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Neighbours Episode 1989 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1988 - 1990>>
Episode title: 1989
Australian airdate: 26/08/93
UK airdate: 29/06/94
UK Gold: 15/06/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Connor Cleary: Brian Mannix
Terry Baker: Adam McInnes
Mr Baker: Fred Barker
Union Rep: Maryanne Steele
- "You Know Who You Are Tonight" by Ian Moss
- "Stuck On You" by Paul Norton
- "Words Of Wisdom" by Jenni Forbes
- "I Lied" by The Killjoys
Summary/Images by: Sal
Number 32
Helen is urging Julie to take it much more easily following her suicide attempt and offers to do the ironing to help out.
HANNAH: I can do the ironing.
JULIE: That's nice of you, Hannah, but I've only got your father's shirts left and he can do them himself.
HELEN: Julie!
JULIE: I don't want Hannah growing up thinking that women are only here to cook and clean! He's perfectly capable of ironing his own shirts.
HELEN: I know that but he's doing his best to try and help you!
Julie thinks that Phil is suffocating her. Helen points out that he's trying to look after her but Julie is annoyed that Helen is constantly taking his side.
Phil comes home early - Hannah and Debbie seem thrilled to see him, but despite his cheerfulness, Julie is very cold towards him. He announces that he wants to take his four favourite girls out to dinner - which pleases Debbie, Helen and Hannah, but Julie storms off, saying she's got far too much to do around the house. Phil's smile disappears.
Number 24
Rick tells Lou that he's going to ring Cathy and tell her how Lou's sacked him. Lou mocks him for running to his mummy and says that Cathy's a businesswoman and would understand his decision. Rick thinks that Darren has only been given the job because Cheryl is Lou's girlfriend. Lou corrects Rick and says that he isn't dating Cheryl - and that he won't be seeing her again, but Rick is clearly bitter about the situation. Lou says he's not a man to go back on his word.
Number 28
Pam can't believe that Doug has sacked Terry Baker. Doug says he can't have an apprentice who threatens him and Beth is in agreement.
DOUG: Rule number one is don't let the mongrels walk all over you.
PAM: And rule number two is stay on the right side of the boss!
Doug says that Baker put him in charge of the Waterhole reconstruction and as a result, he can hire and fire as he sees fit - including Baker's son!
Number 24
Lauren is dressed up to the nines and Lou and Rick tease her over Connor. Lauren is worried that Connor will think she's too keen - and sure enough he turns up with takeaway and wine, instead of being dressed up for a night out! He gives Lauren a bunch of flowers and promises her that he'll take her somewhere more flash next time. Lou bundles Rick out of the door to give them a bit of privacy.
CONNOR: Well, have fun!
LOU: You too. ...within reason!
Number 28
Pam offers Beth some dinner. Beth says that she'd best be off and Pam wonders if she's off for a date with her "mystery man". Beth confides that it came to an end.
PAM: Ah, well, if he's married, it's probably for the best.
BETH: Yeah.
PAM: I guess that's no consolation. You were hoping that it would lead somewhere?
BETH: No. ...well, yes, but my conscience got in the way. It would've been nice though.
Beth says she doesn't like being alone and Pam insists that she stay for dinner. She tells Beth that men are like buses and there'll be another one along soon.
Doug is sitting at the dining room table, which is covered in work papers. He teases Pam about being the voice of experience and she tells him to clear his stuff up. She thought that the paperwork for the business should be Baker's problem now. Doug is troubled about how low Baker's supply quotes are but Pam tells him to stop worrying.
Pam answers the door and Baker storms in, tearing a strip off Doug for sacking his son. Doug says that Terry's ignored his warnings. Baker tells Doug to make him listen because Terry is having his job back. Doug stands his ground, telling Baker that Terry is a danger and that he's staying sacked.
BAKER: We'll see about that!
Number 32
Phil, Hannah and Debbie are sitting together on the sofa, Helen is knitting in a chair and Julie is eating on the other chair. They're watching television and Phil tries to strike up conversation with Julie but she's very short with him and turns her attention to Helen.
JULIE: Gran, have you finished that portrait of Hannah you started?
HELEN: Mmm. But I'm not happy with it.
JULIE: I thought we could put it up in the hall?
HELEN: No, really, I'd rather have another go, darling.
PHIL: Helen, you're far too critical. I bet it's wonderful.
JULIE: Oh well, I wouldn't want to put it on show if you're not happy with it.
Phil looks a bit hurt at Julie's interjection.
DEBBIE: I thought it was great. You are too critical, Gran.
HANNAH: Yeah! I reckon it should go in the hall!
When Julie doesn't agree, Debbie seems to sense that things might get ugly and drags Hannah off to help her check over her homework. Phil tries to make small talk with Helen about the family, but Julie looks very put out by his efforts. Whilst he and Helen remain fairly cheerful, Julie's words are forceful and laced with anger.
PHIL: Helen, didn't you say you got a postcard from Lucy? Wasn't she somewhere exotic?
HELEN: Yes. Fiji. All work and no play she said, but I'm not sure I believe that!
JULIE: I think Brad's cruise ship stops off in Fiji.
PHIL: I was in Fiji during a cyclo-
JULIE: (interrupting) What else did Lucy say?
Phil looks very hurt by Julie's interruption. Catching his expression, Helen starts to pack up her knitting.
HELEN: I think I'd better make a move. You obviously have things to discuss.
JULIE: I'm all for an early night myself! I'll get some blankets for you, Philip.
Julie walks off and a despondent Phil apologises to Helen for it being an unpleasant evening. He says he can't break through to her, but Helen is pleased that he's trying and asks him not to give up.
Number 24
Connor says that his father made him get up at 5am to train to be a jockey from the age of 6. He thinks that Lauren is asking him questions about himself to stop him from finding out about her - every time he asks her something, she changes the subject. She looks a bit uncomfortable.
LAUREN: Don't you have to be at the track early?
Lauren tells him that she does and he gets the hint that she wants to have an early night. He offers to buy her breakfast tomorrow and they agree to meet at the Coffee Shop. He makes a move to kiss her but she pulls away.
LAUREN: This is going a bit fast for me.
CONNOR: Well, I believe in love at first sight.
LAUREN: Oh, I don't think I do.
CONNOR: Well that's ok. I can wait. I'll see you tomorrow.
Building Site Office
Beth and Doug arrive at work. Beth wonders if they'll be working every weekend and Doug tells her it's possible because Phil wants the Waterhole open again as soon as possible. Beth doesn't seem too bothered - she could do with the overtime!
Terry and Baker walk in to give Doug a chance to reconsider his decision to sack Terry. Baker says that Doug should be reasonable.
DOUG: As long as I'm site manager, I won't do anything that'll put my workers at risk. And that includes re-hiring Terry.
BAKER: And as long as I'm paying your wages, you'll do as I say! He starts back immediately.
DOUG: I'm afraid you don't leave me much choice.
DOUG: I'll have to call in the union.
Beth grins confidently at this - and the smirk has been wiped off Terry's face! Baker ushers Terry out of the office.
Number 26
Helen, Julie and Hannah are in the kitchen but noticing how distracted Julie is, Helen sends Hannah off to play in the treehouse. Helen wonders why Julie has come around and Julie starts to say something, but trails off and insists there's no special reason for her visit.
HELEN: Just to keep me company?
HELEN: And to avoid Philip?
JULIE: Do you blame me?
HELEN: You were very unpleasant to him last night.
JULIE: It wasn't my idea he move back in!
HELEN: Perhaps not. But he's there because he cares. Because he-he wants to look after you.
JULIE: No, he's not! And I don't need looking after.
HELEN: Darling, I know about the overdose.
JULIE: Great(!) He couldn't even keep his word on that! He promised not to say anything!
HELEN: He didn't!
JULIE: It was an accident, Gran.
HELEN: Was it?!
JULIE: I was tired! I was stressed. I couldn't sleep, I lost track of how many I'd taken.
Helen doesn't seem to buy this story. Julie says that she just wanted to block everything out.
JULIE: Philip...and Beth.
HELEN: Oh, you don't believe that?!
JULIE: Oh, she as good as admitted it to me. Practically said I'd driven him to it.
HELEN: I can't believe that of either of them!
JULIE: Do you think I imagined it? I'm cracking up, is that what you're saying?
HELEN: No, of course not. But I do think you should consider counselling.
JULIE: Oh, Philip's been in your ear too, has he?
HELEN: Oh darling, I think it would be a benefit. You obviously can't talk to Philip. Or to me either, for that matter. I'm sure it will help if you see someone who's impartial.
Julie thinks that Helen will be pleased to know that she's already made an appointment - but only to get everyone off her back!
Number 24
Lou and Rick are still talking about Darren. Rick admits that he's jealous about Darren dating Debbie, but he still thinks he's a loser. He leaves as Lauren comes in and Lou pries about her relationship with Connor. Lauren insists that she's not fooling around behind Brad's back, but Lou reminds her of the way Brad left. Lauren admits that she's attracted to him. Lou tells her to have a bit of fun with him - he's sure that Brad is doing the same!
Number 28
Helen calls round to see Pam. She thanks her for looking after Julie after her suicide attempt.
HELEN: Do you think it was an accident?
PAM: I'd say it was a cry for help. Maybe a way of forcing a reconciliation with Philip.
HELEN: Yes. Perhaps. (half-laughingly) Apparently there's talk of him having an affair. With Beth.
PAM: Yes. Well, she told me she was seeing a married man. I did wonder.
HELEN: Did she say it was serious?
PAM: She was very concerned about doing the right thing. I got the impression she was fairly serious.
Helen looks really troubled.
Number 32
Julie is verbally attacking Phil for telling Helen about the suicide attempt, calling him out for using low tactics to get Helen on his side. Phil insists he didn't tell anyone. Julie reminds him that she only agreed to him staying if he didn't tell anyone - and now he's gone back on his word, he must leave.
PHIL: You can believe that if you want, but I can't leave you here with the kids. Not after what happened!
Hannah walks into the middle of this and they all start shouting at once. Hannah gets upset and Julie rebukes Phil, telling him to go.
Constructacon Office
Baker is fuming and tells the Union rep that Doug believes Terry to be a management spy. They all start to bicker and the rep says that as Terry is on probation and breaching safety regulations, Doug was within his rights to sack him.
Baker is furious, declaring the decision outrageous but the rep tells him that if the sacking isn't held, the Union may consider further action.
The Coffee Shop
Phil is sitting alone.
On the next table, Connor and Lauren are chatting. He invites her to look at a horse at the stables for him. She agrees and the two set off as Beth walks in. Lauren introduces Connor to Beth and the two exit. Beth goes to sit with Phil, who seems pleased to see her.
Beth is surprised to see him at Lassiter's at the weekend as she thought he'd have had enough of work. He confides that he's getting away from the house and tells her that things aren't going too well, but he's determined to see it through.
Debbie walks in and spying Beth and Phil together, she purposely interrupts them and makes it clear that she isn't leaving before one of them do. Phil and Beth awkwardly say goodbye, clearly not too happy at this.
Lauren is looking at the horse, reckoning that Connor has got a winner in him. The horse nudges her closer to Connor and the two end up kissing.
Constructacon Office
Baker is fuming that Doug went running to the union. Doug says that he doesn't like doing it but the matter had to be settled. Baker warns him that if he crosses him again, he'll be for the chop! Doug doesn't look amused.
Number 24
Connor is trying to get Lauren to agree to a date but she's not too keen. He leaves, saying he'll call her. Rick asks if she's told him about Brad. Lauren says that she thinks Connor is a bit full-on. She says she doesn't want to fall for him, but she seems to be. Rick comforts her.
The Coffee Shop
Pam and Doug are chatting about how if he gets sacked, he can't work as a builder for at least a year due to his contract with Constructacon. They leave, as Helen enters. Helen chats to Beth, who's helping out due to Phoebe being at the hospital and everyone else being busy.
HELEN: I don't suppose you've seen Philip around?
BETH: Um, he was in here earlier but I think he went home.
HELEN: I knew that he and Julie could settle their difficulties, given time. You can't just turn your back on nearly ten years of marriage, especially when children are involved.
BETH: This wouldn't be for my benefit, would it?
HELEN: That depends.
BETH: Look, I have no intentions of becoming a home-wrecker.
HELEN: But you have been seeing him?
BETH: Well, we've become friends recently. Close friends, I guess but he and Julie were separated.
HELEN: Yes, well, Julie's had a difficult time since Jim's died. Hopefully she'll get over it but er, I think she'll need Philip there when she does.
BETH: And I'm sure he will be.
HELEN: And the children. They need their father.
Beth is looking a bit teed off with this lecture now! She tells Helen that she doesn't want to get involved in anything messy - all that she hopes is that whatever happens, Philip ends up happy - as that's what he deserves. Helen agrees with this, and seems quite pleased at Beth's reaction.
Number 32
Julie is taking Hannah to the cinema, but Hannah is bummed out because she wants to see a violent film instead! Phil walks in.
PHIL: What are you going to see?
HANNAH: Some dumb film about a dog.
PHIL: Sounds all right to me! Can I come?
JULIE: Oh Philip, it's bad enough you tagging me around here. Don't I get time off for good behaviour?!
Julie invites Debbie along, but Deb is scornful at the idea of going to see a kid's movie. Julie and Hannah leave. Debbie is outraged.
DEBBIE: Oh! Was she always like this?! Did she always give you a hard time?!
PHIL: No, it was never like this.
DEBBIE: I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time when you first moved out.
PHIL: It seemed like the best thing to do.
(Er, didn't Julie throw you out and demand the house keys off you?!)
DEBBIE: Why do you keep trying?
PHIL: Because I have to. ...Am I making it tougher for you and Hannah by being here?
DEBBIE: No. ...I don't mind.
PHIL: So I am.
DEBBIE: Do you love Beth?
PHIL: Deb, I don't know. I can't answer questions like that now.
DEBBIE: But she makes you happy?
There's a long silence and Phil nods.
DEBBIE: Well then it's over here, isn't it? You have to go.
<<1988 - 1990>>
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1989
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1989
Rick Alessi

Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1989
Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Beth Brennan

Connor Cleary, Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1989
Connor Cleary, Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi

Beth Brennan, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1989
Beth Brennan, Doug Willis

Rod Baker in Neighbours Episode 1989
Rod Baker

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1989
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1989
Julie Martin

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1989
Philip Martin

Connor Cleary, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1989
Connor Cleary, Lauren Carpenter

Doug Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1989
Doug Willis, Beth Brennan

Terry Baker in Neighbours Episode 1989
Terry Baker

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1989
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Beth Brennan, Doug Willis, Union Rep, Terry Baker, Rod Baker in Neighbours Episode 1989
Beth Brennan, Doug Willis, Union Rep, Terry Baker, Rod Baker

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1989
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Beth Brennan

Connor Cleary, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1989
Connor Cleary, Lauren Carpenter

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1989
Rick Alessi

Beth Brennan, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1989
Beth Brennan, Helen Daniels

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1989
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

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