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Neighbours Episode 2042 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2042
Australian airdate: 09/11/93
UK airdate: 12/09/94
UK Gold: 29/08/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Alex Slater: Nigel Bradshaw
Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Vincent Roland: Bob Brown
Janet Harper: Kate Whitbread
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Lennie: Jamie Churchill
Vikki: Jacinta Stapleton
Tracey: Kelly Sulikowski
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie hangs out with Craig.
- Mark wants to do a triathlon - a street competition.
- Ally tells Debbie to come clean with Craig about her (lack of) feelings for him.
Coffee Shop
Rick is covering a shift at the Coffee Shop, so can't go to school today. They talk about Craig and Debbie hanging out with him out of guilt. Mark doesn't really understand what he's talking about(!)
Beth comes in and says she's had another job interview and needs ANY job, ASAP. Rick says it's all about being in the right place at the right time and offers her a job at the Coffee Shop, starting immediately. And it's just as well because Rick has made Mark a terrible coffee(!)
Sean is being taunted about Craig by some bullies. They rant on that Craig has lost it, and Sean has the same genes, so he'll be going mad next(!) Wayne comes over and sends the bullies off. Sean is not at all grateful and says none of the teachers want to face up to what's happened to Craig.
Wayne sees Debbie crying about Craig. She's got to tell Craig she doesn't really like him. Wayne is supportive.
Craig's house
The counsellor tells Craig that he's not a psycho. He says he's angry with his father for never being there. Craig's father overhears some of the conversation and is shocked to hear Craig thinks his father doesn't love him because he was never in touch after the divorce.
Rick and Ally talk about Debbie. Rick is mad that Debbie is pretending to be Craig's boyfriend.
Coffee Shop
Beth is serving. Craig's father is there, sitting at a table, and Phil (who doesn't know him) goes over to borrow his salt. They get talking and Phil realises he's talking to Alex Slater and introduces himself as Debbie's father.
Phil sits down and Craig's father (Alex) tells him that Craig is just a "bit stressed"(!) He thinks the Youth Line is an over- reaction - kids go to school to learn, not to bully each other. Phil is rather takenaback and points out that kids who are stressed need help.
PHIL: I have a son, too. Michael. From a previous marriage. He's had far too much to deal with.
ALEX: Is that right.
PHIL: After his mother died, he got lost a bit. His feelings weren't considered, all in all he was treated pretty shabbily. He's in a detention centre now.
ALEX: Our divorce...hit Craig hard too.
PHIL: I'm sure it has.
ALEX: So...tell me, how do you deal with Michael?
PHIL: Just make sure I'm there for him. I ring him, I talk to him. If he shuts me out I try not to take it personally...just hang in there. We're the parents after all - if we're not there for our kids, who's going to be?
Alex looks thoughtful.
Debbie tells Wayne that she's on her way to see Craig and tell him the truth.
Rick comes over and tells Debbie that he's not happy. Before Debbie can get a word in, Rick tells Debbie that he's changed his mind about helping her set up the Youth Line - she's not the right person to do it.
Craig's house
The counsellor and Craig are now talking about Debbie. Craig talks enthusiastically about Debbie and says that she wants to be his girlfriend. The counsellor asks if Debbie might feel sorry for Craig, and might not have felt able to say no to him.
Just then, Debbie comes in. It turns out the counsellor (Ms Harper) also counselled Julie in the past. (What are the chances?!)
Debbie tells Craig that she has something to tell him.
Coffee Shop
Ally and a couple of schoolgirls come in (one of them, Vikki, is Amy Greenwood in a previous life!). They call Craig a freak and Ally gets upset and walks out. Rick comes over and tells them off, but they are unrepentant.
Mark is out jogging and sees Wayne warming up. (Mark is sporting a horrendous bowl haircut).
Coffee Shop
Pam has popped in for a coffee. Beth tells her that the triathlon is in aid of the school Youth Line - if the headmaster does approve it, which is by no means certain.
Pam tells her that Doug rang this morning - he misses her, but it's good to have work. Also, there's a job going with one of Doug's local customers, and it might be an opportunity for Beth to finish her apprenticeship.
Craig's house
Debbie has told Craig that she doesn't really want to be his girlfriend. Craig is upset, but the counsellor helps to smooth things over. Craig says he has to get over his mental difficulties on his own - he just wishes his father would love him.
Wayne and Mark are jogging, and boasting to each other about their fitness prowess(!)
Coffee Shop
Beth has rung up about the builder's job and has got an interview this afternoon. Pam congratulates her but Beth is feeling guilty about letting Rick down. Pam tells her Rick will easily find someone else - Beth's apprenticeship is more important.
Wayne and Mark are jogging. Mark is showing off, but suddenly pulls a hamstring and falls to the ground in a fit of bad acting(!)
Debbie is brooding when Phil comes in. She tells Phil about the situation with Craig and gives Phil a hug.
DEBBIE: I wish Craig's dad loved him.
PHIL: I think he does.
DEBBIE: He should tell him then.
There's a knock at the door and it's Rick. He apologises for pulling out of the Youth Line project and they make up. He agrees to come with her to put the Youth Line proposal to the headmaster.
Pam is examining Mark's pulled muscle and telling him and Wayne off for being childish. She advises Mark to take it easy for a while, but he says he has to get fit to beat Wayne. Pam says Mark had better get a proper trainer!
Craig's house
Craig's father comes in and tells Craig he's going to stay on for a few days.
ALEX: Look, er, I reckon we ought to get to know each other a bit better than we do. I've not been much of a dad to you lately, and I'd like to change that.
CRAIG: You've been fine, Dad.
ALEX: Thanks. But I know I haven't. And if anyone's to blame for the pressure you've been under, it's me. I'm sorry.
CRAIG: Dad...
ALEX:(taking Craig's hand) I love you, son.
They hug, and Craig cries with emotion.
CRAIG: I love you, Dad.
The headmaster has read Rick and Debbie's proposal for the Youth Line and says it's very thorough. He says that counselling should come from an expert, and Rick and Debbie should be concentrating on their studies. Also, there's no funding.
HEADMASTER: I'm not going to give you permission. So that's the end of it.
RICK: Mr Roland. This is how revolutions start. When people like you, in authority, ignore the wishes of the people.
HEADMASTER: You don't even know how to spell "revolution", Alessi! Get out of here before I take you seriously!
When the headmaster has gone, Debbie turns to Rick.
DEBBIE: If he thinks that's the end, he'd better think again!
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