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Neighbours Episode 2037 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2037
Australian airdate: 02/11/93
UK airdate: 05/09/94
UK Gold: 22/08/00
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Philip East and Grant Fenn
Guests: Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Susan: Michelle Gleeson
Suzie: Vanessa Carroll
Man: Phillip Norwood
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick is understandably surprised to find Ally in his wardrobe(!) but Lou has come in and is calling out to Rick, so things are a bit panicky - especially as Rick has his shirt off (he has just been changing his oily T- shirt). Ally says she'll make a deal with him - she'll hide from Lou if Rick takes her out on a date(!) She gets back in the wardrobe!
In the living room, Lou rants at Rick for getting oil on the pavement outside.
Craig Slater has rung to talk to Debbie. Debbie has made Julie tell him that she's not in. She tells Julie that Craig is a bit weird and seems to get on the wrong side of everyone - but maybe he's a bit lonely. Julie suggests she goes and has a chat to him.
Phil comes home with a present for Debbie's birthday (it's her 17th) and Julie tells him that she's planning a family party for her. Phil says he's got news about Gaby(!)
Coffee Shop
Debbie comes in and finds Craig sitting at a table looking down. Debbie says that the smoke bomb was really bad. She wants him to apologise to Rick and start thinking about other people for a change. He says he'll do it, if Debbie will be friends with him.
Mark comes in and sees Annalise sitting at a table. They snipe at each other nastily.
Rick tells some kids that it's Debbie's birthday and they're having a party. Craig apologises to Rick and hopes they can forget what's happened recently. Rick is rather surprised, but reluctantly agrees to bury the hatchet - but only for Debbie's sake. He invites Craig to Debbie's party.
Coffee Shop
Annalise has finished her coffee. She sees Helen, Pam and Julie on the way out. Helen asks if Annalise is alright as she was late home last night, but she just snaps at Helen that she's an adult and stomps off.
Julie invites Pam and Helen to Debbie's party tonight. She's sure Debbie will be pleased.
Rick tells Craig that he's planning a no- oldies party for Debbie at his place. Craig is overly enthusiastic and making unwanted suggestions to Rick. Ally comes along and asks Rick to be her date to the party tonight, or she'll tell Lou she was in Rick's bedroom.
Lauren asks Mark for a job, but there's nothing going at the moment. He asks her about Annalise and wonders if Lauren could talk to her about her wild behaviour(!) He reckons Annalise is making a fool of herself. Lauren says she'll have a word.
Lou is still waiting for the plumber when Rick comes in. He asks Lou if they can have a party for Debbie at No.24 and he flatly refuses. Rick eventually talks him round saying a lot of the kids will be doing their licences next year, and will want to buy a used car(!) Lou lays down the ground rules - nothing after midnight, no outside partying and no alcohol. Rick tells him that it's a surprise party, so he should keep quiet.
Lassiter's Complex
Phil sees Lou. He invites him to a party for Debbie at No.32 tonight. Lou tries to talk Phil out of his party(!) but Phil won't heard of it. Lou says to himself that the parties are certainly going to be a surprise!
Coffee Shop
Lauren asks Annalise why she's flirting with the customers and going out with them. She tries to reason with her saying she nearly went off the rails with the cult. Annalise tells her to get lost. Lauren tells her that Mark is really worried about her, but Annalise tells her to tell Mark to butt out! Then she stomps off.
Some kids, Rick and Ally are blowing up balloons. Lou comes in and tells Rick that there's a surprise party at No.32 too. Craig comes in with drinks, including alcohol. Rick quickly hides it in the pantry before Lou can see it. Lou comes in and says the porch light has blown out(!)
Annalise is serving a customer who is being a bit lecherous. She sits down and has a drink with him. He tells her he's been watching her and asks her what she does in her spare time. Phil comes in and sees Annalise drinking on duty. She tells him she's just keeping the customers happy. He tells her firmly to cool her anger and get back to work.
Rick intercepts Debbie on the street and takes her into her party at No.24. The house is in darkness so that everyone can jump out and surprise her. They've covered the house with balloons and streamers. Debbie is very pleased.
The lecherous customer is pretty drunk and tries to grab Annalise's arm. She fends him off at first, but then Mark comes in, so she sits down with the lecherous bloke to make Mark jealous. Annalise is has just finished her shift, so she continues to talk to the bloke while Mark glowers.
Phil is telling Helen and Pam that Gaby is taking flying lessons. Pam wishes her family could be into nice, boring, safe activities(!) Doug is off somewhere selling building materials. Pam apparently called in some favours with Doug's building mates.
Lou arrives and Phil wonders where Debbie is. Lou doesn't say anything.
Debbie tells Craig that he's having a great time. Rick won't let Craig open the alcohol, and Debbie agrees with Rick. Craig backs down and decides to have a dance instead.
Ally asks Rick for a dance, but he makes a sharp exit(!)
Lauren tells Lou that he *has* to tell Julie and Phil where Debbie is. But he doesn't need to, because Julie has heard noise coming from No.24 and has guessed what's happened. Phil thinks it's kind of funny and tells Julie that at least Debbie is enjoying herself.
Annalise is playing up to the lecherous guy who offers her a ride in his car. He goes off to get the car. Mark tells Annalise that she's making a fool of herself. She tells him to rack off.
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