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Neighbours Episode 2041 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2041
Australian airdate: 08/11/93
UK airdate: 09/09/94
UK Gold: 28/08/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Alex Slater: Nigel Bradshaw
Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Guy no. 1: Mark Perren-Jones
Guy no. 2: Michael Seymour
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie tells Craig she doesn't know when she can come and see him again.
- Mark tells Annalise to find someone better than "that drongo". He thinks she's a slut.
- Wayne tells Debbie that Craig is in a delicate emotional state.
Julie tells Phil that everything is back to normal now the rock from Uluru is on its way home.
Debbie comes in and tells them that the headmaster belittled Craig's nervous breakdown. She's thinking of settling up a school Youth Line. Julie and Phil offer to help.
Coffee Shop
Craig's dad says all Craig needs is a holiday, but Craig's mum insists that Craig is sick and needs counselling. Craig's Dad says she's over- reacting. Ally comes in and tells her father that Craig has had a nervous breakdown, and he should accept that.
A couple of guys are flirting with Annalise. Brad comes over and tells Annalise off(!)
Lauren is at the bar, and Annalise goes over to serve her.
ANNALISE: Hi, what'll it be, a glass of holy water?
LAUREN: No, just an orange juice, thanks.
Lauren tells Annalise she admires her ability to be so relaxed with people - Annalise is so confident.
Coffee Shop
Craig's mum (Wendy) sees Lou at the counter and thanks him for his help the other day. Lou asks after Craig and she starts to tell him, but Craig's father comes over and tells Lou with hostility that Craig is fine and he should take his questions elsewhere! Wendy apologises to Lou and then follows her ex- husband out.
Rick comes in and sits down with Ally. He tells her about the school Youth Line idea - for kids who need to talk about their problems at school and home. Ally is pleased and there follows a public information broadcast on mental health and how different people can handle their problems better than others.
Craig's house
Debbie is sitting with Craig, who is rather agitated today, saying his father is ashamed of him. He tells Debbie how wonderful she is, and wants them to be together when he's better. Debbie hastily gets up to leave.
Annalise and Lauren are talking to the guys in the bar. They invite them to their football training later.
When they've gone, Lauren asks Annalise how come she always knows what to say to people. Annalise offers to teach her, and also help Lauren to have a little makeover.
LAUREN: My main problem is, I've always felt like an outsider, especially here in Ramsay Street.
ANNALISE: Well stick with me and you'll never be lonely again!
Brad overhears part of their conversation and looks a bit concerned.
Lou comes in to find Rick working on a proposal for the school Youth Line that they can present to the headmaster.
Annalise and Lauren come in, thick as thieves. They've decided to have a girls night in. Lou tells Lauren that there might be a job for her at the Slaters' paper shop. Rick beats a hasty retreat from talk of leg- waxing and Lou goes off to bed early(!)
Debbie is picking at her dinner. Rick comes in through the back door and helps himself to a bread roll and chicken(!) He asks her to look at the Youth Line proposal, so they decide to go to the Coffee Shop.
When the kids have gone, Julie says that parents need counselling help too, and suddenly gets an idea.
Slaters' Newsagency
Julie arrives just as Wendy is closing the shop, and introduces herself. Wendy is very pleased to meet Julie. They talk about Craig's illness and Julie tells her about the Youth Line.
WENDY: Mrs Martin, we're a very private family, and we don't want to draw attention to ourselves or our problems.
JULIE: But Craig's condition is nothing to be ashamed of. And in fact, by bringing it out into the open, you'll help to abolish some of the ignorance and misunderstanding...
WENDY: No, I don't think so.
JULIE: Mrs Slater! The kids are scared. They want to talk about what happened to Craig. They want to understand.
WENDY:(upset) Yes, but when...when it all comes out, they'll be pointing the finger at me.
JULIE: No, you're wrong!
WENDY: There'll be whispers behind my back, they'll say what a bad mother I was that I didn't notice Craig's problem...
JULIE:(sympathetically) Stop it, Mrs Slater. Look, it won't be like that at all. Think what it'll mean to Craig. By helping with the Line, you'll be supporting him. Please?
Coffee Shop
Rick is talking about the number of volunteers they need for the Youth Line, and that they'll need some counselling training. Debbie is distracted though. She tells Rick that she's sort of lied to Craig about something. She gets up to go and see Craig.
Annalise and Lauren are wearing blue facemasks, and talking and laughing. They discuss their first loves (Lauren's was a cowboy called Bruce!) Annalise's first kiss was the primary school stud at aged seven. They talk about how complicated love is as an adult and make a deal to get their own back on men who've mistreated them!
Craig's house
Debbie arrives to find Craig in a terrible state - he's sitting on the sofa, rocking and ranting that his father is leaving. He urges Debbie to tell him that she'll never leave him and then kisses her. Ally sees the kiss and looks a bit angry.
Ally tells her mother that she doesn't like Debbie hanging around with Craig - she doesn't think she really cares about him. When Ally has stomped off, Wendy asks Sean how he feels about a bit of family counselling. He tells her to forget it!
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Rick not to worry about her situation with Craig - she's made her decision. Ally comes in and snipes at Debbie saying that Craig is very fragile at the moment and shouldn't be made to suffer any disappointments. Ally tells Rick that Debbie is pretending to be in love with Craig to help him get better.
It's morning now, and Lou rises to find Annalise and Lauren asleep on the sofas in the living room surrounded by the remains of junk food. They wake up and groan - but they had a great night.
Coffee Shop
Julie sees Wendy and sits down for a coffee with her. Wendy asks Julie about Debbie and Craig being together. Julie doesn't know anything about this. Wendy says she may have pressured Debbie into it for Craig's sake - she was doing it for the best though. Julie says it was a mistake, but they'll try sort things out.
Just then, Wendy's ex- husband comes in and is very hostile to Julie, despite the fact that he doesn't even know her(!) He accuses her of being a do- gooder and won't have people talking about his son as if he's a mental mis- fit!
CRAIG'S FATHER: There'll be no more talk and there'll be no more Youth Line!
Wendy just puts her head in her hands.
Ally confronts Debbie about Craig. Debbie tells Ally to leave her alone. Ally says Debbie had better tell Craig the truth before it's too late - and if she doesn't, Ally will!
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