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Neighbours Episode 2052 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2052
Australian airdate: 23/11/93
UK airdate: 26/09/94
UK Gold: 12/09/00
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Rosie McClaren: Peggy O'Shea
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Builder: Paul Flaherty
Removalist no. 1: David Robinson
Removalist no. 2: Grant Lawrence
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Helen tells Rosie to fight for what she wants.
- Gaby tells Jack that his lack of experience is endearing.
- Julie is cross that Paul has sold No.22 without them knowing anything about it.
- Brad tells Wayne that he still loves Beth, and he will do anything he can to get her back.
Ramsay Street
Julie is telling Pam that No.22 has been sold and that she hopes the new people will be alright. She thinks they must be fairly rich as the offer on the house was a good one. They see a car outside No.22, so Julie goes over to introduce herself.
Outside No.22
The man at No.22 is a builder, who has come to look at putting in a pool room. Julie says she hopes it won't be an eyesore(!)
Pam asks Gaby about her date with Jack. Apparently it went OK, but it wasn't particularly "high- flying". Pam suggests that they have a private dinner at No.28 to encourage Jack(!)
Brad is looking in a drawer and then finally pulls out his engagement ring for Beth. Pam is excited.
Wayne has brought Beth some flowers to say sorry for neglecting her. He tells Beth that Brad wants her back. He asks her if she wants him back too. She tells him she can't help what goes on in Brad's head.
WAYNE: I may be a bit casual sometimes, but I don't take you for granted.
BETH: I know that.
WAYNE: Good, because my calendar's cleared for the rest of the day. How's yours?
BETH: Clear.
WAYNE: Dinner here?
BETH: Who's cooking?
BETH: You?
WAYNE: Yeah, I've got a stack of hidden talents!
Wayne goes off to do some grocery shopping.
Helen is explaining the Hannah that a hip replacement operation is quite common. Julie is on the phone to someone who tells her that the Council are planning to establish a refuge for psychiatic patients in the area. Julie suspects that it's at No.22!
Helen tells Julie that psychiatric patients needs help too - like Julie helping with the Youth Line. Julie tells Helen that she is a hopeless softie(!)
Helen and Hannah are visiting Rosie. Helen still wants Rosie to come and stay with her to recuperate. But Rosie insists that she couldn't impose - she must go into a nursing home. Helen tells her to promise not to do anything until she's spoken to Pam Willis. Rosie now says that she doesn't want to live alone anymore - she's realised how vulnerable she has become.
HELEN: Rosie, what's happened.
ROSIE: I'm frightened.
Mark tells Brad that Wayne has been wooing Beth with flowers and cooking. Brad isn't happy, but says that Beth will see through all that stuff. Mark says that Beth didn't seem to mind(!)
Brad thinks Wayne must be desperate.
MARK: Want her back, don't you?
BRAD: Yeah, of course I do.
MARK: Then beat him at his own game.
BRAD: The full romantic treatment you reckon?
MARK: It's not going to kill you.
BRAD: Yeah. Yeah, OK, you're right.
Gaby is dressing up to go out with Jack again. They talk about Jack's lack of experience. Gaby says tonight is her last stand - if it's not happening tonight, she's giving up.
Jack comes in with a bottle of wine. Pam leaves for work.
Helen isn't happy that Ella has suggested a nursing home to her mother. Helen says once Rosie is in there she'll lose her confidence.
Julie says sometimes you have to be realistic about these things, but Helen thinks Rosie has been backed into a corner. Helen vows to stop it happening.
Beth is impressed with Wayne's cooking. He tells her he's a sexy new age buy and kisses her.
Just then, Brad comes in with a massive azalea in a pot for Beth. Wayne isn't happy to see him and suggests he leaves.
Gaby is pouring Jack a drink. He looks very nervous. She tells him that she's shy too, she just has to be assertive for her job. She starts kissing him, but he panics and tells her he can't because "it doesn't feel right". Perhaps they should be friends for a little bit longer. Gaby isn't very impressed, but says it's fine.
Brad gets Beth out of bed. He's brought a load of breakfast and tonight he wants to cook her dinner. She tells him to stop trying to beat Wayne. He tells her he's not giving up. She smiles, despite herself.
Helen has spoken to Pam about community support. Rosie tells her that she's putting her house on the market. Ella and Anthony have been to see her, and if Rosie sells the house, she can help them to pay off her mortgage. Helen tells Rosie that it's her life, and she should do what she wants.
ROSIE: It's time to give up, that's all. It happens to us all eventually.
Wayne tells Beth that he's going to spend more time with her from now on. Wayne suggests that they go to The Winchester tonight. Mark scowls in the background.
Ramsay Street
Pam is training and see Julie. She is watching some removal men moving ornaments into No.22 - so it probably isn't going to be a refuge.
Coffee Shop
Mark tells Brad that Wayne is making a big effort with Beth, but he hasn't stayed over yet. He is taking her out tonight, though - to The Winchester!
BRAD: That's blown that. I was supposed to cook for her.
MARK: No wonder she settled for The Winchester(!)
BRAD: What is he, a millionaire?
MARK: At least he's put his money where his mouth is.
Brad says romance isn't his style - he'll have to go a different way.
Pam and Helen are discussing Rosie. Julie comes round looking for Hannah. She comes in from the garden, having been chasing Holly. Helen offers to drive Hannah to school. Julie is a bit concerned, but Helen says she hasn't handed in her licence. From now on, she's making use of every minute of her life.
Jack and Gaby are back from flying. He tells her he's sorry about dinner last night. Gaby says they can just be good friends, but he says he wants to be more than good friends. He wants them to do something "really wild".
Julie has dragged Pam over to meet the new neighbours. The door opens and Pam says in surprise, "Well, well, well!"
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