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Neighbours Episode 2040 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2040
Australian airdate: 05/11/93
UK airdate: 08/09/94
UK Gold: 25/08/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Philip East and Grant Fenn
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Alex Slater: Nigel Bradshaw
Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Rosie McLaren: Peggy O'Shea
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Vincent Roland: Bob Brown
Joanne: Megan Chambers
Brent: Todd Pilkington
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Slater House
Debbie has come to see Craig again. She apologises for what happened at the party, but Craig says it's not her fault - even he didn't know he was going to crack up. He's says it's not about Debbie rejecting him, so she can go with a clear conscience. This is clearly untrue though, so Debbie says they should be friends for now, and maybe something could develop later. Craig looks pleased.
Beth is not happy that Wayne is pressurising her. He says that he isn't, he just wants to know what's going on as apparently Beth was giving him "all the right signals". Beth says that everything is fine between them, but she's not sure she wants to sleep with him. He strops off.
Slater House
Craig is telling Debbie that he got angry at everyone - schoolkids, Ally, Sean, his mum and dad. She sympathises with him and says he's not a loser. Anyway, the doctor said that Craig had been under a lot of stress which he'd bottled up. Debbie thinks that Craig should open up more.
DEBBIE: Your mum seems nice.
CRAIG: She stopped being my mum when my Dad left.
DEBBIE: You don't mean that.
CRAIG: Maybe not as it sounds...but everything changed. She needed me to take Dad's place in a lot of ways.
Craig doesn't see his Dad much now as his mum doesn't make him very welcome.
Mrs Slater comes in with some soup for Craig and Debbie promises to pop back to see Craig again tomorrow.
Helen is babysitting Hannah when Debbie comes in. Helen wonders if Debbie is spending too much time there, but Debbie explains that Craig doesn't really want to talk to his family, he prefers talking to her. Helen says that Debbie mustn't feel that Craig is her responsibility. She feels partly responsible for what happened at the party.
When Helen has gone to make a cup of tea, Hannah asks Debbie if she saw the rock at No.24. Debbie is distracted, but Hannah looks worried.
Slater House
MRS SLATER: I'm sorry if I've taken you for granted.
CRAIG: It's OK, I understand, you've been busy.
MRS SLATER: Why didn't you say something? I had no idea! I thought you were always the strong one propping me up.
CRAIG: Mum, it's not your fault.
MRS SLATER: Well, there must be something I can do...
CRAIG: I just wish everything could be like it was before Dad left.
Mrs Slater informs him that she's rung his Dad, but he hasn't rung back yet. Maybe Craig could talk to his Dad? But he'd rather talk to Debbie. Maybe they can get together when he's better.
No.24 (outside)
Hannah is creeping around No.24, avoiding Rick who is off the school. When he's gone, she runs up the stairs and tries the front door and the windows, but they're all locked. She takes off her shoe and goes to break the window, but is interrupted by Helen, who wants to know what she's up to.
Mrs Slater tells Sean off for annoying Lou with the paper delivery. Mr Slater comes in and says he's only just got Mrs Slater's message. She tells him about Craig's breakdown. Mr Slater seems unconcerned, saying Craig was probably trying to bunk off school(!) Sean backs his mother up and says the Craig has had a breakdown.
MR SLATER: What's going on here? When he stayed with me for the holidays, he was perfectly OK!
MRS SLATER: Oh, so now it's my fault!
MR SLATER: He lives with you, doesn't he?
MRS SLATER: And what about your responsibilities? When was the last time *you* saw him?!
SEAN: Do either of you really care about Craig? Or is working out who's to blame what really matters?
Helen is telling Hannah off for trying to break into No.24. Hannah insists that she *has* to get inside, to get the rock back. She explains that the rock is cursed.
HELEN: Oh, darling, I know it must seem very exciting to think that there's a curse, and I know there has been a run of bad luck lately, but that's pure coincidence.
HANNAH:(firmly) It's the rock.
HELEN: Curse or no curse, there's no excuse for breaking and entering!
HANNAH: What if someone else gets sick, like Craig?
HELEN: Craig isn't sick because of the rock!
HANNAH: How do you know?!
HELEN: Because there is no such thing as a curse, darling, believe me!
Helen asks what Hannah was planning to do with the rock. She says it has to go back to Uluru, but she hadn't figured that part out yet. Helen says, first they'll get it back, then they'll figure out what to do with it. Hannah is very pleased and hugs her.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is nervous about her first solo flight which is in less than an hour. She asks Beth to distract her. Beth can't think of anything and would rather avoid the subject of last night. Gaby drags out of her that she didn't want Wayne to stay the night. She's not sure how she feels - she's only ever been with Brad, and she thought she would only ever be with Brad. Now she's not sure if she's ready for that level of commitment with Wayne. Or maybe she wants to go out with other guys. Gaby is more worried about her solo flight(!)
Some kids at school mock Ally and Sean about Craig's breakdown. Debbie has also been having a lot of enquiries and tells Rick off for spreading it around.
Coffee Shop
Rick and Ally are talking about Craig. Ally says that they've all made fun of him lately, but Rick says that Craig has just got mixed up in his head lately. It's no- one's particular fault. Ally kisses him on the cheek.
The headmaster tells Wayne that he's not particularly concerned about talking to the other kids about Craig. He says it's best not to make a martyr of Craig. Wayne says he wants to call in a counsellor, so the headmaster relents and says he'll address Craig's class himself.
Slater House
Debbie is visiting Craig again. He's looking better and is sitting up. He's going to see a counsellor and get his act together.
CRAIG: I've decided what I want, and I'm going for it.
Mr and Mrs Slater come in with some lunch for Craig. They invite Debbie to stay for lunch. Mr Slater says maybe Craig could come and stay with him for a while. They start to bicker again. Debbie heads off saying maybe she'll come back after school.
Gaby is telling Jack that she's very nervous. He assures her that she's ready for the flight.
Gaby gets in, starts the plane, and starts to run!
Ramsay Street
Helen has retrieved the rock from No.24. On the way out, Helen's new friend from the bus the other day (Rosie) is there to tell Helen that there have been a couple of cancellations on her bus tour to Uluru. Would Helen like to join them? Helen isn't sure she can just drop everything, but Rosie urges her that they can't stop putting things off at their age!
HELEN: You did say a *few* cancellations? Would it be alright if I brought my great- granddaughter...and this rock?
ROSIE: Well, yes, but...why would you want to take a rock on holiday?!
HELEN: It's a long story. You'd better come inside!
Gaby is just taking off. She breathes heavily, but also looks quite excited.
Apparently the headmaster made it sound like Craig had had a nervous breakdown on purpose(!) Debbie, Ally and Sean are not impressed. Wayne comes along and says he can stay after school and talk things through with the kids. Wayne asks Debbie what she said to Craig about being his girlfriend. She admits that she did let him think it might happen when he was better. Wayne isn't impressed - Debbie could be playing a very dangerous game with Craig's mental state.
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