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Neighbours Episode 1988 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1987 - 1989>>
Episode title: 1988
Australian airdate: 25/08/93
UK airdate: 28/06/94
UK Gold: 14/06/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Connor Cleary: Brian Mannix
Terry Baker: Adam McInnes
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Ruth Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Darren taunts Rick a bit and he gets very angry with him over him leading Debbie astray. Wayne comes over and breaks it up. He tells Rick that he has to give Darren a fair go. Rick strops off saying no- one will believe him that Darren is trouble.
Lou comes in, moaning about Julie who is driving him mad at the car yard. Lauren is off to see Connor. Just then, there's a reverse- charge phone- call from Brad in Fiji. Lauren asks him lightly if he's missing her, and by her face, she doesn't like the answer.
Building Site
Doug and Beth are having a cup of tea. Terry hasn't turned up yet. Doug is off to the council offices and instructs Beth that she and Terry are to get roofing iron down today. One of them should act as a spotter - better be Terry as he's the Senior Apprentice(!) Just then, Terry turns up and says he doesn't take orders from girls(!)
Lauren answers the door to Cheryl. She gives him a bottle of whisky to thank him for giving Darren a job. She then invites him to lunch at No.22 and he agrees. Lauren is silent.
When Cheryl has gone, Lauren tells Lou that Cheryl is trying to buy him.
Wayne tells Darren to stop stirring Rick and to make more of an effort with him. Darren says Rick can "go jump"
Lauren is walking a horse when a man rides up. He spooks her horse and then laughs at Lauren's anger. He introduces himself as Connor Cleary.
Cheryl is on the phone booking a cruise. She asks Darren if he'd be OK on his own and he is quite chuffed! She tells him she hopes she won't be going on her own!
Lauren apologises to Connor for yelling at him, but he says he deserved it! She introduces herself and tells him she's a big fan of his. He offers to give her hand putting her horse away so he can buy her some lunch!
Building Site
Terry is point- blank refusing to help Beth with the roofing iron. Terry is reading a magazine instead and won't be reasoned with!
Coffee Shop
Wayne comes in and sees Lauren sitting at a table. She tells him that Brad rang this morning, but didn't have a lot to say. Lauren introduces Wayne to Connor.
Lauren tells Connor about Chukkamental, and it turns out he saw him in Hong Kong a few weeks ago! He thought the horse looked very promising and that Lauren has done a good job with him. Connor asks Lauren if he can buy her dinner tonight and she agrees.
Cheryl has got lunch all set up for Lou. He tells her that they need to talk about her spoiling him. She tells him that the best is yet to come - they are going on a cruise together! Lou is stunned.
LOU: That's it, that is the limit! Cheryl, what is the matter with you?! I have tried to be nice about this! Now, listen to me. I don't want your presents! I don't need them. I have my own business and I make my own money. I can pick out my own clothes and I can buy my own booze. i don't want you feeding me, or buying cars off me that you don't need-
CHERYL: Lou...
LOU: If anybody buys anything for anyone around here, it ought to be me! That's what a man does! I don't, so you stop. Just...back off, OK?!
He walks out. Cheryl looks upset.
Rick sees Darren breaking into a car and runs to get Wayne. They run out, and Wayne witnesses Darren getting into the car. Just then, a teacher called Ruth comes along and explains that she asked Darren to break into her car for her (she locked the keys inside).
Coffee Shop
Doug is moaning to Lou about Terry. Lou says that's the disadvantage of not being your own boss.
Cheryl comes in and Doug invites her to join them, but she says she doesn't think she'd be welcome and sits down at the counter instead. Lou tells Doug that he and Cheryl have had a row.
LOU: She wants to take me on a cruise!
DOUG: The nerve of the woman(!)
Lou says he wants to be the one doing the asking and Cheryl has got the message now.
Building Site
Beth drops some iron off the roof and nearly hits another worker - Terry is meant to be spotting for her, but he is slacking off again. Beth tells Doug that Terry hasn't done a stroke of work all day.
Lauren and Connor come in and she introduces him to Rick. They make small- talk, then Connor says he'll be back at 7pm to pick Lauren up for dinner. Rick teases Lauren, saying it's like a fairytale romance!
Coffee Shop
Terry is having afternoon tea(!) Wayne comes in and sits down. Then Doug comes in and sees Terry. He demands to know why he's not on site. He tears strips off Terry and isn't impressed when Terry tells him to "chill out". He tells Terry he's sacked. Terry snarls that his uncle will sack Doug for this!
<<1987 - 1989>>
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