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Neighbours Episode 2015 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2015
Australian airdate: 01/10/93
UK airdate: 04/08/94
UK Gold: 21/07/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Shannen Emerson: Andrea Swifte
Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Insurance Assessor: unknown - Phillip Norwood?
Lindy Chatsworth: Dale Stevens
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise tells Mark she could end up Mrs Jeffrey Hockney(!) There's a knock at the door and Mark reluctantly answers it - it's Gaby. Annalise decides to head home.
Gaby tells Mark that she just popped round for a chat as they haven't seen each other much recently. He is quite uninterested.
Doug is on the phone to the police about the ute. They don't think there's much hope for getting the ute or the tools back.
DOUG: One thing after another. Talk about kicking a man when he's down!
Phil and Julie are having a quiet glass of wine while the kids aren't around. Julie is still talking about having another baby and is looking forward to it. Phil doesn't look too enthusiastic.
Pam and Doug wish they'd paid for the insurance on the ute now! Pam tells Doug that they'll weather the storm somehow.
Gaby stomps in and complains that Mark didn't want to talk to her. They tell her about the ute and the lack of insurance.
GABY: Well, you'll just have to let the insurance company know first thing in the morning!
DOUG: What's the use? We didn't pay the insurance bill.
PAM: I couldn't stretch the budget at the time, so the policy lapsed.
GABY: No, it hasn't. I saw the bill, so I paid it!
DOUG: You paid it?!
GABY: Well, I knew you guys were having a tough time financially, so it seemed the least I could do.
PAM: But Doug tore it up!
GABY: Well, I taped it back together!
PAM: Oh, Gaby, you're a life- saver!
They are both very pleased!
Phil and Julie are getting a bit fruity in the kitchen at breakfast time while Julie is washing up(!) Julie suggests Phil comes home a bit early from work today and she'll send Hannah to play at Nicholas's!
As Phil is leaving, Julie goes out the back to get the clothes off the line, as it's started raining. Holly pushes the door, and she gets locked out.
The Office
Phil comes in, very wet, moaning that someone has parked in his space. Phil accidentally drinks some of Julie's love potion and tells Gaby it tastes awful.
GABY: Are you alright?
PHIL: Yeah, you're safe(!)
Annalise's Office
Annalise tells her colleague Shannon that Jeffrey isn't engaged. She replies that it isn't what she's heard. Just then, Jeffrey comes in with a bunch of flowers for Annalise!
Doug is washing up and Pam is off to work. They are still on a high from Gaby having paid the insurance.
Just then, the police call - they've found the ute and everything is OK with it.
The Office
Gaby is going through some hotel business with Phil, but he is more interested in telling her how nice she smells and how good she looks today(!)
Mark comes in and tells Phil he is thinking of changing to a cheaper supplier for some of the hotel food. Phil agrees. Mark also tells Phil that he's worried about Annalise. Phil tells Mark what happened with Fiona and Jim's death, and thinks Annalise is following her mother. Suddenly Phil starts waxing lyrical about how attractive Annalise is(!)
Annalise's Office
Jeffrey tells Shannon that Annalise will be at a business meeting this afternoon. Shannon quietly tells Annalise that Jeffrey won't take her to a meeting - she'll be going to a hotel bedroom. Jeffrey overhears this and tells Shannon off.
Pam comes in from work and finds Doug sweeping up. The ute is fine, but Doug's tools are gone. He's not sure if the tools are covered under the insurance, and they'll be sending out an assessor soon.
Annalise's Office
Annalise gives Shannon some things to do this afternoon while she's out. She says she's quite used to covering for Jeffrey's personal assistants(!)
The Office
Gaby tells Mark that Phil has taken some aphrodisiac love potion! He scoffs and says love potions don't exist! Mark apologises to Gaby for last night and says he's not interested in Annalise - she has some "less than admirable traits". He invites Gaby out to dinner tonight and she agrees.
The insurance assessor has had a look at the ute (the ignition is damaged). He asks Doug why the ute wasn't in the garage, but the cost of repairing the ignition will be covered. However, the tools won't be covered as they were just loose in the back of the ute and not secured.
The Office
Phil is still in an amorous mood and tells Gaby he can't stop thinking about Julie. Gaby suggests that he leaves early today!
PHIL: She did look good this morning. She's got a great body!
GABY: Philip, I don't think you should be telling me these sorts of things, they are rather personal!
Phil seems to snap out of it and apologises to Gaby. She thinks he should go home and make the most of the aphrodisiac(!)
As Phil is leaving, Pam comes in and tells Gaby the bad news about the tools.
Julie is in the kitchen, having caught a chill after being caught in the rain. Phil doesn't care and gets amorous anyway, telling Julie that the love potion worked!
JULIE: Oh, Philip, you can forget it, I've never felt less like anything in my life!
PHIL: But Julie...!
JULIE: Forget it, Philip!
She coughs.
Annalise's Office
Jeffrey is complimenting Annalise on her performance at the meeting this afternoon. Shannon rolls her eyes and tells Jeffrey that he has a visitor. A woman comes out and he introduces her to Lindy Chatsworth.
LINDY: I don't think we'll get a chance to get to know each other Ms Hartman, I'm sure Jeffrey realises he's made a mistake.
JEFFREY: A mistake?
LINDY: In your personal assistant, Jeffrey. I suggest that you get rid of her immediately.
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