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Neighbours Episode 2038 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2038
Australian airdate: 03/11/93
UK airdate: 06/09/94
UK Gold: 23/08/00
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Philip East and Grant Fenn
Guests: Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Kev: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie's party is still in full swing. She is opening presents, while Rick tries to fend Ally off. Debbie comes over and tells Rick he's a cradle- snatcher(!) but he explains about the wardrobe blackmail angle. Debbie starts to off to No.32 to tell her parents where she is, but Craig calls her over to dance.
Mark is brooding about Annalise and Brad joins him at a table. Mark moans that Annalise is cracking on to every bloke in sight and "wasting" herself. Brad suggests that they both head off home.
Beth is looking for a movie for watch but Wayne would rather kiss instead!
Julie is sadly packing away the party and moaning that Debbie didn't turn up for her party. Just then, Debbie comes in, and of course didn't realise they were organising a party too. She is mortified. Julie comes round a bit and gives her a hug, telling her to go back to her friends and enjoy herself - they can have some cake later.
Wayne and Beth are hanging out. Wayne tells her how different she is from Gaby - there's no friction between them for a start!
Brad and Mark comes in and catch them kissing. Brad looks sad.
Ally is still trying to get Rick to dance with her. Craig hands alcohol out, much to Rick's annoyance. Debbie arrives back and tells Craig off, so he collects the alcohol back in again(!)
Rick goes into his room to get some more CDs and Ally follows him in there. He tells her he's found his necklace under his bed. She tries to crack on to him, but Rick says the age gap is too big. Ally says she'll prove it with a kiss and jumps on him!
Rick staggers out into the living room and tells Craig to control his sister(!) Debbie laughs at the lipstick mark on Rick's face.
A funereal silence has developed between Wayne, Beth and Brad. Brad says he's going, and Mark snipes at Wayne too. Beth finally tells them all to grow up and make an effort with each other.
Rick's bedroom
Craig takes Debbie into the bedroom to talk. He tells her that she means a lot to him, and he'd like her to be his girlfriend. Debbie awkwardly tells him that she does like him, but she's off relationships after Darren. So she'd like to keep going as friends. Craig takes this very hard, but Debbie says she doesn't feel that way about him. When she's gone back to the party, Craig lies back on Rick's bed in despair!
Wayne and Brad are arguing about PE lessons. Beth rolls her eyes. Mark tries to make conversation about Rod Marsh who apparently came into the restaurant the other night. An animated conversation about cricket ensues!
Craig has gone a bit nuts and he and his friends are shaking up bottles and then opening them. They start popping balloons and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Debbie tells Rick about Craig asking her out.
The animated conversation about cricket is still going on between Mark, Wayne and Brad. Beth is looking very bored, but Wayne just asks her to get them a few beers(!) Beth goes off to bed in disgust.
The kids have lit a birthday cake for Debbie, who blows out the candles. Everyone claps, except Craig who looks fed up. He starts a food fight with Debbie's cake. Finally Rick grabs Craig and tells him to get out. Debbie also shouts at him, saying he's a loser. He breaks a lamp and then runs out.
No.32, the following morning
Debbie is opening her family birthday presents. Julie and Phil have bought her a personal CD player and Debbie is very pleased. She tells them about Craig going psycho last night. Phil and Julie send her over to No.24 to help clean up.
Beth is cleaning up the mess that the guys have left in the living room. She moans at Mark about all the cricket talk. Mark has apparently decided that Wayne isn't a moron after all(!) He tells her that they also talked about triathlons last night, so they've suggested a street triathlon competition. Beth asks him seriously if it's open to girls and Mark says it's a very tough race. Beth is not impressed at his sexism.
Rick and Debbie are cleaning up from the party. Rick doesn't know what to do about Lou's broken lamp. Debbie says she's been thinking about it, and she understands why Craig acted out - he was disappointed that she said no to being his girlfriend. Rick says that Ally is nice enough, but she's just too young for him. He asks Debbie to have a word with her on his behalf!
Coffee Shop
Beth is having breakfast when Wayne comes in. She's still a bit miffed about the cricket talk, and also about them eating all the food in the fridge(!) Wayne suggests that they have a romantic night out tonight to make up for it - just him and Beth.
Slater house
Debbie has come to see Craig. She goes to his bedroom. Craig appears to be having some sort of meltdown, and is sitting crying on his bed. Debbie tries to talk to him, but he is inconsolable.
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