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Neighbours Episode 2050 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2050
Australian airdate: 19/11/93
UK airdate: 22/09/94
UK Gold: 08/09/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Rosie McClaren: Peggy O'Shea
Ella Quinton: Gillian Anne
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick is trying to dissuade Ally from hitching a lift to her father's house. He tells her she can stay at No.24 until they work something else out.
Wayne comes in from training. Beth shows him two potential outfits and reminds him about their dinner date. Wayne says that he'd forgotten about it, and now he's made arrangements to meet Janet Harper about the Youth Line. Beth is not best pleased, but she doesn't say much.
Ally and Rick are still talking. He wants her to call her mother to let her know where she is. Ally says that her mother doesn't care about her, but Rick says lots of people care about her - including him.
Gaby, Brad and Pam are just finishing a tasty roast dinner. Pam says that the girls have to get into shape and win the triathlon. Brad says they don't have a chance!
Beth pops round and Brad offers her some dessert. Pam says there's no ice- cream for the girls until they're fit(!) Tomorrow, they're doing a 6am jog!
Brad tucks into a massive bowl of chocolate icrecream. Beth tells him that she's hardly seen Wayne lately. Brad is pleased(!)
No.24 (dark)
Rick is sleeping on the sofa when Ally comes out and lies down with him(!) Rick wakes up and tells her to go, but just then Lou comes in and put the light on!
RICK: Lou, this isn't what it looks like.
LOU: Isn't it? Well it certainly looks like something. What the devil's going on?!
Helen and Rosie are having dinner. Rosie is on the phone to someone called Anthony (her son- in- law). Apparently he's secured the house with new locks etc. Helen says she's sorry Rosie is going home as she's really enjoyed her company.
Rick explains that Ally was going to hitch- hike to her father's house in Nambucca. Lou is not impressed, and tells Ally he's going to ring her mother straightaway as she'll be worried sick. Lou tells Wendy on the phone that he'll keep Ally here for tonight and bring her home first thing in the morning.
Rick assures Lou that nothing was going on - it's all one- sided on Ally's part. Lou says Rick had better put Ally straight, and quick.
No.24 (Garden), the following morning
Lou is coaching Wayne and Brad with a loudspeaker. He gets them skipping. Phil comes along in his dressing gown and asks Lou to keep the noise down.
Pam is training Beth, Lauren and Gaby. They all look knackered(!) Pam tells them off for being unfit and sends them off on a "gentle jog"
Pam gets Beth, Lauren and Gaby to do more jogging and then some sit- ups. Beth wonders where Annalise is this morning. Lauren says she's probably off with Mark(!)
Ally is eating breakfast. Rick tells her that there's nothing between them - they're just friends. After all, she's only 14, but they can be mates. Ally is not impressed.
Pam, Gaby, Lauren and Beth looks even more knackered now. Lauren tells Pam that she's hurt her back and she's decided to pull out! Pam tells Gaby and Beth that they'll have to work twice as hard, so they both fall to the floor in mock- pain(!)
Gaby tells Brad that Pam is a slavedriver and then cooks herself up some pancakes! Brad moans that he's knackered under Lou's training too.
Pam has come to beg Julie to join the team now that Lauren has dropped out. Phil comments that Lou was out training his boys very early this morning. Julie says she'll do it, but then looks at the training schedule rather worriedly(!)
Front Garden of No.24
Lou is still training Wayne and Brad with the aid of a megaphone. Pam comes over and mocks him. Wayne and Brad are off on a 5km run - in 20 minutes or less(!) Brad says he's only doing 2km, or he's dropping out. Lou is intransient so Brad decides to drop out(!)
Lou is trying to get Phil to join his traithlon team. He's surprised to hear that Julie has joined Pam's team. Lou eventually talks Phil into doing the cycling against Doug.
Wayne and Brad are having a drink. Beth comes in and suggests that Wayne comes for lunch at the Coffee Shop with her. He still has to go for a 5km run, but suggests that Beth could join him. She isn't too keen, so Wayne heads off, leaving Beth with Brad.
BETH: Do you believe that guy?
BRAD: No, he's a fool, doesn't know what he's missing.
He invites Beth to have lunch with him at No.28 later instead. She gratefully accepts. Brad is very pleased.
Rosie's daughter has popped around. She says that Rosie shouldn't have imposed on Helen. The daughter (Ella) thinks it would be better for everyone if Rosie moves into a retirement village. Helen is rather takenaback.
Coffee Shop
Mrs Slater comes in and hugs Ally, saying she was worried to death about her. Ally is still being extremely rude to her, but Rick tells her to give her mother a chance. Rick explains that Ally thinks the shop is more important than her. Mrs Slater says that of course it isn't, and Ally relents a bit and hugs her.
Brad is setting up a nice lunch - so nice, in fact, that Pam asks if the Queen is coming(!) She's pleased to hear that Beth is coming round. Beth arrives just as she's heading off to work.
Beth sits down and tells Brad that the food looks wonderful. She thanks him for being such a good friend.
Rosie has got all her stuff together. Helen tells her about her visit from Ella, and says that Ella thinks she should live in a retirement village. Rosie isn't impressed.
Brad is messing around, imitating Lou on the megaphone through a rolled up magazine. She tells Brad that he always makes her laugh.
BETH: I'm really glad we're still friends. I need you around me.
BRAD: Yeah. I need you as well.
He leans in and kisses her.
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