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Neighbours Episode 2035 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2035
Australian airdate: 29/10/93
UK airdate: 01/09/94
UK Gold: 18/08/00
Writer: Don Linke
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Kev: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Gaby goes out with Jack.
- Mark moans to Lou that Annalise doesn't want anything to do with him.
- Annalise tells Helen that her life is a mess.
- Phil is shocked to hear that Gaby has been talking to the bankers about large sums of money. He thinks she's trying to take over the company.
Annalise and Beth are talking about sexual discrimination at work. Beth says that Annalise has a certain "look" and advises her that people won't think much of her until she thinks more of herself. Annalise admits that she was brought up to rely on her looks, but the influence of the Ramsay Street women has been good for her. Beth points out that Annalise worked really hard to get the job with Jeffrey, but Annalise just moans that it all went wrong, and so did her relationship with Mark.
Just then Mark comes in and glowers at her.
Doug is cooking again and offers Brad a burnt bread roll. He makes his excuses and leaves(!)
Phil arrives and angrily tells Doug that he's fed up of Gaby pursuing her own interests. Doug says that Gaby is ambitious, but she's loyal and wouldn't turn on a friend. Phil is not convinced.
Annalise is still moaning to Beth about her life. Mark comes out of his room and tells Annalise that she'd better not be there when he gets back from work(!)
Before Annalise can tell Beth what happened with Mark, Wayne arrives. Annalise looks fed up to see Beth and Wayne all over each other.
Phil and Hannah are hanging out. Hannah reminds Phil that it's "pupil- free" day at school tomorrow and asks if she can go to work with Phil instead. Apparently Helen is visiting a friend in hospital, and Nicholas's mum is working. Hannah suggests that she could hang out with Doug.
Doug is giving Phil a hard time on the phone(!) but agrees to have Hannah for the day.
Gaby comes in and Doug tells her that Phil is furious with her. She looks confused and says she has no idea what Phil is on about. And anyway, if she "pursues her own interests" it's no business of Phil or anyone else!
Doug offers Gaby some dinner. She has a look and then says she's already eaten(!)
The Pub
Annalise comes in and sits at the bar looking dejected. She moans to Brad about her life (it's getting a bit boring now). She even tells off two random strangers for listening in (as she sits at a public bar!) Brad tells Annalise to try talking to Mark, but she says it's no good. And she doesn't want to be a "bimbo behind a bar"
No.28, the following morning
Brad is clearing away the remains of Doug's cooking and looking for something edible in the fridge. Gaby comes out and they both moan about Doug's cooking.
Doug comes out and offers them bubble and squeak, but Gaby says she has to go to work and Brad says he doesn't feel well(!)
Hannah arrives and Doug tells her that they're going shopping!
Mark is moaning about Annalise to Beth. Beth tells him off and says he should give Annalise a chance to explain. Just then, Annalise arrives and Mark sulkily lets her in. Annalise invites Beth for lunch, but she is off to meet Wayne. On her way out, Mark makes a nasty comment and slams the door behind her.
The Office
Phil demands to know what Gaby has been up to behind his back.
PHIL: Are you scheming to take over this company?
GABY: No! I've been working on a plan to pay off Paul's creditors. You know, those poor jerks who invested in his shonky time- share deal?
PHIL: Who asked you to do that?
GABY: I was showing some initiative!
She hands him a file with proof of her story. Gaby is a bit fed up that Phil suspected her of wrong- doing and tell him to give her a break.
Doug comes in with a load of food and Hannah trails after him with a load of bags too! One of the bags splits and something leaks out. Hannah looks on, and so does her rock, complete with Aboriginal sounds(!)
Coffee Shop
Brad comes in and sees Beth. He offers to join her for a sandwich, but backs off when he hears Wayne is coming. Beth tells him that she wants them to be friends and Brad agrees.
The Office
Phil tells Gaby that her work is good, but she should have kept himself of Paul fully informed. Gaby says that Paul is a crook and she and Phil are going to have to salvage the company before they get sued out of existence.
When Phil goes into the office, Jack rings Gaby. He overhears her answering the phone and listens in on her conversation.
GABY: I had to do a little bit of fast- talking this morning, but I think everything's OK now. No, nobody suspects a thing!
Hannah and Doug are putting the groceries away. Doug cuts himself on a tin somehow. Hannah asks if he's seen any strange rocks around lately. Just then, the freezer packs in. Hannah looks worried.
The Pub
Beth and Wayne are having a glass of wine while Brad eyes them from the bar. He does not look very happy.
Hannah discovers the haunted rock in the corner of the room and explains that it's unlucky - it was brought back from Uluru. She explains that everyone who's come into contact with the rock has had bad luck. Doug says that they'll get rid of it.
Coffee Shop
Brad is moaning to Mark about Wayne. Mark stirs him up and Brad says he's going to have a few words with Wayne.
Phil comes in and asks Brad what's going on with Gaby. He thinks she's involved with Jack Parker. Brad says he doesn't know anything, and anyway, he won't spy on his own sister(!)
Doug and Hannah have thrown the rock away. Hannah is not convinced, saying it keeps coming back.
Just then, the phone rings and it's Doug's friend Les. He's offering him work from tomorrow. Doug accepts and Hannah says it's all down to getting rid of the rock.
The Pub
Beth and Wayne are kissing at a table, while Brad glowers in the background. When Beth has popped to the loo, Brad goes over and accuses Wayne of putting Beth off him.
BRAD: You told me that Beth didn't want a commitment, and you knew she did! You knew when I messed things up, she'd come running back to you.
WAYNE: I only told you what she told me.
BRAD: No. You put me on the wrong track. You knew I'd make a fool of myself, and that you'd be there to pick up the pieces.
WAYNE: That's too smart for me, mate.
BRAD: No, it's not.
WAYNE: Look, get real. If you're too stupid to figure out what Beth wants, then you don't deserve her.
BRAD: The only time I was stupid was when I trusted you.
Beth comes back and asks what they were talking about. Wayne fobs her off. Brad looks like he is planning something.
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