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Neighbours Episode 2034 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2034
Australian airdate: 28/10/93
UK airdate: 31/08/94
UK Gold: 17/08/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Ruth Avery: Caitlin McDougall
Barabbas: Aidan Fennessy
Jack Flynn: Mark Pennell
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Doug says he's taking over the cooking
- Julie overhears Gaby on the phone telling a "Jack" that she's ready to go solo. Julie assumes it's Jack Parker.
- Annalise tells Mark that he's still "just a friend"
- Lauren meets Barrabas
Barrabas's Lair
Barrabas continues to push Lauren down to the floor when she suddenly realises what is happening, gasps in fear and starts to struggle.
BARRABAS: What is it? Don't be frightened, my child.
LAUREN: No! I don't want this. I didn't join the group for this!
She struggles to her feet.
LAUREN: I'm going!
Barrabas has clasped her arms.
BARRABAS: Lauren, it has to be. It's all part of the spiritual process, part of your re- birth as a Barrabian.
LAUREN: Then I don't want to be a Barrabian!
She keeps trying to get away, but Barrabas is holding her by the wrists.
LAUREN: I'm going!
BARRABAS: Lauren, you cannot escape my love. You must submit.
She finally manages to escape from Barrabas's grasp and runs out of the room.
Gosh, what a dark scene.
Ramsay Street
Wayne, Beth and Mark see Annalise. They invite her to go for a swim, but she declines. She tells Mark pointedly that some of them have to try to get their jobs back!
The Office
Gaby is still at her desk when Phil comes in. He tells Gaby that she is being very mysterious about "her appointment" and then is surprised to learn that Julie is in the inner office.
Inner Office
Julie tells Phil that Gaby is planning to take over the company with Jack Parker!
The Office
Doug comes in to ask Gaby what she wants for dinner. She tells him she's out tonight. Julie walks through and glowers at her.
A road
Lauren is stumbling down a road, still in her white robes and with bare feet. She hears a car coming and hides in the bushes in fear.
Lassiter's Complex
Doug has been shopping and Phil gives him a hand to carry all his bags. He explains that he's cooking tonight, although Phil is surprised to hear that Gaby is out "on business" tonight.
The Office
Annalise has come to ask Gaby for her job back at The Waterhole. Annalise is really being rather rude, sitting with her back to Gaby and glowering at her. Gaby isn't very nice to Annalise either, mocking her for the stockbroking job, so I guess they're even!
When Phil comes back, Annalise tells him that she needs to ask a really big favour.
Doug is cooking while Brad looks on skeptically. It doesn't look very appetising(!) Brad notices black smoke coming from the oven. Doug has burnt his chicken. He insists it's fine though as "flambé" is in fashion(!)
Lou and Mark are sitting by the pool while Wayne and Beth lark around and kiss. Mark looks a bit fed up, so he and Lou go off inside for a beer. Lou tells Mark that he's a bit worried about Lauren, but Mark is more interested in moaning about Beth trying to get over Brad with Wayne. He's also moping about his relationship with Annalise. Lou advises him that Annalise is tricky to understand and he shouldn't give up.
Coffee Shop
Helen and Annalise are chatting over coffee. Annalise moans about having to crawl to Gaby and Phil for her job back, and that she's screwed things up with Mark. She got involved with him on the rebound from Jeffrey and has hurt him because she didn't want a big relationship. Helen tells Annalise to stop thinking of herself as a bimbo - she has a lot of excellent qualities. Annalise thinks her life is a mess though!
Doug is still cooking and to be fair, it looks dire. He's making dessert now (crème caramel) and starts searching the cupboard for vanilla essence. There isn't any, so he sends Brad off to get some.
As Brad gets up, there's a knock at the door and it's Jack, who's come to pick up Gaby. He introduces himself to Doug and Brad. Doug calls to Gaby who is shocked to see Jack there so early. Apparently they are "late" though and she drags him off. Doug and Brad look confused.
Mark is still moaning on about Annalise. Lou thinks that Mark is in love with Annalise. Lou sends him off to the garden with some food while he answers the phone. To his surprise, it's a reverse- charge phone call from Lauren.
A road
Lauren has managed to find a phone- box.
LOU: Lauren? Lauren, are you OK?
LAUREN: Dad, he's after me! I'm so scared, I don't know what to do.
LOU:(concerned) Who's after you, honey? Lauren!
LAUREN: Barrabas! He tried to...
She trails off, in tears.
LOU: Lauren, he tried to what?!
LAUREN: Come and get me, please, Dad!
LOU: Where are you?
LAUREN: Um...I'm in a phone- box...on Waller Road...near the Jamieson turnoff.
LOU: Yes, yes, I think I know it. Sweetheart, you stay exactly where you are, I'm on my way!
Ramsay Street
Lou jumps in his car and reverses it on to the street. Brad is just coming out of No.28 on his way to get vanilla essence.
LOU: Brad! Get in mate!
BRAD: What for?!
LOU: I may need some muscle.
BRAD: Muscle?
LOU: It's Lauren, she's in trouble!
BRAD: What sort of trouble?
LOU: Just get in!
Brad gets in and they drive off.
A road
Lauren is hiding behind a tree. She becomes aware of the garlands around her neck and rips them off. Then she hears a car approaching and assumes it's Lou, so she runs out into the road. Unfortunately, it's Ruth and Barrabas.
BARRABAS: Daughter! Don't run, daughter! I won't harm you.
LAUREN: Stay away from me.
She backs away, then trips on her robes.
BARRABAS: You're distraught my child, and there's no need. Trust me.
Lauren backs away in terror.
LAUREN: No! Get away from me!
RUTH:(to Barrabas) She's frightened! (to Lauren) It's alright, Lauren. No- one is going to hurt you, we love you. Don't turn your back on us now, you've suffered long enough. You want to bring love back into your life. Who else cares for you the way we do? If you look into your heart and your soul, you know it's true, don't you? We are your future.
Coffee Shop
Doug comes in looking for Brad and moans to Phil that he hasn't come back with the vanilla essence. He also mentions that Gaby has gone out with a guy called Jack.
A road
Barrabas and Ruth are manhandling a screaming Lauren into the back of their car when Lou and Brad arrive.
RUTH: It's for your own good, Lauren!
LOU: Get your hands off her!
RUTH: It's her father.
BARRABAS: You may be her earthly father, but in the eyes of God, this child is mine!
LOU: I said, get your hands off her, you mongrel!
BRAD: Do it!
Barrabas releases Lauren and she falls sobbing into Lou's arms.
LOU: It's OK, sweetheart, it's OK, you're safe now.
BARRABAS: Sister Lauren, come back to me. This is your last chance for salvation!
Lou has had enough now. He passes Lauren to Brad and strides over to Barrabas, poking him in the chest.
LOU: You know what you can do with your salvation, mate. And if I find you, or any of your mates anywhere near my daughter ever again, it'll take a miracle to put the pieces back together again. Do you hear me?
He goes back to the car, helps Lauren into the back with Brad, and drives off.
Julie is waiting for Debbie to arrive so that she can drop Helen at her friend's house. Helen says she'll get a cab, and Julie insists on paying for it. Helen rolls her eyes.
Lauren is out of her robes now and has calmed down a lot.
LAUREN: I should have listened to you. Everything you said was right.
LOU: Oh, your old Dad usually is right.
LAUREN: Yeah, I know. I was just so lonely and they seemed to like me for myself, you know? I just wanted to be a part of something and they seemed to have all the answers.
LOU: All the wrong answers. You know, there's a load of people around here that think the world of you, me being number one! I am just so glad you're home, safe and sound.
He hugs her.
Doug is laying up for dinner when Brad comes in.
DOUG:(angrily) Oh, where have you been?!
BRAD: Sorry Dad, I got caught up in something.
DOUG: Oh, terrific! There's my cream caramel at the critical stage, and you shoot through and leave me in the lurch!
BRAD: It was an emergency!
DOUG: So was my dessert!
BRAD: No, really, Lou grabbed me. We had to go and spring Lauren from that crazy religious mob.
DOUG: Is she alright? Lou was darn near frantic about it.
BRAD: Yeah, she's fine now.
DOUG: Oh, that's a relief. Still had to go and get my own vanilla essence, now I'm hours behind!
Not showing very much concern about Lauren(!) Doug busies himself in the kitchen, saying how complicated cooking is and he's sorry he whinged at Pam about his dinner now! He's put too much vanilla essence in the dessert and Brad tries not to gag when he tastes it.
BRAD: It's great Dad, just great.
His face says otherwise.
Phil asks Julie if she really thinks Gaby and Jack Parker are up to something. Anyway, he doesn't believe that Gaby would undermine him.
Just then the phone rings and it's Barbara from Lassiter's in New York. She tells him that Gaby has been talking to their bankers about large sums of money.
PHIL:(to Julie) I think they're trying to take over the company.
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