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Neighbours Episode 2013 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2013
Australian airdate: 29/09/93
UK airdate: 02/08/94
UK Gold: 19/07/00
Writer: Serge Lazareff
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Nicholas Greenway: Justin D'Orazio
Boyfriend: Paul Biggs
Kathleen Davis: Brigid Kelly
Lesley Button: Patricia Anthony
Customer: Dean Hurlston
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A road
Beth and Wayne are out selling vacuum cleaners again. Beth realises she's left her sales folder at the pub, so Wayne offers to go back and get it.
Wayne sends the guy who is threatening Brad packing. He is very pleased.
The Office
Julie has come to see Phil with some impotence remedies(!)
PHIL: What am I supposed to do with these?!
JULIE: Drink them!
PHIL: Drink them?
Phil sniffs one and recoils.
PHIL: Ohhh! If I drink that I'd be in bed for a week!
JULIE: That's the idea(!)
PHIL: I'd be *sick* in bed, Jules!
Julie explains that the potions are very good for him - they're just herbal mixtures. Phil still isn't keen and tells Julie to stop nagging him - her nagging him in itself is stressing him out, and he can't perform under stress. She leaves him the bottles anyway! Phil says he'll just pour it on his plants, but she advises against this saying he'll be reenacting Jack and the Beanstalk(!)
Coffee Shop
A lady comes in to see Rick. She wants to see the manager and is surprised Rick is so young. She tells him she has some vegetable products for him to look at.
Julie and Helen are discussing Phil's impotence(!)
HELEN: We all have our ups and downs...so to speak.
The rudeness! Julie wonders if she should send Phil to a therapist. Helen tells her that she is probably scaring Phil(!) She advises her to think about some previous romantic times for them. This gives Julie an idea and asks Helen if Debbie and Hannah can sleep over at No.26 tonight!
Coffee Shop
Rick is talking to the woman. She tells him she's selling a new food additive which you put on food and it doubles the amount(!) Rick is totally taken in and agrees to buy ten kilos!
Beth is on the phone trying to drum up some leads in selling vacuum cleaners. Wayne thinks Beth should be more pushy, but Brad doesn't think it's a good strategy. Wayne challenges him to ring some customers. He has a go, and the first customer hangs up on him!
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Rick that he's bought too much food additive from the woman (Kathleen). Rick reckons Kathleen is interested in him.
Wayne is having a turn on the phone now. He manages to get an appointment with a customer for tomorrow.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Rick are trying out a lamb casserole with the food additive in it - it tastes foul.
Hannah and Helen are hanging out. Hannah is moaning about being sent away for the evening and Helen explains that Phil and Julie might want to talk about her having a new little brother or sister(!) Hannah tells her that she does know how babies are made!
Wayne has lined up six potential customers for Beth, and she's very pleased. Wayne asks Brad quietly if he minds him and Beth hanging out, and Brad says he's cool with it, as long as Wayne treats her right. Brad is clearly still holding a torch for her.
Phil is having a glass of wine in the living room when Julie comes in wearing a schoolgirl's outfit!
Apparently the schoolgirl thing did the trick with Phil (bleurghh). Julie tells him that next time it's his turn to dress up.
Helen and Hannah comes over to get some toys and Hannah asks Phil and Julie if they're going to have a baby!
A house
Beth is demonstrating a vacuum cleaner to a customer. She sets about vacuuming the room to prove how quick it is.
Coffee Shop
The food additive has not improved overnight and Debbie throws the food away. Rick tells her to mix it 75/25 instead of 50/50.
A house
Beth has finished vacuuming the room and shows the customer all the dust she's picked up. After she's finished, the customer wants Beth to do the cushions and curtains too.
Helen and Phil are talking about Doug. She suggests that Phil finds Doug some handyman work with a special skill that only Doug has. Phil promises he'll think about it.
A house
Beth has finished vacuuming the curtains. She tells the customer that the vacuum cleaner is $1200 and she says it's too expensive. But she did get her room cleaned by Beth(!)
Coffee Shop
The food is not going down very well with the customers. The phone rings and it's Cathy. Rick tells her that everything is fine. Just then, Nicolas decides to go mad and turn tables over. He's having some sort of attack and Rick tells Debbie to call an ambulance.
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