the subject. Mark says that maybe Wayne and Brad could challenge each other to a duel(!)
Julie and Helen are catching up over a cup of tea. Phil comes in and tells her he's been trying to get in touch with Paul. He did manage to speak to Paul, and apparently he's managed to sell the house privately. He doesn't know who the buyer is though.
Wayne comes round looking for Beth. He asks Brad if he's seen her.
WAYNE: You've been seeing quite a bit of her lately.
BRAD: Yeah...you got a problem with that?
WAYNE: No, of course not. You go back a long way, you're friends, I understand that.
BRAD: Well, actually, it's more than that.
WAYNE: Well, how do you mean?
BRAD: I mean I still love her. And I think she still loves me. So you might as well know it. I'm going to do whatever I can to get her back.
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