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Neighbours Episode 2014 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2014
Australian airdate: 30/09/93
UK airdate: 03/08/94
UK Gold: 20/07/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Nicholas Greenway: Justin D'Orazio
Shannen Emerson: Andrea Swifte
Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Nicholas' mum: unknown
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen asks Lou to find some handyman work around the house for Doug to do. Lou says he can easily give Doug some work as there are loads of things round the house that need doing.
Coffee Shop
Wayne and Rick are restraining Nicolas. Debbie tells them that his mum is on her way - she didn't sound too surprised and it seems it's happened before.
Annalise's Office
Annalise and her work colleague are sniping at each other. Annalise's boss comes in and compliments her on her work, then invites her to come out to lunch with him. She tells him she'd rather keep things professional. Her work colleague is rather amused to hear this!
Doug is ranting about not being able to find work. Pam is nervous about not having the ute insured and says she'll take on even more shifts to pay for it.
Lou comes round to ask Doug to do some handyman work for him. Doug says he'll do it for free, but Lou is adamant he will be paying Doug, insisting that he wants to negotiate an hourly rate.
Coffee Shop
Wayne is still restraining Nicolas. Debbie thinks it might be something to do with the food additive.
Nicolas's mum arrives and gets him breathing into a paper bag - it has happened to Nicolas before so she knows what to do. She tells them he had bad reactions to some food dyes.
Annalise's Office
Annalise's work colleague compliments her on fending off the boss. Just then, Annalise's boss comes in and tells her she's having lunch with him in five minutes, or else!
Coffee Shop
Rick moans on about the food additive and tries to blame it all on Debbie. She is offended and tells Rick he can cook from now on, while she waits on tables. He says he was just having a laugh.
Annalise and her boss are having a rather strained lunch. Annalise tells him she knows he's engaged. He denies it and says he's never been engaged - the woman she saw him with previously was an old family friend. Annalise is convinced and agrees to go out with him tonight.
Doug is doing handyman work for Lou. He asks Lou if he's showing him charity, but Lou tells him he'd rather pay Doug that someone he doesn't know. Helen comes round and says Doug can come round and put up a few shelves for her when he's finished. Lou tells Helen that she'll have to pay Doug(!) Then he quietly winks at her!
Annalise's boss (Jeffrey) heads back to the office. Mark comes over to talk to Annalise and tells her that Jeffrey would say anything to get what he wants. Annalise asks him if he's jealous.
Doug is pleased to have some handyman work and says he might do a flyer to spread the word in the neighbourhood.
Coffee Shop
Rick tells Lou that Debbie is a rotten cook (cheek!). Lou orders a salad! He tells Rick he'll have to find himself a decent cook.
Doug is putting up Helen's shelves when Gaby pops round. She tells Annalise that everyone knows Jeffrey and Wendy are having a full- on affair. Annalise tells her she shouldn't believe everything she reads in the newspapers.
The phone rings, and it's Jeffrey! He's cancelling his date with Annalise for tonight, much to her disappointment. She asks Gaby to find out what's going on through her social contacts. Gaby agrees.
When they've gone, Wayne comes in and admires Doug's shelves. He implies that Helen offered to pay him to put up the shelves out of charity.
Ramsay Street
Pam thanks Helen for giving Doug some work. Just then, Doug stalks up and tells Helen he's not a charity case. Then he walks off.
Annalise and Helen are talking about Jeffrey. Gaby comes round and says her contacts say that Jeffrey has never been engaged. There's a financial connection with the Chatsworth family, but no wedding bells. Annalise is pleased.
Lou is telling Doug that they are not offering him charity. Pam comes in and tells him that people care about him, and he shouldn't abuse them.
Coffee Shop
Rick is trying to tell Debbie she's sacked. Just then, the phone rings and it's a friend of Debbie's. She tells her friend she's making $5 an hour, and is shocked to hear that Rick was paying Kristy a lot more. Rick, meanwhile, is telling Wayne that he wants to sack Debbie!
Annalise comes round to see Mark. Mark isn't all that pleased to see her. Annalise says she's not interested in his opinion about Jeffrey.
Pam and Doug arrive home to find the ute has been stolen. Doug looks very worried, saying his tools were in the back.
Coffee Shop
Rick tries to sack Debbie, but she gets in first, saying she wants a payrise. Rick tells her she's sacked. Debbie takes this well, but says she wants back- pay equal to Kristy's, or she'll ring Cathy and tell her everything!
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