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Neighbours Episode 2039 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2039
Australian airdate: 04/11/93
UK airdate: 07/09/94
UK Gold: 24/08/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Philip East and Grant Fenn
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Rosie McLaren: Peggy O'Shea
Dr Dawson: Mark Oddie
Bus Driver: Malcolm Sim
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Slater House
Debbie calls Ally in to Craig's room to talk to Craig, but she can't get through to him either. The two girls wonder what to go. Craig is still sobbing.
Ramsay Street
Sean is tormenting Lou with his paper again. He ends up hitting Lou on the back of the head with it(!)
Coffee Shop
Gaby is telling Beth about the flying lessons. She's worried about failing her pilot's licence, but Beth assures her she'll be fine. Brad comes in and Beth tells Gaby about the cricket- talk fest last night. Also that she and Wayne are going on a romantic date tonight. Gaby warns her not to let Wayne push her around.
Lou is ranting at Sean's mother that Sean is out of control. She minimises Lou's concern and Lou isn't happy, saying he's not giving Sean a Christmas tip this year! While they're talking, Ally rings and tells her mother to come home straightaway, as there's something wrong with Craig. She tells Ally to ring a doctor. Then she puts the phone down and tells Lou that Craig is sick. He offers her a lift home.
A bus
Helen gets on and asks for a 60+ ticket, but she doesn't have her senior card, so they say she'll have to pay full fare. Then the bus driver tell her he hasn't got change, so she'll have to get off. Luckily, a women already on the bus steps in and pays her fare. They sit down together.
Slater House
The doctor is shining a light in Craig's vacant eyes. He tells him to stay in bed and relax. In the living room, Mrs Slater says that Craig seems fine physically. The doctor comes in and says that Craig has had some kind of shock and has shut down - basically, he's had a nervous breakdown. He asks Mrs Slater and Ally if they know what the problem might be? Debbie looks guilty.
Coffee Shop
Helen is having a coffee with the lady from the bus. Her name is Rosie. They seem to have a fair bit in common. They talk about Rosie's house, which apparently has an extensive garden. She invites Helen round to see it.
Slater House
Mrs Slater is trying to get hold of Craig's father. The doctor tells them that Craig will need a lot of support from his family. Mrs Slater feels guilty that she didn't see this coming, but the doctor assures her that some people are really good at hiding their feelings. But there must have been a new factor that triggered the breakdown - probably in the last 24 hours. Debbie says it might have been getting thrown out of the party. The doctor will contact a counsellor. Mrs Slater asks Debbie to keep quiet about Craig's breakdown.
Rosie's House
Rosie has given Helen a tour of her house, which is over 100 years old. The house is huge. Apparently Rosie's daughter wants to tear the house down and build flats on the site. So Rosie is trying to get the National Trust to take the house on.
Rosie goes to put the kettle on for them while Helen sits.
Coffee Shop
Wayne tells Beth that he's worried he's let Craig down (how did he know?!) Beth says they don't have to go out - they could stay at home and cook. Mark will be out.
Slater House
Mrs Slater is tidying some things in Craig's room when he wakes up and calls to her. He tells her he feels numb, and can't remember what the doctor said. She explains that he's had a bit of a breakdown, but he's going to be fine. Craig looks very upset and confused.
CRAIG: I'm useless.
MRS SLATER: Well, that's not true. Would you *please* tell me what's troubling you?
CRAIG: Nobody likes me, do they? I mess up everything. God, I'm hopeless.
MRS SLATER: Shhhh, everything's going to be alright. We all love you.
CRAIG: No, you don't!
Ally and Sean stand in the door looking worried.
Wayne comes in and asks Brad for a bottle of wine to go with dinner. Brad tells him that he's glad he and Wayne are mates again.
Slater House
Debbie has popped round to visit Craig, but he's asleep again. She tells Mrs Slater about Craig asking her out and her subsequent rejection, explaining that she doesn't want another boyfriend so soon after Darren. Mrs Slater asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend to set him on the road to recovery.
Gaby is reading through flight theory. Brad teases her about taking her test. He also tells her that he's fed up that Wayne has ended up with Beth, but he'll just have to live with it.
Debbie is talking to Wayne about pretending to be Craig's girlfriend. Wayne tells her firmly that she shouldn't do it. She should just be there for him as a friend.
Debbie heads off and Beth comes in. She pours them a glass of wine each. Wayne is still upset about Craig.
Rosie's house
It seems that Rosie is quite well- travelled in Australia. Helen looks admiringly at her photos. Rosie tells her she's off to Uluru in a few days by bus. She would invite Helen along, but the bus is fully booked. She encourages Helen to go on her own trip soon, though.
Slater House
Debbie comes around again. Mrs Slater tells her that she can only see Craig if she's going to pretend to be his girlfriend.
Wayne is still going on about Craig, but is worried he isn't cut out to be a teacher. Beth points out that he's a good teacher, and he's helped a lot of the kids. They kiss.
WAYNE: Can I stay?
BETH: Sorry?
WAYNE: Can I stay the night?
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