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Neighbours Episode 2036 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2036
Australian airdate: 01/11/93
UK airdate: 02/09/94
UK Gold: 21/08/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Philip East and Grant Fenn
Guests: Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Tracey: Kelly Sulikowski
Vikki: Jacinta Stapleton
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Pru: Jacyl Shaw
Man no. 1: Ross Simmons
Man no. 2: Robert Jealous
Man no. 3: Robert Dal Forno
Doorman: Peter Lane
Attendant: Jack Mitchelson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise tells Helen that she always rushes into things and now she's ruined things with Mark.
- Phil tells Julie that he thinks Gaby and Jack Parker are trying to take over the company.
- Ally and Sean have put something in Rick's drink to make him pass out.
Rick is putting up posters about the lost necklace. Ally sees him and offers to help him. When Rick has gone, Ally goes round taking the posters down! She tells some girls that Wayne caught her and Rick kissing.
Annalise thinks Phil gave her her job back only because she's attractive. She tells Brad she does have a brain and a personality too, but nobody ever cares about that.
Phil comes in and tells Annalise she's looking good. He asks for the stock sheets, but Brad says he hasn't done them yet. He suggests that Annalise could help him, as he wants them today.
Coffee Shop
Ally comes in and takes another of Rick's posters down. Her two mates come in and asks when Ally is going public about her and Rick. She says she's decided to dump Rick(!)
Sean comes in and tells Ally that he's seen some of Rick's posters. Ally says they have to get the necklace back to him - they should never have stolen it in the first place. Sean says they just need to put it somewhere that Rick will think he's dropped it by accident. He reckons she can just visit Rick as a friend and drop it somewhere in his house.
Rick is doing an assignment. Lauren says he's not supposed to be copying Debbie's assignment! Rick tells Lauren that he's glad she's doing better. He offers her a job back at the Coffee Shop, but she says she wants a fresh start.
Lou comes in and is pleased that Lauren is looking jobs, and also that she's safe from the Barrabians.
Sean rides through some mud on his bike and falls off. The papers fall off his basket and get muddy too.
Some guys are being lecherous towards Annalise. Gaby isn't impressed that Annalise is allowing this sort of behaviour towards her. Annalise says it's all part of the job.
Back of No.24
Lou is watering the garden and see Sean, who has come for the money for the papers. Sean throws the paper and it goes in the swimming pool(!) Lou tries to fish it out with a net and ends up falling in(!) Sean laughs and runs off.
Lou comes in, in a very bad mood and dripping wet. On the way in, he trips over a rock (yes, *that* rock!) Lauren gets him a towel. He goes off to have a shower. Lauren tries to undo the wet paper so she can look at the job adverts. Lou continues to rant about "the youth of today"! Lou comes out of the shower and says the water has gone off! The unlucky rock is now in the utility room. Subtle Aboriginal music plays.
Coffee Shop
Sean comes in and tells Ally about Lou falling in the pool. Ally asks Sean to take the necklace to No.24 for her, but he says she's on her own(!)
Phil comes in for a sticky bun. An admin assistant (Prue) catches up for him and says a fax has come in on the main hotel machine for him. It reads, "Here's all you need before you take control. See you soon. Jack."
Gaby comes in and says that Prue told her Phil had a fax for her. She takes it. Phil asks her what's happening with her department. She declines to say and says she's off to an important meeting!
Lou comes round to ask if No.32's water is on as his is off. She assures him that theirs is fine, in fact, Debbie is filling up the spa right now. He mentions the "reddish rock" by his back door and Hannah looks worried. When he's gone, she groans to Holly that the rock is back and she'll never get rid of it. Aboriginal music plays.
Lassiter's Complex
Phil is spying on Gaby in a really obvious way (standing up, hiding behind a paper). Somehow, she doesn't spot him and rushes off. Phil follows. He sees her talking to a man, but while he's spying, Mark comes along to ask him about making improvements to the restaurant. He badgers Phil who fends him off. By the time the fending has finished, Gaby and the bloke have gone.
Mark asks Brad if Phil is a bit strange(!) He wonders if Phil was following Gaby. Annalise is still getting comments from lecherous customers. Mark is not impressed. Although he's not so much concerned about the lecherous comments, as the fact that Annalise is paying attention to the customers instead of him(!)
Ramsay Street
Lou and Rick are trying to start Lauren's car, which has broken down. Hannah comes over and looks worried. Aboriginal music plays again!
Lassiter's Complex
Phil is still looking for Gaby. An employee called George tells him that she's taken a taxi to the airport - a private airport!
Ally breaks in through the laundry room window. She looks pleased with herself, but then Rick and Lauren come in, so she hides.
Rick's bedroom
Ally is creeping around looking for somewhere to put the necklace (no rush, love).
Annalise is talking to the lecherous customer again. Mark is still not impressed. Brad says Annalise is just playing up to the customers.
Ramsay Street
Rick is under Lauren's car with a spanner. Lauren is doubtful about his mechanical prowess. He end up drenching himself in oil!
Private Airport
Phil has figured out the airport that Gaby went to. He asks after Gaby and the receptionist points him through to the airfield. Gaby is staggered to see Phil and is offended that he followed her.
PHIL: What's going on?
GABY: What is it you think, Philip? Fleeing the country? Running guns? Smuggling whisky?!
PHIL: Why don't you just tell me?
GABY: Actually, I'm taking flying lessons.
PHIL: Flying lessons?
GABY: Yes! You know, where you go up in a plane and learn to work the controls?
She suggests that Phil could meet her instructor in a minute - Jack Flynn. A look of comprehension comes over Phil's face.
Ally is still creeping around Rick's room (she's only just put the necklace down, note: at least five minutes have gone by) when Lauren comes in ranting at Rick. He says he'll have a shower (but rethinks that as the water is off!) and then says he'll change his T- shirt and then fix Lauren's car and clean the road underneath it. Ally hides in Rick's wardrobe when she hears him coming.
Rick comes into his bedroom and removes his T- shirt. He looks for his laundry basket and moves an ironing board against the door of the wardrobe that Ally is in. After a while, the ironing board slips, but Rick is suspicious and goes to open the wardrobe, finding Ally inside!
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